Caught On Video: Deputies Fighting Each Other Inside Kentucky Jail

I have unfortunately become too familiar with the daily assaults against the civilian population at the hands of law enforcement officers. However, I find it a nice change to see a couple of these violent psychopaths assaulting each other – and in full view of the camera!

Two deputies from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky, became involved in a bitter brawl inside a detention center in Elizabethtown.

According to NBC Boston, the fight started when Sheriff’s Deputy Clennon Smith tried to hand over property to Deputy Jailer Joe Funk. Deputy Funk then threw the property back at Deputy Smith, which started the brawl.  According to Deputy Funk, Deputy Smith “came at him in a violent manner” during the property exchange. The violent altercation escalated when Deputy Funk walked out to Deputy Smith, who then grabs the Funk by the neck. Several people arrive to try to break up the fight.

Deputy Joe Funk was arrested and fired, whereas Deputy Smith, the one seen in the video choking Funk, was neither charged nor arrested. Funk was arrested and is facing charges of menacing, resisting arrest, and assault. He was not placed in jail because his status as a jail employee could make him a target for inmates. He’s due in court on Friday, Feb. 17.

Deputy Joseph W. Funk (Facebook Image)
Deputy Joseph W. Funk (Facebook Image)

It’s amazing to watch how quickly these two animals give in to their rage and resort to physical violence. Now, imagine what would have happened if you somehow angered Deputy Funk during a traffic stop – off camera. I have no doubt the headlines would have read, “Deputy kills man in attempt to save his own life”.