London Metropolitan Police Attempt to Demand ID From Cameraman at Hackney One Carnival

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Date of Incident: September 11, 2016
Officers Involved: Metropolitan Special Constables Mohammed Rob 5122GD and Egwuatu 5747GD
Department Involved: Metropolitan Police Service
Department Twitter Account: @MPSHackney
Department Facebook Page: Metropolitan Police Service UK
Department Telephone No.: +44300 123 1212

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This video was filmed on the 11th September 2016 and shows you that the Metropolitan Police Service cannot issue you with a section 35 notice without knowing your name and address. You do not have to give your name and address unless the police have lawful grounds to require them, e.g. under Section 50 of the Police Reform Act 2002.

I was recording Metropolitan police officers at the Hackney One Carnival in London, at which point a police officer, namely Metropolitan Special Constable Egwuatu 5747GD, took umbrage to my filming. He told me to “move on” and said “You’ve been warned about being here.”

He was clearly quite annoyed by my filming and wanted me to go away solely because of it. I stood my ground and refused to go. He then tasked another officer, namely Metropolitan Special Constable Mohammed Rob 5122GD, to disperse me from the area using section 35 of the Anti-social Behaviour Policing and Crime Act 2014.

Rob again asked me to leave the area, which I refused to do. He then explained that he would be issuing me with a section 35 notice on the grounds of my filming, at which point he asked for my name and address and asked me to stop filming.

I refused to comply with Rob’s request or provide him with my name and address. Rob then said he would be back to continue talking to me and left. I remained at the location filming for about two hours, during which I again bumped into Rob and Egwuatu. They both ignored me.

– Marcus D Potter

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