Police Who Beat Handcuffed Man, Lied About It, Face No Charges

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Evansville Police Officers, Nick Henderson, Mark DeCamps and Marcus Craig, were called to the scene of a garage burglary in progress. The officers caught up to suspect behind the garage. The official report filed by the police officers stated that Healy was resisting arrest and proceeded to stab one of the officers in the hand with a needle. The Officers restrained Healy, and took him into custody.

And so it would have gone had the local newspaper, The Courier Press, not viewed the body cam from the officer who first struck Healy, while he was handcuffed, forcing him to the ground. Then the camera goes black. You can hear the sounds of kicks and cries from Healy to please stop.

The rest of the video leads to more and more anger and frustration as the Police Officers assault their suspect stating that they were going to kill him and that he was going to die. Towards the end of the video, the officer even admits that he attacked Healy when he states, “…or I’ll kick your ass again.”

Though the officers were immediately suspended by the Chief of police, Billy Bolin, pending further investigation. All three are likely to lose their positions at the Evansville Police Department, but they will be facing no formal charges. Using some legal maneuvering and the fact that he is part of the cabal, the District Attorney said that there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

Go figure.

Until we can find a way to get the public involved in policing the police, these incidents will continue. We need community involvement, and the police need to understand they are here to serve the public. Otherwise, what are they but a government protection racket.

Too often I have seen the hypocrisy of the Police. I’ve know their favor as a medic and as a Specialist for the American Red Cross – Blood Services. I’ve been traveling on a country highway at nearly twice the posted speed, finally before being caught up with. We left with a warning.

There is no surprise that the Police Department protects the DA, Judges, Doctors, Medics, Fire Fighters, and various members of the local government. This is why the system is so corrupt. There is no oversight into how officers are dealt with by Prosecutors.

Maybe the prosecutor and the judge need to be brought in from the federal court system. Anytime there is strong evidence for blatant abuse of power, the case should be turned over to the FBI. Maybe then we can get away from local influence in these particular hearings.

The man who was beaten probably should been arrested. But what he never should have been was a punching bag for a bunch of Schoolyard Bullies who never left that high school mind state behind. We must stop these government racketeers from protecting and serving our communities before we all become targets. Make no mistake, in 2017 we will be living in a Plutocratic Police State.

We just need to find ways to fight back within the confines of the law.


Dylan Donnelly

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