Norfolk Constabulary Officers Ignore Threat From Security Guard Again

As if we needed more evidence that police don’t protect you. CopBlock Network Contributor Marcus Potter was threatened by a private security guard. To make matters worse the guard claimed to in league with the police officers and stated that there would be no legal backlash for his harassment. Should individuals who wear badges feel like they are entitled to interfere with your daily life, and if so, at what point did they stop being civil servants and become a gang?

28 January 2017
Special Constable Ogorman 7755
Norfolk Constabulary
Telephone: +441953424242

I visited the city of Norwich and decided to film Police officers and Special Constables from Norfolk Constabulary who were on patrol in the city as there was a football match (the type that Americans would call soccer) being played at the local stadium. I noticed a line of numerous Police officers and Special Constables who were carrying out a static patrol on Wherry Road to ensure that no away fans would pass through and instead divert them via another route.

I walked through the cordon (which none of the officers had an issue with) and entered Wherry Road at which point a security guard asked me to stop filming as I was on private property. I left the land and carried on filming from the public pavement. He again confronted me and demanded that I delete the footage that I had captured as I had got his badge in the shot. He then approached Special Constable 7098 to report his concerns. He then told me that I was still on his property and that “anything past these two officers is mine”. He then told me to go away.

We agreed to disagree and I then walked away and approached a Special Constables, SC 7042 who was also on static patrol and informed him that I found the guards behavior of following me down a public footpath threatening. I was told that “he’s a uniformed security guard” so there was no possibility of the Constables taking action against him and asked the Constable where the private property was. I was again told to go away by the guard and complied in fear for my own safety. The guard and officers then left and I then walked back to Wherry Road before switching my camera off and entering the private land. – Marcus D Potter

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Brian Sumner

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