Gates, N.Y. Police Department Sergeant Anthony S. Perry Brags: “I’ve Shot 12 Dogs, it is what it is.”, moments after Officer James Coughlin shoots Innocent Dog. Second Incident in Monroe County, N.Y. this Month.

“Chino”, the 3 year old American Bull Mastiff Shot by Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin.

By Davy V.

For the second time in just over three weeks, an innocent family pet has been shot by police in Upstate, New York.

This time it was at the hands of Gates, N.Y. Police department and officer James Coughlin.

Around 10:00 a.m. on Monday June 25, 2012, Jerome Johnson was in his home on Crestwood Blvd. in the Town of Gates, a suburb just outside Rochester, N.Y. when he heard “Chino”, his 3 year old American Bull Mastiff barking.

As Jerome’s son Jerome Jr., went out to check on the family’s dog, who was in the yard, Jerome Johnson and his wife heard what he described as a loud “Pow!” sound.

Jerome Johnson and his wife ran outside to find Gates N.Y Police officer James Coughlin with his gun in his hand and their beautiful dog “Chino” laying in a pool of his own blood with a gunshot wound to his left side.

When Jerome Johnson asked Gates, N.Y. police officer James Coughlin why he had just shot their dog, Coughlin replied “We don’t pepper spray, we shoot if we feel threatened.”

At this time Gates, N.Y. Police Sgt. Anthony S. Perry arrived at the scene. As Jerome Johnson and his wife who were consoling their son after he had just witnessed “Chino” being shot in front of him, Sgt. Perry told the family “I’ve shot 12 dogs before, it is what it is.” and smirked.

The family then rushed their pet to a local emergency animal hospital where Chino was put down as a result of his injuries. Jerome Johnson said “It was very hard to be there with him when they gave him the first shot and my son and all of us were crying.”

Jerome Johnson told me that a neighbor who recently moved on his street and doesn’t like the family, called 911 and falsely reported that “Chino” was running lose, when the truth was that he was on his own property, in his yard.

I called the Gates, N.Y. Police department, and a Gates Police officer that answered the phone refused to speak about the incident. I was transferred to a Lieutenant’s voicemail.

This is the second time in just over three weeks that Monroe County, N.Y. law enforcement has shot an innocent family dog on their own property.

On June 1, 2012, “Diablo”, a beautiful 7 year old blue pitbull was executed on his own property by Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff’s deputies Sean LeClair and Matt Clancy in Penfield, N.Y. another suburb of Rochester. Both deputies shot at least 4 rounds with at least one of those shots going through the home’s garage door, ricocheting off the cement floor, going through a window and nearly missing a home next door.

Perhaps, one of the most disturbing things is that it appears that “Diablo” was shot in the back of his head, which would indicate that he was retreating, and not “charging” at deputies as Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn stated.

At first, Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn said that his deputies were
responding to a call of a house party at the Whitney Rd. home of Gary Brockler, “Diablo’s” owner. Less than 48 hours later, O’Flynn changed his story, saying that deputies Sean LeClair and Matt Clancy were responding to the residence for a vehicle that was parked illegally in front of the home.

Less than 2 weeks later, Monroe County, N.Y. Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn announced that his deputies were justified in their execution of an innocent dog.

After speaking with Jerome Johnson, “Chino’s” owner, who had called me Tuesday night to tell me that a neighbor who lives across the street from him told him that he witnessed the entire incident, I went out to meet with “Tony”, the neighbor, and just got back.

Out of fear of retaliation by the Gates, N.Y. Police,  Tony asked me not to use his last name.

Tony was on his way to work around 9:00 a.m. Monday morning and as he was backing his car out of his driveway, he saw Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin pull his cruiser up to the Johnson residence at the corner of Colwick Rd. and Crestwood Blvd.

When Tony came to the stop sign, he saw officer Coughlin, step out of his police cruiser, then Tony says he saw officer Coughlin look around as if to see if anyone was looking, then he drew his gun from his holster.

