Video: Pete’s arraignment & Ademo’s arrest and sentencing

This first video shows Pete Eyre being arraigned for his heinous crime of wearing a hat:

During the arraignment, Judge Edward Burke attempted to coerce Pete into providing him with personal information. Pete refused and instead asked for an apology from the people who attacked him. Several minutes into the hearing, Ademo swore at the judge while walking out of the courtroom in disgust and was arrested for contempt of court. After Ademo was arrested, the judge refused to release Pete because he would not provide his personal information. Pete is now being held indefinitely.

After the arraignment ended, Ademo was sentenced for his contempt of court charge:

Judge Burke sentenced Ademo to 60 days in jail. Apparently judges take it pretty seriously when people “disrespect” them — you know, sort of like the Mafia. After Ademo was taken away, Keene local Smeg attempted to reason with one of the court bailiffs, but was forced to leave when he threatened to have her arrested as well.

Make sure you check here for Ethan Lee Vita’s firsthand account of the court proceedings. Check here to see what you can do to help Pete and Ademo out.



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