The DEA Steals More Cash Than ALL Burglars Combined According a Justice Department Report

If you just so happen to be one of those people who thinks the ‘War on Drugs’ is about keeping you safe and drugs off the street, think again. According to the Washington Post which recently wrote about a report issued by the Justice Department themselves is pretty telling. The DEA appears to be confiscating stealing more cash than ALL burglars combined.

From the Washington Post:

The Drug Enforcement Administration takes billions of dollars in cash from people who are never charged with criminal activity, according to a report issued today by the Justice Department’s Inspector General.

Since 2007, the report found, the DEA has seized more than $4 billion in cash from people suspected of involvement with the drug trade. But 81 percent of those seizures, totaling $3.2 billion, were conducted administratively, meaning no civil or criminal charges were brought against the owners of the cash and no judicial review of the seizures ever occurred.

That total does not include the dollar value of other seized assets, like cars, homes, electronics and clothing.

These seizures are all legal under the controversial practice of civil asset forfeiture, which allows authorities to take cash, contraband and property from people suspected of crime. But the practice does not require authorities to obtain a criminal conviction, and it allows departments to keep seized cash and property for themselves unless individuals successfully challenge the forfeiture in court. Critics across the political spectrum say this creates a perverse profit motive, incentivizing police to seize goods not for the purpose of fighting crime, but for padding department budgets.

Law enforcement groups say the practice is a valuable tool for fighting criminal organizations, allowing them to seize drug profits and other ill-gotten goods. But the Inspector General’s report “raises serious concerns that maybe real purpose here is not to fight crime, but to seize and forfeit property,” said Darpana Sheth, senior attorney of the Institute for Justice, a civil liberties law form that has fought for forfeiture reform.

The Inspector General found that the Department of Justice “does not collect or evaluate the data necessary to know whether its seizures and forfeitures are effective, or the extent to which seizures present potential risks to civil liberties.”

In the absence of this information, the report examined 100 DEA cash seizures that occurred “without a court-issued warrant and without the presence of narcotics, the latter of which would provide strong evidence of related criminal behavior.”

Fewer than half of those seizures were related to a new or ongoing criminal investigation, or led to an arrest or prosecution, the Inspector General found.

“When seizure and administrative forfeitures do not ultimately advance an investigation or prosecution,” the report concludes, “law enforcement creates the appearance, and risks the reality, that it is more interested in seizing and forfeiting cash than advancing an investigation or prosecution.”

The scope of asset forfeiture is staggering. Since 2007 the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund, which collects proceeds from seized cash and other property, has ballooned to $28 billion. In 2014 alone authorities seized $5 billion in cash and property from people — greater than the value of all documented losses to burglary that year.

This is flatout theft but “legal” since the people doing it carry badges. Can you say double standard because that’s exactly what this is. What’s even more absurd, IMO, is that these individuals – who make up the DEA – are being paid for by taxation (which is really another form of theft). While the common burglar has to buy their own tools and risk going to jail to steal from you. The DEA simply cloaks its behavior under the color of law and false pretense of keeping you safe. There are many issues this country is faced with but ending the War on Drugs isn’t even close to the top of the list of those issues. Yet, with numbers like this, the utter failure of the program itself and the complete militarization of police one should wonder why the HELL ARE WE STILL ALLOWING THIS?

End the unwinnable War on Drugs now. This will end the huge tax burdens we pay to police forces, lessen the strain on the justice system and would make the streets safer. Safer than simply robbing people who aren’t suspected or charged with a crime. After All, drug abuse is bad but the drug war is worse.

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