As we stood in what Tony said was the exact same spot where Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin stood, Tony did a re-creation for me of officer Coughlin’s steps.

“Before he did it, I knew what was gonna happen.” said Tony, in describing the way that officer Coughlin got out of his vehicle, quickly looked around, then shot “Chino.” As Tony repeatedly traced officer Coughlin’s steps for me he said “He committed a criminal act, that’s what he did, he used the law in an unlawful way, he was no better because he had a uniform on, what I saw was a criminal.”

Tony, who told me respects police, and members of law enforcement, told me that specifically because he respects police is why what he saw still haunts him. “This was not random, this officer had intent, he had bad intentions.”

As we walked back to Tony’s house, again referring to Gates Police officer James Coughlin, he said “I don’t want that man around my kids.”

Still photo of Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin before he shoots “Chino”, who appears to be sitting.


Almost a week after Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin shot “Chino” and Gates, N.Y. Police Sergeant Anthony S. Perry bragged: “I’ve shot 12 dogs, it is what it is.”, Rochester’s local news media finally covered the story, and, as expected, put their corporate-run media spin on this injustice, and actually helped the Gates, N.Y. Police department continue their cover up into officer Coughlin’s shooting of an innocent dog.

Rochester’s Time Warner Cable YNN news reporter Seth Voorhees, who has a history of being unethical in having a clear bias in support of law enforcement, made sure to help the Gates. N.Y. Police justify the shooting of an innocent dog by saying that Chino was “aggressive”, and “charged at the officer.”

After 5 days of the Gates, N.Y. Police department having been flooded with calls from all of you who have been reading my blog, the Gates, N.Y. Police department decided to hold a news conference.

In calling the shooting of an innocent dog “Justified”, neither the Gates, N.Y. Police department, or YNN news channel’s Seth Voorhees, or any other news media outlets, made any mention whatsoever of “Tony” the eyewitness to the shooting, who clearly saw Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin get out of his car, look around, then shoot “Chino.”

The Gates, N.Y. Police department, and the Rochester news media also made no mention of Gates, N.Y. Police Sergeant’s comment “I’ve shot 12 dogs, it is what it is.”

Gates, N.Y. Police said there is video of the shooting but would not release the video. They only released a still photo which I have posted above. The still photo shows that Gates, N.Y. Police officer James Coughlin, pointing his gun at “Chino”, who does not appear to be “aggressive” or “charging at the officer” like Gates, N.Y. Police claim.

In fact, look at the photo above, look closely at “Chino’s” front legs, he actually appears to be sitting. “Chino’s” legs appear to be crossed, or at least at and angle, the way that dogs legs are when they are sitting!

Call Gates, N.Y. Police Chief David R.DiCaro and Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini and let them know how you feel about this injustice!

Gates, N.Y. Police Chief David R. DiCaro (585) 247-2262

Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini (585) 247-6100



Davy V.

Davy V. is a Cuban-American Filmmaker, Video Producer, Photographer and Freelance Writer, best known for using the power of video and film to expose Police Brutality, Corruption and Misconduct.

The son of the late Mario Vara, a community activist who for years fought against Police Brutality and Misconduct in Rochester, New York, Davy V. got his start in Television and Video by tagging along and working camera for his father’s cable access television show, “La Voz Del Pueblo” (The Voice of The People).

Davy V. later went on to produce and host “KEEP IT ON THE REEL”, a cable access TV show with a mix of Hip Hop as well as issues affecting African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY, such as Police Brutality and Misconduct. Some guests on the show included Treach, KayGee and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature, Method Man, Funkdoobiest, Da Youngstas, and the Rottin’ Razkals.

Davy V. won the U.S. ACM Video Festival Award for his Documentary, “R.P.D. EXPOSED!” about the Rochester, New York Police Department and their long history of misconduct, corruption and unnecessary killings of unarmed innocent citizens.
“R.P.D. EXPOSED!” and Davy V.’s follow up, “R.P.D.: Badges of DISHONOR, CORRUPTION and MURDER!” were both screened at the National Hip Hop Political Convention at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Davy V.’s work has been featured in publications such as THE SOURCE Hip Hop Magazine, URBAN AMERICA Magazine, The Ave. Magazine, Insider Magazine, La Voz Newspaper, Minority Reporter Newspaper, CNY LATINO Newspaper, DOWN Magazine, as well as on television news stations, and programs such as CNN and Inside Edition.

