Three Agawam Police Officers Fired for Brutally Beating Man in Holding Cell on Video

Sgt. Anthony Grasso, Officer Edward Conner, and Officer John Moccio have been fired from the Agawam Police Department.

The violent trio first made headlines last year when news broke of them violently beating a drunken suspect in a holding cell.

During the two minute video, officers are seen throwing dozens of punches, kicks, and baton strikes, seemingly without care that they were being recorded on video.

The victim of this brutality, David Desjardins, was left with dozens of injuries as the result of this barbaric attack.

Despite being caught on video committing the assault and being fired from their jobs, the Hampden County District Attorney’s Office has announced they WILL NOT prosecute the officers.

Police Chief Eric Gills  says the force they used was excessive and violated department policies.  Gillis said that although his decision to fire the officers triggered considerable backlash, he is confident the terminations were justified.