Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA

This post was written by Darren Wolfe and originally posted on his blog, The International Libertarian:

The problem with these checkpoints is that they’re warrantless, arbitrary searches. This goes against all standards of civilized behavior and is not tolerable in a free society.  Not only are checkpoints violating our rights they’re not effective. “Traditional police patrols are three times more likely to locate genuinely impaired drivers than these suspicionless checkpoints,” according to James Babb, founder of the Valley Forge Revolutionaries. “So not only are these checkpoints blatantly immoral and illegal, they’re also a waste of police time and tax dollars. It’s long past time someone took a stand for fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, and plain common sense.”  That’s exactly what happened on Friday night.

A note on staying out of trouble and keeping the activism going, don’t talk to the police. Stay alert for the tricks they use to provoke a problem that they then use as an excuse to arrest or threaten to arrest activists for. I want to thank my fellow checkpoint nullifiers for having the discipline and level headedness that kept us all safe from the police.

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    My Heroes!!!!! I want to do this in North East Florida!!!!!

  • samala5793

    I have totally shared this!!! Great job!

  • North Philly

    you guys are doucebags, nothing else to do on a friday night? Pathetic

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell


  • AsianJogger

    hey.. that first cop that walked up on you guys.. that was the asshole that kicked me out for jogging at the Upper Moreland HS track!

    This lady had a problem with me because i was there daily… and did not like “out of towners” to partonize the track…

    One day.. she brought her husband .. i assume to try and intimidate me.

    Her husband and her parked right behind me, blocking my exit.

    Then came into the track and started to block my jogging lane. If i switched.. they would switch.

    So i politely said.. “Do you not have any decency?” and continued jogging.

    They were so mad that i would dare say anything.. she threw a hissy fit.. and called the cops.

    They told the cops i threated them.. their Audi.. and that i would follow them home.

    The cops come.. it was that cop .. he saw me.. a litle Asian kid wearing a cap. . sweaty.. and assumed it was my fault. They kicked me out of the track… althought.. i was jogging there for close to a year and never bothered no one.

    I assume the cop with the glasses took the Husband & Wife’s side because of their car, they were adults, and lets be honest.. im Asian.. and look nothing like them.

    Human beings tend to be tribal.

    But that cops .. that first walked up on you guys.. he’s a real prick. Talked down to me as if i was complete scum. No one would believe me over a cop.. just part of life.

    You guys are courageous!
    Keep up the good work.
    Don’t listen to the haters out there… they are cops in disguise always using a screen name that always has an African American innuendo.

    i.e. North Philly (that’s the hood around here)
    i.e. FLPoPo (Popo is a city slang for cops)

  • t.

    Wow. Your expert to quote is just some dude who founded an organization that doesn’t like the police. Nothing a little more scientific?

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    So, jackboot. What would you arrest them for?

  • Dan

    There has to be something better to do on a Friday night at 2am than standing on a street corner and inform all the drivers that are under the influence to drive somewhere else. The question was asked “Have we saved anybody tonight?” Ya, that guy that drinks too much just drove by and thanked you people, he just turned around and is now driving drunk to a neighborhood near you

  • t.

    Wow there fucktard. Who said anything about arresting them. In simple questioned their choice of an intelligence source. For this poster…very much like yourself and the others in theLegion of Fools…chose to rely on an opinion instead of facts. It is the constant weakness in your sides arguments. Because instead of thinking it through and using facts and common sense…it always about feelings, emotions and opinions.

    As example let’s look at one of your recent silly comments. You commented about how your precious daughter and her boyfriend were wrongly pulled over and the lies the officer told and such. Now, to be fair…I wasn’t there and neither were you. But let us take a common sense approach to that situation. You say the officer lied and made up a bullshit reason to illegally stop the car. Weaving in his own lane I believe you said. Now, take you emotions and hatred of the police out of it. Using a little common sense it should be pretty easy conjure up an image of the teenage male driver either: kissing on, feeling up, joking around with, dancing along with, etc…with his little teenage girlfriend and maybe he wasn’t driving as well as he should have been. To your emotions…it had to be a lie. Common sense and human nature would tens to support what I’m saying. Now, think about the rest of the stop as you described. If you precious little apple didn’t fall very far from your tree…she most likely a T’s like you and probably even chose a boyfriend that acts like you. Not that there is anything illegal in being and acting like an asshole…but it can certainly lead to a raised suspicion on the behalf of law enforcement.