In addition to his freelance writing, Davy V. also writes a monthly Op/Ed Column for LA VOZ Magazine and Minority Reporter Newspaper.

In June 2012, Davy V. joined Cop Block as a regular contributor.

  • JYD Diehard

    If EVER a fucking cop shoots my dog I will personally put a bullet in his head. They have no right to shoot an animal that isn’t already attacking them. I am deadly serious here! If one of you bastard fucking whore cops wants his head blown off then take a shot at any member of my family…including my dogs! These fucking pigs should be arrested and sent to jail!

  • arthur berg

    cop trash i got a 7.62mm bullet with his name on it

  • wiguy

    God damn…

  • certain

    Was the dog tied up? Regardless of if it was on the owner’s property or not, was the dog in any restrained? If not, the owner gave the cop a reason to kill the poor dog. I have a massive blue nose pit, and although she is one of the most sweetest and loving dogs ever, she is bulky and fierce looking. I never want some cheese-dick cop to have an excuse to shoot her, so I keep her in my backyard. When she leaves the house to socialize, it is always on a leash, always.

  • slayerboy

    There is a solution to all of this. We will never change the state. Start using your heads and tie your dogs up or put them in a fenced in area. Not that it will stop anything, but you will decrease the chances of your family pet getting shot in front of your kids.

    Thank you, Davy, for your wonderful work in this city with getting the word out about these issues. Glad to see you on the Cop Block site.

  • Cali Cheshelski

    My heart goes out to the family of Chino. Charges should be brought up on these officers. I can not believe here in the United States this is going on. More incidents on the rise with cops shooting dogs and they get away with it,several incidents with police having wrong house and shooting the barking dog when they bust in. They change their storys,the department backs them up. This has got to be the worst I have seen, and admitted it,we gotchya now. BASTARDS ! in plain english. Policemen with their own set of rules and no regards for a life. Sure wouldnt want cops like that protecting our city. If you dont trust them, there surely won’t be any respect.
    These trigger happy cops on a powerplay need to go down, (to PROTECT & SERVE what? ) their own dirty ego? If the bastards had shot my dog, I would be in jail right now cause I would shoot the dickless wannabees right where they stand. There are laws that protect citizens,and citizens have rights. This family has rights and this should be pursued. These cops violated this family, and violated their rights. If you send this to the P.D. whatever, go ahead, it won’t stop me from telling everyone I know what they did. I fight for animals rights and asshole cops like this need to be off the streets! -and well I can say they will be wishing they had done different. P.S. I just saw the update. These fuckers are going down!
    ** Justice for Chino **

  • fedup

    Solution?!!!!!!!! obviously you have missed the videos of pigs executing tied up dogs and dogs in fenced yards. Youre right..”not that it will stop anything.”

  • Keith

    Damn, I thought the cops here in New Jersey are fucked up. Seems New York is worst. Makes me want to avoid Upstate New York and New York City like a plague.

  • Betty Johnston

    Coughlin should not be authorized to carry a gun if he uses it so easily – find him another job where he cannot inflict his sick power on an innocent animal. Shame, shame, shame on you Mr. Coughlin!

  • jeri hibbs

    you sir are a fucktard.. it is what it is..

  • Chris Mallory

    Tying a dog out is both dangerous and irresponsible. If the dog is on it’s own property, there is no reason to shoot it, unless it is actively mauling a person.


    The time is quickly approaching when citizens are going to take the law into their own hands when situations such as this arise and it ain’t gonna be pretty! Cops are doing this on a daily basis and I think they’ve been told to eradicate as many “types” as they possibly can.

