Essex England Police Sgt. Attempts To Enforce A Civil Search Warrant For BBC TV Licensing

This video was submitted by long time CopBlock Network Contributor Marcus Potter, in which two gentleman are harassed at their home by the police and a representative of the television company. Claiming their only purpose is to prevent a breach of the peace, the constable attempts on multiple occasions to gain entrance into their residence. However the only reason the people from the television company wanted in was to check for the presence of televisions.

December 18th 2012
Sgt. Scott Kingsnorth 70553
Essex Police Website

A man opened his window to TV licensing goon Ian Doyle and Essex Police Sgt. Scott Kingsnorth at home. Kingsnorth then serves the householder with a warrant that he is not executing and lies about it being a criminal warrant, quoting the Police And Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) that has no relevance whatsoever as it is a civil warrant. He should not have even been in possession of the warrant, let alone attempting to execute it on behalf of the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC).

Eventually, Doyle returned and read the householder the PACE caution before informing him that he has just committed an offense by obstructing him and will be taken to criminal court. The alleged obstruction is that the householder has not allowed Doyle entry to his own home to execute a civil search warrant. This is despite the fact that both Doyle and Kingsnorth have lied about it being a criminal search warrant.

Eventually, Doyle, Kingsnorth, and a few more goons as well as police officer leave the property and drive away. The householder was served with a summons to attend the local magistrate’s court to answer the charge of obstructing the warrant. He pleaded not guilty and was told to come back for his trial. After his trial took place, he was found guilty of the offense of obstructing a search warrant and fined.

A TV licensing search warrant is a warrant allowing an enforcement officer working for or on behalf of the BBC to search a premises which is not covered by a TV license for a television that is being watched.

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