    You are really starting to approach the level of Centurion, which is very sad. You are intelligence wasted. You have let emotion over rule common sense and clear judgement overcome you.

  • Rita

    The last “sobriety checkpoint” in Chino Valley stopped 700 vehicles and resulted in 3 arrests. The local paper, ever vigilant for any excuse to praise the police state, called this scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money proof positive that checkpoints really really work to keep us safe. The fact that checkpoints are visible for at least a half mile in either direction and therefore easily avoidable is completely beside the point, I guess.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    It was my son, and his girlfriend was driving. If there was any actual reason to stop them, he would have issued a ticket. Our little burg does not issue warnings. Poor Texas towns rely on 3 over tickets to pay for their Dodge Charge cruisers.

    So, as a cop, are you in the habit of harassing teenage girls about their 10 month older boyfriend to the point of calling her parents? Or do you war on drugs jackboots have better things to do with your time?

  • t.

    So…there of course is NO WAY your son was doing anything wrong. OK. That’s the same thing the kid I ticketed last night for 80 in a 35 on his motorcycle said. Hopefully his dad will have the right reaction and get rid of the bike before the kid gets killed. If he is like, he bitch and just say I lied. What are you gonna do.

  • Otto Maddox

    The bottom line is these checkpoints are ineffective.

    A patrol car actually patroling the streets has a better chance of catching a DUI than the same cop stuck at a DUI checkpoint.

    The county I live in has actually stopped the DUI checkpoints and just add patrol units on holidays instead.

    I do think these checkpoints are a horrible intrustion into a person’s freeedom though. Even if the courts don’t see it that way.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    Again, why no ticket, written warning? If there was something “wrong”, how did a search of the car and the incredibly silly phone call make it right? Unless harassment is the goal.

    If the cop was unwilling to put pen to paper, i.e. make an allegation he would have to defend in court, then what was the point? A little compensation for something lacking that even his beretta and Dodge Charger cannot make him feel better about? The girlfriend is very pretty, and I imagine that Officer Cantseemyshoes doesn’t get the attention of such lasses when his blue lights are not on.

    Just a thought.

  • wiguy

    Fucking copsucker fools…

  • t.

    So…let’s all make sure we got you right there oh foolish one…you are clearly saying that you want the police to charge people in every contact situation. OK. When you hear about officers who charge everyone…you don’t get to bitch.

    Funny thing is a couple of days ago I was speaking to my current trainee about this same thing. My advice to him was to always leave people with paper of some kind. It shows consistency and helps avoid / shuts up bitchy parents.

    But just because the officer didn’t write a ticket or a warning certainly doesn’t prove that he did something wrong. More than likely…it’s the opposite. For if you son is anything like you, I’m sure he was a mouthy little rude bitch. The fact the the officer didn’t cite him for his
    contempt of cop” attitude shows that the officer was probably pretty mature.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    Your entire last comment can be taken as written evidence of the arrogance, stupidity and short sightedness of cops.

    So you think harassment of teenagers wins any converts to the cops are heroes side. Or does it prove to those two that I am right? Every thuggish prick with a badge and lack of accountability gives strength to my side. That one incident took everything I said and crystallized it in a young mind. Team Blue will never get him back. Officer Friendly is a myth, and now he knows it. He will never aid your side again, especially after a few discussions about the nature of Team Blue, and some reading from the comments section of CopBlock.

    Your side did in a single hour what I could not have done I years. Thank you.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    And a week reading Team Blue’s clearing house of intellectual prowess, Policeone. A few dozen articles with “that pregnant bitch deserved to get tased” in the comments section and my work will be done. He will look at Team Blue just like I do.

  • t.

    Getting stopped for bad driving isn’t harassment. You’re foolish attitude..which apparently sounds through your entire family…is probably what got your wife in trouble and started your whole sob story of why you hate the police. To you…it has to be the police e lying, otherwise you have to take responsibility, and that isn’t going to happen with you.

    In the end you are a small little man with small little thoughts. Hell, just your writing style shows that you can pull together a cogent thought. That’s why you have it broken up into multiple rapid fire rants. I laughed out loud earlier as I was re-reading on some thread about you taking your family and your money and quiting your church. Maybe instead you should start paying attention.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    So there is no chance I live in a small, corrupt Texas town with too many cops without enough to do who enjoy bullying “the sheep”. There is no way I have legitimate reason to hate these pompous mongoloids, it must be me.