  • Bart Hoppenbrouwers

    Why is it that some cops need a gun to deal with situations like this ? It’s ridiculous that more and more dogs are getting killed ,just because the cops don’t know how to deal with them in a proper way.I know that some police forces in Europe have many officers who don’t carry a firearm ,they are able to deal with similar situations without ending a dog’s life.It might be time to rethink the whole strategy regarding situations where dogs are involved ,more education wouldn’t harm any one.The knowledge among the police forces regarding the various breeds is worrying and leaves a lot of room for improvement .
    As for this case ,James Coughlin will have to answer for his execution style killing of Chino ,it’s clear that this wasn’t just a incident.Justice has to be done,when it includes learning the hard way so be it.Think before you act is the key to the outcome of a situation,this applies to everyone .There are no exceptions ,cops can’t make up their own laws and run riot .

  • I have been following the rash of dog killings by Police Officers all over this once great Nation.  Most of them are or was mistaken for Pitt Bulls, not all, but way too many.  Some of the poor babies were pugs and Daschunds!  Unfortunately, this is happening almost everyday!  I have created a petition to the President, the Senate, and Congress requesting new laws regulating the use of deadly force against our beloved family members, requesting new laws requiring mandatory training of all Police Officers, and requesting that they be held accountable for their actions!  Would you please share this petition?  We need to get the word out to everyone with a heart!  We need to demand change!

    Thank you so very much!

    Lisa L. Byrd

  • paul slabaugh

    “It is what it is” .. is trash street talk for “i’ve surrendered my thinking ability leaving myself wide open to whatever consequences”. Supply this sick man with what he’s begging for .. severe consequences to rattle him from his numbness. Until he learns to care, get his reckless and deadly behavior off of the street ..he’s well on the road to being public enemy number one.

  • Cali Cheshelski

    Lisa Byrd, I copied this link for the petition, spreading it far and wide. Thank you for this.
    Do we know if the Johnsons are going to file charges against the police officer who shot their dog? or if there is a petition for Justice to be served, anything? I will keep checking here for any new information. This prick cop needs to be brought up on charges, they can not treat people this way and nothing be done about it.

  • Cali Cheshelski

    I have no solution hmmmmm that’s the problem. The phrase “ya can’t fight city hall” keeps drilling in my head. How do we fight it? Petitions do work sometimes but honestly I have never seen a cop go down for shooting any animal, they always have their corrupt little backup buddies, constantly changing their story and doesnt matter if it is caught on video or not. The seem totally untouchable, but this will not stop me from trying. Lisa Byrd posted a link for a petition to the president,up the page here. This is just one of many I am sure. Would you all please, please, sign it and share it with as many as you can. Petitions do work, especially when there is a lot of noise.

  • Kristin smith

    While I understand everyone’s anger at this article, unfortunately the circumstances portrayed are far from the truth.
    I have been witnessing first hand the Johnson’s mistreatment of their animal for years. I too am a dog owner and hold dogs in a special place in my heart. I was in tears after I heard about what happened, only because I knew Chino never had a chance at being a well balanced dog, and the fault lies 100% on their owners.
    Chino and the other bull dog were left outside all the time. In the snow, in 20 degree weather, in 90 degree heat with no water. They were left in a small cage with no room for activity and never received human contact. If they weren’t in the cage, they were left on chains for so long that they would tangle each other up and no one would come free them. One time while walking by the house I saw the bull dogs chain wrapped around chinos back legs and he was dragging chino in the yard. I started freaking out that his back legs were going to break but the dogs were too aggressive to get anywhere near them to help. The woman of the house came out, saw the dogs condition and got in her car and drove away with out doing a thing.
    The worst part is that they would sit out all day in their own feces. The owners never and I mean NEVER cleaned the dog feces out of their yard. They were covered in it. In the summer you can smell the rancid smell of their yard just by walking by.
    These dogs don’t get human attention, they don’t get any activity. I have always said how I never understood why they had dogs when they ignored their existence entirely.
    Unfortunately chino had broken free from his leash that morning. He was a huge dog and very aggressive and he charged an officer, off the owners property. That’s the bottom line truth. If the dog had been cared for this never would have happened. My heart breaks for any dog whose life is ended this way but the fault is not with the officer.

