TX Police Illegally Detain Man, Demand ID, And Threaten Arrest For Filming in Public

The following post was shared with the CopBlock Network by Patrick Roth of CopBlock Oklahoma, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. (See “related posts” section below for previous submissions from Patrick.)

In this video, Patrick was filming in public when he was accosted by, Sergeant Graham, a very rude and unprofessional officer from the Seagoville Police Department in Texas. As the video begins, Sgt. Graham is in the process of demanding ID from Patrick and threatening to arrest him if he doesn’t because, according to Graham, Patrick is being “suspicious.”

After Patrick tells him that isn’t a legal reason to arrest him, Graham responds by angrily yelling for him not to tell him what the law is. Even though Patrick is in fact right, he chooses to provide his ID instead of risking arrest. (Personally, I wouldn’t have, but everybody has to decide for themselves how they handle threats from angry, armed strangers who belong to a group that has been known to kidnap or even commit violent acts against innocent people.)

Date of Incident: December 30, 2016
Name of Officer Involved: Sgt. Graham
Department Involved: Seagoville (TX) Police Department
Department Facebook Page: Seagoville Police Dept.
Department Email:
Contact Us – Raymond Calverley, Chief of Police
Department Phone No.:
(972) 287-2999

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I was doing some public filming and I was detained and harassed illegally by two tyrants. They wanted to ID me, but this is not a stop and identify state. The officer was very hostile and unprofessional.

– Patrick Roth
Copblock Oklahoma

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