Ex-Cop Tries to Explain to Me “There Were Good Klansmen”

A recent discussion with a former police officer produced a surprising proclamation that “there were good klansmen”.

The former officer in question is a relative of a friend, so for my friends sake I have decided to keep names and screenshots out of this. But this interaction did actually happen and is not one of my satirical parables or pranks.

As I was attempting to explain how there are no good cops, I used the example of the Klu Klux Klan. If a klansman were to do some good things, would that make them a good klansman? I was hoping to illustrate that the inherent issues of the KKK made ‘good klansman’ an oxymoron. Outside of an irrational sense of superiority and tendency to genocide, an individual in the klan might have been otherwise upright. But when measured by their involvement with the klan, the goodness of the individual was outweighed by the horror of their hatred.

I thought I had that one sewn up pretty nice, but then I got this response:

“For the record there were good klansmen. The problem arose when radicals who didn’t want to follow rules and laws began harming people due to their race or religion. Many of those same folks were also cops. Those people are the problem. The ones who think only their way matters. Like you sir.”

I can’t even exactly make sense of that entire thing. She seems to be implying some pretty awful things and taking pride in them. But she was also of low cognitive ability, so she may have also been somewhat misrepresenting her ideas in that jumbledump.

Why, I wonder, does she believe that there were good klansmen?

Does she mean that the KKK was at one point not a racist organization built on hatred, false sense of superiority and entitlement? Or does she mean that it’s okay to be all of those things so long as you follow the house rules?

It kinda seems like the latter to me, but the former is a far more mystifying perspective. Is there a world in her mind in which the KKK was once just some decent folks doing good things before they became corrupted?

How A Charitable Brunch Club Became Americas Most Notorious Hate Group

In 1857 a group of gentlemen philanthropists met for the first time for afternoon tea. They soon came to the conclusion that it would be best for all if they held their meetings earlier, and from this invented the concept of brunch. But these meals were loaded with fats and carbs, and so much was provided the men ate voraciously. Soon their polite and delightful discussions about housing orphans and donating their riches to the needy became marked by the sort of tired grumpiness that follows a big meal. Over time the group grew more dour and less charitable, and before long their philanthropic ways were replaced with strange notions of Social Darwinism and racial superiority, all espoused in the name of Our Lord. The group finally came out publicly and began calling themselves the KKK, and the rest is history, except when it is current events.

No, that isn’t what happened. The KKK have pretty much always been racist, genocidal and ignorant. That is the basis of their existence. But it boggles my mind to consider the cartoonish realities police live in, full of imminent dangers and historically commendable hate groups.

More likely she believes that so long as members of an organization follow its own rules, that organization is good and honorable no matter how it affects others. That only obedience defines and dictates our decisions and character. It is not so hard to understand how someone with almost no grasp on the concept of self-ownership could be made to impede the self-ownership of others blindly and without question.

It would be easy to dismiss police as merely naive, ignorant or even evil; but the truth is that these people are just severely and intentionally deluded. They are living in a construct of reality manufactured by the ruling class to enslave them so that they will help enslave the rest of us.

In this sense, blue lives do matter. Cops are socially conditioned victims of the ruling class as much as their supporters and apologists, just ones who get some special privileges for doing their dirty work. Abolishing the police is about freeing EVERYONE from the toxic illusion that entire institution is predicated upon.

The fear, hate and vengeance which gives rise to policing, and ultimately the state, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which manufactures the discord it’s Holy Order claims it will solve. But solutions are the end of the game. These institutions have no interest in solving human problems because that would make them obsolete, according to their own reasoning for their existence.

They are a perpetual motion machine of powerful monopolies and human misery that have no intention of ever shutting down. Every mind that believes in that machine is a cog, so to bring the machine to a halt we have to remove as many of the cogs as possible. What are you doing to help?

Are you a cog or are you your own machine?


Alia Atreides

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