  • Richard

    I completely comprehend all your statements and agree with some of them.With that said,If this was a ongoing thing,which it seems because you went to both ends of the thermometer in your statement .Then just one question why didn’t ANIMAL CONTROL step in before this happend? My main point I want to raise in all this is just plain EDUCATION for all.There has to be a different way to handle these situations,so many people are losing trust in the law .I could care less about the he said she said,lets show our so called AUTHORITIES/PEACE KEEPERS other means of handling these events that seem to be soooo horrific.A little bit of knowledge could be the ultimate power for them .

  • Anti Cop

    Let’s face facts. Most of the cops now days are “Badge Bullies” and think nothing about breaking the law to suit their own whim. Years and years ago a cop would approach a situation and ask questions first, decide what (if any) action should be taken and then use whatever appropriate means to resolve what was at hand.

    Now days cops rush into a situation and knock heads, arrest (using trumped up “Contempt of Cop” charges) and haul people off to jail, letting the court drop all charges.

    Anti Cop… and proud of it!

  • friends of the gates police

    the dog got shot because the owner is a fucken retard for not keeping his dog on a leash ok.furthermore this story does have lies in it saying about perry making comments about the dogs he shot is untrue furthermore none of you mother fuckers were there so dont be talking shit unless you know the facts.

  • Cali Cheshelski

    I agree with Richard, animal control was never even called. This article isnt about the Johnsons treatment of their dog, this article is about the asshole cop who point blank shot their dog for what appears to be no reason. The only reason that can justify a cop shooting a dog is if the dog is attacking that officer or someone else, it is very obvious that was not the case. Cops cant go around shooting peoples dogs, it is happening everywhere, in peoples yards. They do not have the right ! Period!

  • Kristin smith

    Actually animal control had been called on the owners numerous times. Why they faile to take action is unknown to the neighborhood.
    And the police officer was wearing a video camera on his uniform and you can clearly see the in that Video, the 142 lb dog aggressively charging the officer in the street and he got within three feet away before the officer fired. The dog was hit in the leg and did not die from the injuries. The owners made the decision the put down the animal.

  • Common Sense

    Sorry, 140lb dogs, that was unleashed and aggressive? Pet owners need to be more responsible…

  • Horrible

    In political science it is a given that man seeks power. So where would the worst power crazed egomaniacal psychopaths go to satisfy his lust for power? The police force. The people must understand this and make sure that the police forces are held accountable for all of its actions. Video them, protest there stations, and sue when they do not police themselves.

  • fasteddie0747

    There was a eye witness that was on his way to work when he saw something didn’t look right with this officer as he was approaching Chino while Chino was sitting down in the front yard. the officer which was wearing a chest portable camcorder that all the police in Gates, New York wear took the video and then they release a still photo shot, SO WHAT?
    He shot the sitting dog like a sitting duck, the sitting position is NOT a threat stance or a attack stance for any dog any security dog trainer will tell you that or a canine behaviorist.
    The owners 15 year old son was near the dog when he was shot and say the officer look from side to side as if to see if someone was looking before he shot the dog in the leg meaning that the dog was not a threat if he shot him in the leg.
    The officer had another option and that was to ask the boy to secure his dog in his house but he chose not to.
    Please sign this petition to make our Federal and local government bring changes to the law.

  • Centurion

    NY statute 353-a Aggravated cruelty to Animals is a Felony. If I lived in that state still, I would go and arrest that pig of a cop with a citizens arrest for this violation. It is classified as a Felony and citizens of the state have a legal right to arrest with just cause even with force if needed .

  • Executivebranch

    What about pigs that don’t kill pets, but people?

  • Jay

    Dear friends,

    I am sooooo thankful you put up this site. Keep up the good work. Please go after these pathetic excuses for human beings as aggressively as necessary, and absolutely let us know whatever threats and/or actions are being taken against you.

