NYPD Deliberately Tried to Cause a High Speed Car Crash on Belt Parkway

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NYPD License plate 5526

I was going to see my friend this evening around 11pm when two NYPD SUVs sped past me doing in excess of 70 MPH without any emergency lights. Just after the Verrazano Bridge exit, they pulled behind a jeep traveling under the speed limit in the fast lane. One NYPD SUV put his emergency lights on, then passed in the middle lane, the second NYPD SUV then did the same but re-entered the fast lane in front of the car that had been going under the speed limit. He then came to a full stop in the fast lane nearly causing a multiple car  accident involving  three automobiles traveling at highway speed that likely would have been fatal.

Had anyone been behind me, when I had to stop and they had been traveling at the speed limit of 50 mph, I would be in the hospital or morgue right now.

Under NYC VISION ZERO innocent people are being arrested for accidents – not deliberately trying to cause them on highways in NYPD SUVs.

The NYPD SUV that deliberately tried to cause a high-speed accident on the Belt Parkway License plate was NYPD 5526 is clearly visible in the video.

If this had been a civilian doing this and was observed by a police officer, the citizen would have faced multiple tickets and possible arrest for reckless endangerment at the least.

It is clear in the video that there was no emergency, and absolutely no basis for conducting such a reckless traffic stunt at highway speeds.

As the driver who was directly behind this near accident, the one thing I can say that the video does not convey is how frightening it is to be forced to stop from highway speed with no warning that any experienced driver could have deduced and to further be in fear of being hit from behind at highway speed. All of this caused by the wantonly reckless acts of NY City Police Officers.

If this is how these police conduct themselves behind the wheels of lethal two ton vehicles, imagine the danger they pose with firearms.

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Brian Sumner

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