Why does The Manchester Police Dept. think they are better then us citizens?

On June 22, 2012; my husband and myself were driving around Manchester looking at old buildings that are getting ready to be demolished or were recently in a fire for buying and fixing up.

There was a lot of police activity down by The Manchester Resource Center and Mike’s Pub (Lake Ave) and I happened to park my car in a spot at The Resource Center because Spruce Street was blocked off.

We got out of the car and walked over to the building that caught our eye and when we were walking back to the car Manchester Sgt. Joseph Mucci had an attitude problem. Told me that if I didn’t move my fucking car he would have it towed while it was in public parking. I nicely replied, “give me an attitude…you’ll get one back”. Again, I was rudely told to move my car. I told him…”tow my car and I will tow your cruiser”.

We got into the car and started driving away. Mucci followed my car for almost 2 miles from The Manchester Resource Center to Bridge and Elm Street. I wonder what crossed his ass hairs?

I called the station and asked to talk with the O.I.C. and was asked what the problem was. When I explained what the issue was I was told that I was not allowed to be parked at The Manchester Resource Center (even though its after hours) because police conduct business there. Granted, I have seen police vehicles there but no business is ever conducted. When the male asked me what my problem was I nicely told him that “badges don’t grant extra rights”!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. He asked me if I thought that the same rights should be given to the citizens which cops have and I said yes!!! Told the male that if police can park there than so can the citizens. I was rudely hung up on.


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