Suffolk Constables in the United Kingdom Kidnap English Cameraman

The following post and accompanying videos were shared with the CopBlock Network by Marcus Potter, who has submitted numerous other videos to the CopBlock Network, as well. It was shared via the Submissions Page.

Date of Incident: August 22, 2016
Officers Involved: Police Constable Andrew Overton 753, Police Constable 1898, and Police Sgt Clark 1146
Department involved: Suffolk Constabulary
Department Phone No.: +441473613500

On the 22nd August 2016, I visited the town of Ipswich, Suffolk, UK by train. I got off my train, passed through the ticket barriers and saw numerous police cars outside along with officers standing inside the station. I assumed that the officers were dealing with an incident and stood outside the station filming it from a distance.

After about five minutes, Police Constable Andrew Overton 753 and PC 1898 came out of the station and approached me. PC Overton asked me to turn off the camera, but I refused to do so. Overton then demanded that I desist filming and I asked who owned the property. He said that I was on train station property and I offered to move.

We then walked further from the station at which point Overton asked for my name and address. I asked whether I was obliged to provide him with this information and was told that I did have to. I asked under what law this was and was told that I was required to under section 50 of the “Police Reform Act” 2002. I stood my ground and refused, as I had not engaged in any anti-social behaviour.

He and his colleague, PC 1898, continued asking me for my details and explained why I was obliged to provide them. I was then arrested by Overton and PC 1898 removed my camera from my hand. Overton then searched me before PC 1898 asked me how to switch my camera off. I refused to tell him, at which point he said that if I didn’t tell him it might get damaged.

I told him how to do so and he switched it off. I was then searched by Overton and placed in the rear of a marked police car. I was then taken in custody by PC Overton and PC 1898 to Martlesham Police Investigation Centre where my detention was authorized. After a full day in the cells, I was released by Custody Sgt 1146 Clark without charge and with no further action.

I was then given a lift back to Ipswich Railway Station by PC 1908 with another officer present in the car. After a stopover (to swap this officer with another officer), she then took me home, as there were no trains running.

(Note: PC 1908 is one of the officers who stopped me outside Ipswich Town Football Club stadium on Portman Road, the good cop. Sgt 1146 Clark is the same officer who bailed me on the 1st August 2016.)

– Marcus Potter

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