Angry Cow Nearly Tramples Temple Cop (VIDEO)

According to KCENTV:

It wasn’t your typical police chase Thursday afternoon for a Temple Police officer, who spent part of his day trying to wrangle a runaway cow.

Police received a call about a cow on the loose near the area of South 31st Street and West Ave H.

Officer Gabriel Estrella saw the cow and followed it as it moved through the neighborhoods.

Estrella managed to briefly corral the cow in a fenced off area but the cow suddenly turned around and charged the officer.  Luckily, he managed to dodge the high tempered heifer.

“I saw that another fence was open so that’s why you see me inside the fence because I was going to run across and close the other side but I heard something and saw a cow coming at me so I had to move out of the way. ”

The officer’s efforts were captured on his dashboard camera.

Efforts were made to locate the cow to include use of individuals on horseback. However, they were unsuccessful.

The Cow was last seen around 8:30 p.m. Thursday heading east outside the city limits.

I couldn’t find any reports that the runaway cow was captured and booked into jail. All Temple police officers should be aware that this dangerous cow is still on the loose and wanted. Just kidding, about the wanted part, the cow does seem to have gotten away and it makes one wonder that if police will let an unarmed cow run without using deadly force, why not humans?

Little Monday morning humor for ya but a serious thank you to the officer for not unloading on this future McDonald’s Big Mac.



Ademo Freeman

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