Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy PIT Maneuvers Tom Zebra; Pretends to Cut Him a Break

Tom Zebra has been filming the police in Los Angeles for over a decade. When I traveled south to interview and copblock with him, he told me about a box of VHS tapes he tried to get the police chief and city attorney to look at. Ironically neither were interested in big box of por.. er police misconduct movies.

His commitment to the idea that “badges don’t grant extra rights” is extraordinary, but anyone who interacts with the police on a regular basis, with the objective of preventing them from harassing and abusing the population is bound to end up with a target on their back sooner or later.

In this case Deputy Sheriff Nicholas used his vehicle to run Tom off the road while he was on his bicycle. Although you cant see it, you can clearly hear when Nicholas revs up his engine and tries to pit maneuver Zebra.

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Rather than be smashed by his cruiser Tom stops his bike. The officer claims Zebra is riding in the middle of the street and that his stop is legit. Zebra, clearly pissed, yells at Nicholas for almost running him off the road, instead of following the correct traffic stop procedures.

During the altercation Deputy Nicholas claims to know how to do his job right but cyclist are allowed and supposed to ride in the street in the state of California. Some cities have even enlarged their bike lane to be more friendly to cyclists.

At the end of the altercation Deputy Nicholas claims to be cutting Zebra a break for not writing him a citation due to lack of ID.

The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department has a history of crashing into cyclists.

On December 8, 2013 Milton Olin Jr was struck and killed by a deputy sheriff while cycling. The deputy was distracted by his computer when the accident happened. CA state law bans drivers from using wireless electronic devices while driving but exempts police officers and other emergency professionals. Charges were rejected by the District Attorney.

On Oct. 8, 2012 Alfonso Cerda was killed by Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputies Christopher Varela and Rodney Anderson. They drove up on the sidewalk and ran over him with their cruiser. They hit Cerda so hard they broke the steel fence behind him. Both deputies then pretended to be in pursuit for 40 seconds, but were actually parked on top of Cerda. Somehow Cerda was able to make a phone, from under the cruiser, to his girlfriend before passing. After his death the police dragged his name through the media, claiming he had a gun and pointed it at them. The truth is Cerda never broke the law and these officers are murders. Both deputies were given a paid vacation.

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Brian Sumner

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