CALL FLOOD: Yet another arrest for marijuana possession

Jillian Batty Wemyss

ChipIn: Jillian Batty WemyssFor those so-inclined and able to help financially, this ChipIn seeks to raise  $490 ($200 more for bail and $290 to get her car out of the impound). A ChipIn that was live last night brought-in $250 from those wishing to help Jillian from afar.

UPDATE June 13th, 11:30pm: Jillian is out! More updates to come tomorrow.

UPDATE June 13th, 7:00pm: Jillian was brought in-front of a magistrate after lunch. Money was raised an a $500 bond was posted. She’ll spend tonight in a nearby motel and get her car out of impound tomorrow. Earlier tonight when speaking with her husband Jillian noted that last night when she was brought to the jail she overhead a female employee state “We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls because of her. We should put her in solitary.” Pretty sick. All for having a plant.

UPDATE JUNE 13th, 11:30am: Jillian has asked for people to stop calling. She was put into solitary confinement last night because of the calls. She had no bed, blanket or pillow. While this to me (Pete) shows that the calls are effective both Jillian and her husband have requested  they stop, so I’ll respect their wishes. Looking forward though to getting the names and contact information of those responsible for her treatment.

UPDATE June 13th, 1:20am: A female has been brought into Hudspeth County jail – her identity won’t be confirmed until after she sees a judge in the morning.

UPDATE June 13th, 12:20am: Jillian is still being held by ICE. Calls to the El Paso Field Office (915) 225-0885 (which has oversight in west Texas) told callers seeking information on those held to call (915) 225-1700. Calls to that number went unanswered.


Jillian Batty is right now in some legal land limbo – her family and friends have been unable to ascertain her location and her captors haven’t exactly been the most forthcoming with information.

What we know: A few hours ago Jillian, who was driving from California to central Texas to be with her son, was arrested at a west Texas checkpoint when some strangers wearing Immigration & Customs Enforcement badges found a glass pipe and a green substance they deemed illicit.

What we’ve been told: Jullian will be transported to the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Department. Thus far callers have been told Jillian is not-yet in their possession.

This is a department that has “I Fought the Law and the Law Won” on a loop for their on-hold music. That boasts on its Facebook page:

Sheriff had a very successful trip to Washington–took meetings with Department of Defense and several members of congress….Over three million dollars has been brought into our county from one defense contractor in 2011 alone…we’ll be making a major press release shortly… Hudspeth County will be the beneficiary of another great DOD relationship this coming year as well.

What you can do: Call the sheriff’s department (915) 369-2161. Ask if they have Jillian (surname Wemyss). Ask when she’ll be free. Ask why she was taken in the first place? Ask where exactly was the victim? Ask why they impeded the free movement of someone who hadn’t harmed any person or property? Ask if they think text on paper or a badge on their shirt makes unjust actions just?

What’s at stake: Jullian had with her a glass pipe and a small (less than a bowl’s worth) of marijuana. For the former she might get a ransom note of up to $500. For the latter she might be caged for up to 180-days and ransomed up to $2,000.

More background:

  • Jullian is one of 900,000 people that will be arrested this year for possessing a plant. The same question can be asked for all: where’s the victim? The failure of drug prohibition is obvious.
  • Jullian is the founder of Stateless Sweets, which seeks to “provide an exceptional homemade product while spreading the philosophy of Agorism.”
  • When I called the jail to inquire and questioned the jailer on whether she thought individuals accused of an action for which their was no victim should be caged – such as possessing a plant – the jailer replied, “Yes, because it’s against the law in Texas.” When I pressed her to think about her actions she rationalized by stating that “I have bills to pay.” When I asked if she would cage me were I to harbor a fugitive slave, when that act was said to be illicit, the jailer told that me that she would. Such an unthinking statement makes it all the more important to me to support people like Jillian, who has done nothing to deserve being caged.
  • Listen to the June 13th episode of Freedom Feens Podcast with Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi (of Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom documentary fame) that touches on Jillian’s situation
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Pete Eyre

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