Cleveland Police: A Culture Of ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

The Cleveland police have been ordered to pay 2.25 million dollars to the family of Tanisha Anderson: A Cleveland woman who was having a mental breakdown when Cleveland police slammed her to the ground killing her. This settlement comes on the back of the Dan Ficker settlement, the Tamir Rice settlement, the Timothy and Mallisa settlement, the…

Is anyone else noticing a trend here?

Cleveland Scene Magazine reported yesterday,

After denying nearly all allegations set forth in the wrongful death lawsuit prompted by Tanisha Anderson’s homicide (see below), the city of Cleveland has agreed to a $2.25-million settlement with her family.

Police officers Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers remain the subjects of a criminal investigation. Anderson was tackled and held to the ground before she lost consciousness and died.

So the officers remain part of a criminal investigation, yet they did nothing wrong. Does that make sense to anyone else?

The same week that saw news that the city of Cleveland and the family of Dan Ficker have agreed to try and settle an ongoing wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the 2011 shooting death of Ficker by a Cleveland police officer also brings us news that the city is prepared to negotiate a settlement in another high-profile wrongful death case involving the police.

According to’s Eric Heisig, attorneys representing the city and the family of Tanisha Anderson today told a judge that they are willing to try and settle the lawsuit filed by Anderson’s family back in January 2015. The 37-year-old died in November 2014 with her hands cuffed behind her back after her family called police. Anderson had suffered from mental illness and was having a breakdown. The county medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.

According to Heisig, the settlement conference is scheduled for January 6.

The investigation into the actions of the two officers involved, Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers, which was conducted by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, was passed along to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who is serving as special prosecutor in the case, in February.

Since 2004, the city of Cleveland has paid out more than $16 million in police misconduct and use of force settlements and judgments.

While police supporters in Ohio kiss the rings of the local police departments, and while the union rep Steve Loomis continues to deny any wrong doing in any of these cases, the settlements keep rolling in. That is over 16 million dollars that the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County will have to shell out for police misconduct with not one of them spending a single day in jail!! The city officials, the police chief, the police union, and countless copsuckers in Ohio continue to say, “We did nothing wrong.”

How is that possible? How is it possible to spend 16 million dollars on settlements for families of people you have murdered, and you did nothing wrong? How is it possible that you disciplined over 70 police officers in the Timothy and Mallisa case, and you did nothing wrong?

Ohio and particularly Cleveland should remember names alright. The names of the murderers who killed these people! You should remember these names so when you see them pulling you over you know to fear for your life! Here is a short list of the Cleveland police officers to watch for. Because some of them are STILL working for the department!

Timothy Loehman
Frank Garmback
Matt Craska
Dave Mindek
Micheal Brelo
Scott Aldridge
Bryan Myers

The trend you are seeing is called denial and as long as the people of Cleveland continue to suck cops off and pretend they are doing such a great job, they will continue to get away with murder. The culture of did nothing wrong is only possible if the people turn a blind eye and accept this disgusting behavior as normal!

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