    Amazingly enough, you and I probably agree on 90% of topics outside of corrupt policing. Lets see.

    Republican, turned libertarian of late. I cast my first vote for Alexander Haig for president. I though Bush One was too liberal. I believe people should be free to do much of what they want, I just don’t think we should want to do all that much out of the ordinary. My personal life is pretty conventional and ordinary. But I am anti throwing people in dungeons for coloring outside the lines.

    Strong second amendment supporter. Back in my youth a buddy and I were avid shooters and when cops responded to our legal shooting out in the county outside the city limits (there were busybodies back then too), cops would ask to try our nifty guns instead of hassling us. Hard to imagine that now. Never once did a cop respond to us with guns drawn due to “officer safety”.

    Find drug use of any sort ridiculous. Don’t even drink because I have better things to do with my body. But am anti throwing people in dungeons. If I caught my kid with pot, there would be major repercussions because it saps the will and ambition, not that a single whiff of marijuana turns you into an unwed mother / gangbanger / occutard. I’m not a big enough fool to be a drug warrior. We tried that in the 20s, and ammended the constitution twice, once to try to stop people from altering their brain chemistry, and again when it was a colossal failure.

    I don’t spend my time in tiedye, demanding someone support me. As a young private, I qualified for all manner of government assistance. My wife and I decided against, as nobody was missing any meals. Food stamps would have been an indictment of my ability to provide. And I think the same thing should apply to idiot college students who rendered themselves unemployable with majors in Art History. But I think beating and pepper spraying same said retard college students was excessive.

    My first undergraduate degree was in political science. That is why I could never be a communist / socialist / liberal. Leftist politics is practically a mental disorder. But I also know enough to see our rapid descent into authoritarianism is a path that too many cultures have gone down. Our dalliance into jackbooted thuggery for policing is a disgusting shredding of the bill of rights. The cop who responded to my friend’s and my youthful shooting would have killed us today, and been praised for it.

    Until I dealt with the cops here, I was pro police. My very few adult encounters prior to my time here were benign, a ticket for 10 over on the highway. Annoying, but no big deal. After dealing with them here I started doing what any intelligent person would do, I did the reading and research. I was amazed to find out that there are millions of such “isolated incidents”. Seven year olds dying in SWAT raids after being set on fire so the cops can look good on TV. An optometrist, unarmed and SUSPECTED of gambling, shot through the heart by a cop who “accidentally” fired who gets a 30 day vacation for the killing. A marine riddled with bullets and left to bleed out in front of his wife and 4 year old kid. Tased and beaten pregnant woman, senior citizens and grade schoolers. Kids in Texas with misdemeanor charges for talking in class. Policing is entirely out of control. Almost never a punishment. The “paid vacation” meme became one because that is by far the most common “punishment”. Or blood money for killing said seven year old after setting her on fire.

    Spend 30 days, 1 hour a day, reading up on the topic from the other side like I did. Don’t just troll this site because you cannot stand the though there are people there who don’t love and worship cops. Look deeply into the insanity of the drug war. Read accounts of gang violence in the 1920s, and in your mind change the names and ethnicities and the drug from bathtub gin to cocaine. You would be amazed that we have been down this road before, and it worked poorly then, too.

    Or you can continue to assume that cops are right, and non cops (civilians, sheep, perps, bad guys, pieces of shit, turds, mouthy little rude bitches) are always wrong. Which is what I suspect you will do.

  • Marine andy

    Great points Lakewood. Right on the head once again.

  • Marine andy

    Guys handled yourselves excellent when questioned.

  • t.

    You are absolutely right and wrong.

    YOU as well as folks such as Carlos constantly prove the point that I’m so much more in the right than your claimed “side”. Look at all of the stats, articles and links that you two post that shows clearly that police misconduct is uncovered (by whom? Oh, found by the police) and how those officers are held accountable. You own posts damn you to foolishness as they show that the police are held to incredibly high standards.

    As I answered in a question to your buddy Marine Andy about what turned him against the police. His wife was stopped for an admitted illegal turn and found with a bunch of prescription medicine open on the front seat. Turns out it was his narcotics. But as I told him, and if you are whom you say you should know, the overwhelming amount of prescription fraud is committed by middle aged white woman. Period. The stop-legal. The investigation into the drugs-legal (although maybe overzealous).

