Roy Police Shoot and Kill Man With His Own Gun (VIDEO)

While the police are allowed to carry firearms wherever, anyone who doesn’t have a badge is considered armed and dangerous.

While Nicolas Sanchez did have a lengthy criminal record that shouldn’t exclude him from protecting himself by whatever ways he seems fit. According to

Sanchez had a lengthy criminal history, including prior charges for possession of a weapon by a dangerous person, unlawful detention and theft by receiving stolen property. Roy police said he also had an “extensive” criminal record in California and was “recently terminated from federal probation” at the time of the shooting and prohibited from having a firearm.

Yet, none of those charges prove that Sanchez was a dangerous person. Any possession of a weapon – which isn’t always a gun – by a felon is classified as a dangerous person and the other two charges (unlawful detention and receiving stolen property) are commonly related to drug charges. Dealers are commonly paid with property that is stolen (and they don’t always know it) and when a dealer cannot take a customer to court for drug debts they sometimes try to recover it themselves.

Even if my assumptions are wrong it seems that Sanchez did nothing wrong on this night. He was merely carrying a firearm, which thousands of police officers do daily, to protect himself. Even if he was considering doing some sort of crime with a victim I would bet that his criminal record, which seems to bare no victims otherwise I’m sure the police would have stated such, is the result. How can the state expect a man to find honest work when they’ve criminalized him his entire life.

Furthermore, the official police, story seems to be misleading. According to the same source above:

According to White, the officer that chased Sanchez wrestled with him over his gun. She said at that point, the gun was in Sanchez’s hand.

“At one point, the officer trying to wrestle the gun from Sanchez’s hands saw the gun pointing at his face,” she said. “It was clear to the second officer that his partner’s life was in imminent danger, and he began to fire at Sanchez.”

The officer who was struggling with Sanchez was able to wrestle the gun away from him.

“There’s a point which it goes to the ground and it’s not entirely clear from the video at what point it is, during the process of wrestling it, that the officer is able to knock it loose,” White said.

But after hearing the initial shots, and not knowing whether Sanchez was firing at him using a second weapon, the officer who had been wrestling with Sanchez, grabbed Sanchez’s gun that was just knocked away and used it to shoot Sanchez, White said.

That’s right the officer who wrestled the gun away from Sanchez then used it to shoot him while he was on the ground. While this story hasn’t made the uproar that others have in the past it most certainly is telling of the training mentality of police officers. Shoot first, answer the questions you have to later and make them fit your narrative so that force is justified.

This is a textbook example of police escalating a situation to the point of deadly force without there being an actual threat. There’s no need to chase down a man who wasn’t in the act of a crime with a victim. What started as a suspicious person called ended in murder. What police officer would be proud of this? Hopefully people realize that a major police overhaul is needed. Whether that be re-training or seeking alternatives to the deadly government police is up to each person.

Until we really question the all too common use of deadly force by police for reasons such as “they had a gun” or “I feared for my life” we should expect nothing else from them.


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