  • Chris

    there is a war coming to America and the blue suits are first to go.

  • We should tart our own governmental units to really uphold the
    Laws, the dog is just sitting ther with a gun in his face! That is animal cruelty. The ASPCA has been contacted and will be taking out criminal felony charges against the PIG

  • Carol Vincent

    Law enforcement has been turning into evil, inhumane animal killers for no reason and completely unprovoked. Fire and punish officers like that, and keep them away from anything with a heart beat.

  • Tony

    These animals aren’t just pets; they’re members of the family. If someone shoots any member of my family, it doesn’t matter if they’re wearing a badge or not. At that point they become a criminal, worth only a few bullets.

  • Pagan Punk

    Shooting a dog that is actively trying to attack you is one thing; shooting it because you can and not giving a damn is another.

  • krispykreme

    Maybe citizens should take the same approach about shooting cops. They are what they are……

  • Cali

    It takes one to know one, you are what you are, idiots! everyone knows and no more proof is needed that these corrupt bastards wouldnt think twice about shooting any dog, they tell on themselves while bragging about it, when you got bad police you have dumb asses like yourselves lieing for them and I wouldnt be backing them unless you have proof it is just making you look that much more stuiped then your really are. Cops like that doing what they want and having the corrupt dept back them up should be locked up with lifers for a week, end of corruption.

  • WiZaRd


    My thoughts and prayers go out ot the family
    who lost Chino to those $#!+heads who think
    they could hide behind the badge and be above
    the law!!!

    A thousand curses on that indifel who pulled
    the trigger on an innocent dog!!!


  • Dorothy Pipher

    I am sick of reading about gun happy police. New York is out of control!! They have no regard for life be it human or animal!!! This “Officer” needs to be fired immediately for his callous attitude if nothing else. I feel sorry for the families of the other 11 dogs he killed as well as this family and their poor child witnessing something like this. How can you expect your child to grow up respecting people like this? Disgusting!!!

  • WiZaRd

    Chino is now a martyr.
    And that infidel who assassinated the pooch,
    shall pay dearly with his soul,
    when he stands in the shadows of Great Spirit’s
    justice on Judgment Day!!!

    It seems like this entire planet is becoming more of
    a dystopian state, with mass killings of the innocent,
    oppression, political corrpuption,
    and destruction of our ecosystem…Ugh!
    At this rate, I’m afraid that this is the
    beginning of the end of the world as we know.

  • Danielle

    This is the most disgusting display of a law enforcement official using their capacity in a corrupt manner. Not only should he be fired, but he should be required by a court of law to pay that dog’s ER vet and cremation fees in addition to emotional distress to that family. That POS isn’t better than any one of us. In fact, most of us are probably more educated than this poor display of a person we are supposed to respect. My boyfriend is a police officer for 12 years, has 2 pit bull rescues of his own and fundraises for these animals. Maybe he should shadow him and learn what a real man acts like. What a coward. Keep pointing your gun at innocent lives and one day it will turn on you MFer. That’s reality.

  • Danielle

    Friends of the gates police, don’t get offended that that punk bitch officer got caught taking advantage of a helpless animal. Should’ve given Chino a gun and see who won fair and square. Do you know this dog personally? So maybe you shouldn’t talk either. You’re up against animal advocates here jackass, your little unheard voice means jack shit.
    And to the neighbor who blamed the owners, I don’t think I recall reading anywhere that you called Animal Control bc of the unethical treatment of this animal or did you leave that out? or Board of Health bc of the smell? I would’ve done both.

  • Lee Schmitz

    Why is everyone such an advocate of calling animal control services and yet you guys want to demonize this officer? There are only certain animal shelters that advocate adopting a pet. If the neighbors were to call the main city animal shelter, the dog would have 3 days to a few weeks at BEST to find a home, or else the animal shelter would put the dog down to make room for more canines, and city animal shelters as a whole do NOT advertise their inmates very well. The majority of the pets are doomed. If you ask me, the fault DOES lie with the owners for not taking care of this dog. Homocide is a capital offense, punishable by the death penalty in some states, but you don’t see cops charged with homocide after they kill someone, even if they just did it because they were pissed. My point is that you would have to stop all of the bigger injustice that cops get away with before “animal shooting and centerfuge” even REMOTELY crosses the majority of people’s minds regarding cops.