    You always harp on this “no accountability” silliness. Patricia Cook being the easiest of examples. A tragedy for certain. A crime, as yet to determined. A “white wash”, and “cover-up”…as you called it…clearly disproved. You rabidly attacked me and others concerning the woman pepper sprayed and “tased” at the courthouse. You got so far of course in blind foolishness that YOU were claiming things happened that she didn’t even claim had occurred. I openly admit to police misconduct. YOU foolish claim that it is always misconduct. I want accountability from all. You don’t.

    In the stop you have talked about on this thread, you immediately see that the police had to belying. You completely negate what is normal human behavior, especially in a teenager. You have commented many times about how you show you daughter this site and tea h her to distrust and hate the police. I’m sure those same attitudes reached your son as well. What instead of being a “everything’s OK Officer, we were just kidding around as I drove” and an “OK, drive safe” stop almost certainly turned sore quickly due to the attitudes you have instilled in your children. I teach my kids about respect and consequences. I’d much rather have mine stopped and arrested for DUI than have them dead or kill someone else because they were drunk. I doubt you feel the same. You have admittedly taught yours disrespect and, from reading what you write, most assuredly to be violent as you call for it on nearly every thread. As for where I call for patience and calm…you quickly advocate the exact opposite.

    I hold you and TenPigs to a much higher standard than folks like certain, centurion and wolf. You clearly are intelligent but yet you just simply chose to ignore it. Them..not so much. I have looked into much of the information that you provide concerning drugs and such as it is an area where you clearly have some expertise. But, and no offense, when it comes to law, legal theory and police procedures, you don’t have a clue. It’s on those topics when you start sounding like centurion and you lose all cred ability.

    I come to this site sometimes just for the laughs, because some of it is just so outlandish. And sometimes I admit that I just poke at some on here because I can. But mostly I present a real .life, very experienced, perspective to the topic. I know I won’t change anyone’s mind. But I hope that by giving the counter side, I can help avoid the violence that to frequently occurs.

    So in ways, your very right about us. But unfortunately, in far to many key areas…you are very wrong about us. For unlike many here that I can give a “pass” to because of poor education or being a “poser”, you don’t get that pass. I know that you know better. You aren’t stupid. You’re just foolish.

  • For anyone who thinks these checkpoints are an effective way to protect public safety…


    “The statistics Appellant has presented to the Court prove that roving patrols are more efficient and effective than DUI checkpoints. They show that checkpoints require more manpower-hours for each DUI arrest than do roving patrols and they show that a lower percentage of stops at checkpoints lead to DUI arrests than do stops stemming from roving patrols. In the end, the statistics tell the simple tale that if more police manpower had been allocated to roving patrols instead of checkpoints, more drunk drivers would have been removed from the roads and our roads would have been safer places to travel.”

    JUSTICE NIGRO, Dissenting Opinion in Commonwealth v. Yastrop

  • Marine andy

    T, for clarity about my wife’s drug stop. The pill bottles were out of the pharmacy bag as she checked to make sure she had them all. Also in that discussion I pointed out other incidents that gave me sour opinions of the police.

  • Marine andy

    Also t, the narcotics were prescribed right after a anklesurgery. I don’t want people on here to think I’m a pill popper.

  • t.

    Marine Andy: I remember the story. I only used the skeleton of that incident to illustrate.

  • Concerned

    This guy is my heroe. I also hope you fucks get run over and killed by a drunk driver that you are trying to warn.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    Actually, for clarification, I have taught my kids police are dangerous and stupid, like a bear. You treat a bear in a certain way to avoid getting eaten. You treat a cop in a certain way to avoid getting killed, tased, maced or beaten half to death. Standing orders are to treat these small town retards with as much faux respect as you can muster without vomiting. We will PCS in a year, hopefully to a real state, not a 75 IQ shithole like Texas. We just have to avoid various overweight, slovenly Downs kids in uniform until then.

    And drugs are indeed an area you have to be savvy in, having a prescription pad and a DEA number. So I KNOW your drug warrior stuff is bullshit. Clearly, and completely bullshit. We load up chronic pain syndrome patients with enough narcs to send a rhino into respiratory arrest, and somehow they manage not to be trading blowjobs for pills downtown. Suzy Jumpypants gets methamphetamine twice a day and somehow avoids the dangers of adiction. Adiction is not a linear process. It has more to do with addicts and their personalities than a particular chemical. But again, you probably know this, but it fails to fit into the drug warrior mindset. And unfortunately, the lies of the drug warriors are swallowed by a gullible populace that has no idea that a thousand times more people die of alcoholic cirrhosis than all illegal drugs combined. But again, you probably knew that as well.

