Video: Orlando Police Brutally Beat Cop Killer Suspect Markeith Lloyd

Orlando’s police chief released a video of Markeith Loyd’s surrender and described him  as “extremely violent, dangerous and very unpredictable.”  However, it’s plain to see in the video that Markeith Loyd gave up and crawled across the front yard of a home (as he was ordered to by police). At least two of the officers appear to kick him as he surrenders. The camera then pans out and away, making it difficult to see anything in detail.

Police Chief John Mina acknowledged that Loyd was kicked during his arrest Tuesday, but said that’s because he was resisting the officers’ orders.  Loyd later appeared with both eyes swollen shut and blood oozing from his mouth. He was hospitalized overnight and then jailed before his initial appearance Thursday.

“Let’s not rush to judgment, let’s let the use of force investigation play out and remember that we are dealing with an extremely violent, dangerous and very unpredictable person,” Chief Mina said.

Markeith Loyd
Markeith Loyd

Anyone who has watched aerial footage of a police chase knows how it will end. Eventually, the accused will either surrender or get caught, and when that happens, police will often turn into violent, barbaric thugs who dish out some perverted ‘justice’ on the spot.

Loyd declared that many of the accusations against him are “made up,” and said he was brutalized by officers after an intense, nine-day manhunt. “They done took my eye, broke my nose, broke my jaw,” Loyd complained. “I didn’t resist.”

Many of you reading this may be wondering if I condone the violence that took place, on either side. The answer is no.  If it turns out that Loyd is guilty, then I do not condone his actions at all. In fact, it’s inhuman. On the flip side, I do not condone what the police did either. Beating a man so severely that he more than likely will lose an eye, broke his jaw, broke his nose, inflicted numerous lacerations and bruises, and the list goes on and on. That too, in my humble opinion, is barbaric in nature.

Video Montage Of Police Acting Like Police