  • Sensible Opponent

    Because I want SO BADLY to be fair and unbiased, I almost did something uncharacteristic of myself by commenting before reading the entire thing. I’m glad I didn’t.

    I will be honest and say that if I were a cop, and a dog came at me at any pace faster than a quick walk i would probably empty my clip. No hesitation.

    However, there was a WITNESS here. In a criminal case against a civilian, such a witness would be heard and their testimony might be acted upon, were they to seem credible. Was that done here? It seems there was a witness to a blatant police crime.

    Truly disgusting.

  • Sandra Lewis

    The people of Gates, New York should be terrified of their own police department. Those who murder innocent animals for thrill or entertainment should be removed from society. Anyone who can murder an animal, and then lie about it shows that they are absolutely morally bankrupt and would not hesitate to criminally take a human life and lie about it. Bragging about killing over a dozen animals with no regret whatsoever shows a lack of conscience, lack of soul, and serious character flaws. People like this should NEVER be put in a position of protecting citizens. That their Chief of Police apparently supports this behavior casts a light of immorality over the entire department. Chief DiCaro, your officers are sub human piles of feces and should be thrown to the streets. You should be very, very ashamed. I live a good distance from your town, and I thank God that I do. The citizens of Gates should demand your dismissal and restock the police department with morally upstanding officers and leaders. God help you.

  • Matt

    Hey Danielle??,

    give “chino” a gun, please…hahahaha you’re funny….

  • AmericanThePoliceState

    They say sociopaths start by killing small animals i believe it is?

    Police officers who commit crimes should serve ten times the punishment and violent offenders immedately public execution upon conviction.

  • Matt

    sorry Centurion you are wrong….one can only ” citizen arrest” which is basically detain a person until police arrive, for a crime committed in their presence. Any other charges must be dealt with through the distric attorneys office.

  • LouAnne Rivera

    The neighbor “Tony” should definitely be afraid of retaliation from the Gates Police dept. My brother and I are actually being harrased, and pursued by them like we are criminals. It all stems from a fight that broke out between my brother and the drug dealers that live across the street from him. Myself and my brother were jumped by his neighbors and plenty of their friends and other neighbors. My brother had to recieve medical attention from being beat with a bat. He had four staples put in his head. And even though we informed the Gates police who the people were, AND had another neighbor testify that these people were in fact in my brother’s yard beating on him. Nothing was done! No one was arrested! So when we told the cops that quite obviously there is something going on for them to be covering up for these people ( I honestly believe either they are buying drugs from these people, or are so afraid of them they choose to stand by and do nothing) Long story short, ever since saying this to the Gates cops, they have sat at my brothers house day after day, watching and waiting to mess with him, and anyone else who leaves his yard. I was leaving with my ^ yr old son and my boyfriend, and we got pulled over as soon as we left his house, and I was arrested!!! They say they saw me taunt my brothers neighbor! Bullcrap! And what do ya know, my brother leaves his house today to go to work, and he gets pulled over for no reason! I guess his license was suspended on the 14th because of child support, and he was not aware, but boy let me tell the Gates cops were, and they just sat there waiting for him to leave so they could pull him over. These cops are the most unethical, crooked cops I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I beg of anyone who has info on how we can stop the harassment, and bullying by these cops to contact me please! My email is Tonka11406@yahoo. Any help is greatly appreciated! I would love to be able to see my family again w/o fear of what his neighbors, or the Gates cops may do

  • Artie
  • Gates cops are crooked. They think their sbove and beyond the law. Perl ossichuckkii grimm all are white cracker barrels crooked as can be just give you anykind of ticket just to make the town some money.

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