    If you want safe communities and could only “ban” one drug, in a perfect universe where everyone complied, we both know that alcohol is the absolute, undisputed clear winner in danger. But the war on drugs is about power and control, not safety. It is about locking certain groups up, and ensuring vast numbers of people are unemployable and unable to participate in civil life. But I am sure this is no surprise to you either.

    End the pointless war on drugs, retrain cops they are not Navy Seals, and strip them of entirely unnecessary immunity from repercussions unless they blow away a Sunday school teacher, and maybe this can be fixed. Otherwise, prepare for it to get worse.

  • Rita

    Getting stopped for bad driving, in itself, is not harassment. But it certainly sets the stage for harassment, and no cop worthy of the name is gonna let slide by any chance to strut his/her authority. That said, most traffic stops are NOT for bad driving. They are for driving while black, or driving while Hispanic, or driving at night past a bored cop who hasn’t fulfilled his daily arrest quota, or seen leaving the house of a “known drug dealer”(If you’re so concerned about drugs, why do you sit and watch drug dealers?) or just because we know you don’t have a license or we can see you’re not wearing your seat belt or your mom’s in jail and we’re wondering who is driving her car so we have to make up an excuse to pull you over.

  • t.

    @Rita: No offense…but the big kids are talking. If all you have to add is ultra-liberal , baseless statements…please hold them until the end of the discussion.

    Flakewood: unfortunately you have taken the scientific / pharmacological information that you do have it slipped over into the societal impact , which,, from your statements, you clearly don’t have. I have said before that I couldn’t possibly care any less if you or anyone what’s to smoke yourself into oblivion. Please do. That part is a truly victimless crime (as is drinking yourself into oblivion). It’s the associated activities that are problematic (again, just like alcohol). You have dismissed my statements in the past concerning the nearly nonstop drug related crimes with which I deal…everyday. This is an area in which I am very much an expert. Each and every arresttee for: breaking and entering (house, car, building) and robbery, that I have ever made or been associated around, were all committed by people with extensive drug records. They were committed to fund their drug use. Simple. Legalization does not change that fact.. Crimes are committed by people who are drunk, very true. But other than shop lifting the beer, in over 16 years I’ve never had 1 committed to get the alcohol. Your statement about Suzy Jumpy pants is naive to say the least. I don’t know if your years in the extremely control environment of the army has insulated you to much…but that is exactly the kinds of things that happens. You did very rightly explain that people don’t set out to become addicts. But they do. Drugs in a controlled, clinical environment is far different than drugs on the street. I know a bunch of fellow officer’s that have had problems nearing addiction, with popular pain medications they were prescribed following injury. They didn’t go looking for it…but it found them anyway. And as for those that naively try to defend and play down the scourge that is methamphetamine,, you are truly foolish. Those that say that those addicts aren’t very dangerous, are flat out lying.

    Back to the stop with your son. You aren’t even reading what you yourself wrote. You think the officer was .lying, making up a bullshit reason to stop your son as a revenue generator. According to your own story, he didn’t generate any revenue. Again, makes it sound more andmore like he was probably fooling around with his girlfriend and not driving but so good. But as I pointed out in my last comment, where I’d be glad the stop occurred and my kid and no one else got hurt and maybe he’d wake up and be more attentive while driving…you chose to be that parent who thinks that their child could never be in the wrong.

    @Rita: Now you can go ahead and continue your rant.

  • Rita

    Or maybe someone made an anonymous call to the PD telling them that a passenger in your car has a warrant, so you pretend that you’re pulling them over for going 5 miles over the speed limit.

    I guess the “t” stands for “typical” — All those things I mentioned have happened to me or to people I know. But you can’t come up with any rational defense, so you insult.

  • Rita

    The way I understand the difference between “liberals” and “conservatives” is that liberals want more government interference into private lives and conservatives want less. So I used to think it somewhat odd that people who love, love, love the police kept calling me a liberal. I finally figured out that it’s because “libertarian” has too many syllables.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    Crime to feed drug habits. So let’s look at a simple economic model.

    Ritalin is 25-50 cents a tab if you have a script. If I wanted to take 2 Ritalin a day to make me a harder worker, that would cost about as much as a cheap cup of coffee. 15-30 bucks a month, or maybe as much as 60 bucks if I wanted to spend my whole day buzzing. If I’m really into daily marathon running, I might waste as much as 120 dollars, and have to forgo cable television.

    Street price of illicit Ritalin, 20 bucks per tab, because it’s illegal. For that same 2 tabs a day to work harder, that’s 1200 bucks a month, not 60. And 2400 if I want to spend my whole day buzzing.

    The social costs of drugs come from… you.

  • t.

    Last I checked…your beloved army won’t even allow anyone ever prescribed said ritalin to enlist. Probably a reason for that.
    I also love how you picked a nearly non abused prescription drug. Try again.

  • t.

    Oh…and way to avoid / change the topic you brought up about your son being stopped. Do you now find that your point of attack was wrong? You should.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    As far as my kid, we have reached an impasse. You assume to know more than is possible and I grow weary of your inability to get it. Cops in our little burg are scum. Makes your heroic cop meme inapplicable. I would toss all of them into a wood chipper and sleep well knowing I had performed an act of societal hygiene. Most people who live here would agree. Texas breeds a particular type of cop/retard hybrid. Too much first cousin marriage, and that level of Neolithic dipshittery lends itself to cop work here.

    And again, she was driving, not him. Would you arrest him for not being a contentious enough side seat driver? You might fit in well with the Texas law enforcement / group home work release we have here.

    As for Ritalin, it is admittedly more closely related to cocaine chemically, and has a smoother edge. Feel free to substitute another illegal in the secondary market prescription drug. People who take meth want then endorphin rush. Anything that radically activates the sympathetic nervous system would do. Just a matter of dosage and route. Stick to cop stuff. You missed the larger point of perverse economic incentives created by your team. If amphetamines were the price they are with a script to anyone, there would be no economic incentive. You don’t get rich selling pills to people who can get them for pocket change. Illegal makes it expensive and leads to all of the crime related to feeding a habit. People with a 2 pints of vodka a day habit rarely break into anyone’s house to feed their habit, as it is five bucks a day. In the 1920s, during prohibition, this would not have been the case.

    And you are mostly mistaken about my beloved army (which is considerably more beloved to the public than team blue). Can’t take Ritalin during training. I know several officers who have and are taking it. But I do not expect a cop to know much. And before you produce some article or paste job, don’t bother. Every rule, at least good ones, has many written and unwritten exceptions. I know from first hand experience during psych rotations. And I have no idea where you get the “anyone prescribed Ritalin cannot enlist” factoid. I have 2 peers in medicine who would disagree. But I am sure you know best, as you are never wrong.

    Please try to avoid missing the larger point about the war on drugs. Illegal makes the sellers rich and the cops corrupt. Remove the incentive, you fix 80% of the problem. But cop denial is a powerful set of blinders.

  • t.

    Well, thought we could talk like adults. Your straight back to insults and ignorance. Funny how you openly admit to wanting a heavily medicated public – making the sheeple more easily controlled. Your idea, not mine.

    Oh, I saw on the news another of your beloved Greeners went off (maybe of his ritalin) and shot up a couple of other Greeners yesterday at Ft. Bragg. I’m certainly not anti-military….but I at least can keep perspective.

    As I said earlier….instead of pulling out of your church, you really need to start going more and reading that book a whole lot more. As the man of the house (a term used loosely when reffering to you I’m sure), your clearly paving the path for you (that parts OK) and your family to be just like your moniker.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    Were you responding to my last post? Seems like you were just whining. When you can’t respond on the ridiculous war on drugs, continue to be wrong on basic facts about the stop we were discussing, I suppose you are left with whatever the gibberish above is supposed to be.

  • t.

    Flakewood: I didn’t know you were in advertising. Doing truck commercials I see…that was sure was a Dodge.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    Again, gibberish. You have yet to address the perverse incentives of the war on drugs. Not surprising from someone who earns a living from throwing people in dungeons.

  • t.

    And what incentive would that be? Keep in mind, that where I work, the city council was just approached by several major citizens groups who were demanding more police to combat theexact issues that I described, and then vote to in grease their own taxes to pay for it? Is that what you speak of? I point is that your legalization ideas don’t stop any of that. You admittedly want a heavily medicated public of sheeple . Hmm.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    So where are the illicit alcohol gangs? If legalization is not effective, where are all of the bootleggers? Speakeasies?

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    As for a heavily medicated populace, I have no idea where you get that. I want a populace not thrown in dungeons for wishing to alter their brain chemistry. I am pro legalization, not pro use. I have not had a sip of alcohol in 25 years.

    You want a heavily imprisoned populace. I want a free populace. We will never agree, as those concepts are diametrically opposed.

    Total cost of imprisoning vast swathes of the populace: enormous.
    Total cost of not imprisoning vast swathes of the populace: nothing.

  • Ermelinda Doutt

    Not at all, to those of us that are progressive enough to want a bike (trike) that doesnt look like all the rest and teh same thing they’ve’ been building for years. And this trike is powered by the New American Motorcycle. Fuel It!

  • t.

    Flakewood: Wrong. the cost of your plan is huge. you just can’t see through your silly, unfounded hatred. but thats ok. you are guaranteed your right to be dumb.

  • The_Lakewood_4_are_Burning_in_Hell

    My “plan” is to not imprison massive numbers of people. Individual cities have already either decriminalized marijuana or are about to, with little negative effect. Other drugs will follow. People who desire to get off of drugs will go to treatment instead of dungeons. People who’s drug use causes harm, like people who’s use of alcohol causes harm, will be punished for those issues (driving under the influence, assaults). We won’t need a massive police state to monitor everyone’s use of their chemical of choice, only those who harm others with said use. The very actions of the jackboots will make this happen, as you have expanded your abuses into white suburbia, the people who vote and control the purse strings.

    How many alcoholics are horrific dangers to society, but cannot be dealt with until their behavior crosses an arbitrary line? But we don’t lock up every drinker for the abuses of the few. Eventually, that same criteria will apply to many other chemicals.

    It will hugely curtail our need for jackboots, but that is something I can live with.

  • Bob

    Awesome job, guys! From my home township! It would be nice to meet up with fellow cop-blockers in my area.

  • Zack Parnell

    so as much as i support the idea that a badge doesnt give you the right to do whatever you want all i saw in this video minus the possible but not for sure act of an officer attempting to run into a sign was the officers running a checkpoint for the purpose of finding drunk drivers…..the officers never raised their voices and when met with obvious passive agressive dudes on the sidewalk(well within their rights) they never lost their heads …..as for the police running the check point if you have done nothing wrong you shouldnt be worrired….i am in the military and go through my front gate every day and have often been searched however i have done nothing wrong and have no problems having them search me because i would hope that if somone had done something wrong or had something in their car that was not allowed on post that they would be caught…..i am not saying that i agree with the entire idea of searching random people…..i am simply saying that these people on the sidewalk maybe need to go back and look at the intention for the right they have and also recheck what they are saying….i heard many time looking through the window or shinging a flshlight in the car however at no point did anyone say that the officers forcefully removed anyone from their vehicle or try to start anything….as for the guy refusing the check point and running…..either he was one of these people oor he actually had something to hide….or he was just an idiot who figured he would be funny….again i would like to say i support what you guys are doing when it comes to ensureing that just because someone has a badge it doesnt mean they can do whatever they want howver i am also a huge supporter of law enforcement protecting people against those who seek to violate our lives….i know this will cause issues but quite frankly i dont care ….many americans now of days are the cause of poloce brutality simply because they are unreasonanable and just like this try the passive aggressive idea thinking it wont cause problems….like it doenst bother you when someone doesnt respond to the questions you are asking….just a thought

  • Matt

    Any ignoramus who goes against the Constitution of U.S. should be tried in the court of Law. That includes the President of the U.S. Read the 4th Amendment and them study why it was chosen to be included in the Bill of Rights and then learn its history. Every sentence in the Constitution has a specific reasoning and it all comes down to protecting citizens from (as clearly depicted in the video) any form of tyranny. I love how they use the excuse drunk driving and to protect. Please ANYONE explain how an illegal search and seizure protects someone besides potentially self-incriminating them? Any ignoramus please EXPLAIN, so with pleasure i can tear you a new one in heaven? Remember drunk drivers are the minority on the road regardless of how many they injure or kill every year. Therefore the 99% who are good, law-abiding citizens suffer. Please explain how is that worth a penny of tax dollars when it has been proven that patrolling does more good? That is beside the point because in itself these actions are immoral and illegal. These check points are clearly a breach of the Law regardless of your opinion; IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. We are all citizens of a constitutional Republic? These morons who swear an oath to the Constitution have no idea what they are doing or the effect it will have; their children will also become victims and their children’s children and so be it; what comes undone comes around.

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