Choked Then Beaten for Jaywalking – Only in the Police State of the U.S.A

When you cannot eat a pizza at a bus stop, have a few drinks at a bar or cross the street outside the state issued zones (also called crosswalks) you live in a police state. Plain and simple.

The latter is what happened to Nandi Cain Jr in California. Luckily his girlfriend was able to catch the incident on video according to Fox40:

She [the girlfriend] says officers who questioned her after the incident told her they were trying to stop Cain for jaywalking.

She doesn’t understand how jaywalking could have come to what she witnessed.

“I just want some answers. What happened?” said Cain’s live-in girlfriend Antoinette Stewart.

She says she fell in love with his goofy, spirited personality two years ago and can’t imagine why something like this would happen.

She can imagine him cutting across a street in his long walk home from his co-manager job at a TV store, but as far as her knowledge of him breaking any laws?

“Never been to jail. Never been arrested ever,” Stewart said.

When asked, Sacramento police could only tell FOX40 by phone that an officer tried to stop a man for a violation at Cypress and Grand around 5 p.m.

What are the police trying to accomplish with acts of aggression towards people who eat pizza, drink booze and cross the street? Are they keeping people safe? Are they cleaning up the community? No, we know that’s not true, they are simply trying to control you. As well as to put fear into you so that you too won’t defy their commands.

All you need to do in order to know this is true is look at any pro-police website (or social media page) where nearly all the comments state something along the lines of ‘don’t break the law and you won’t have this problem.’ Yet, they fail to realize that police are horrible at solving, stopping or even catching people who commit real crimes (you  know, ones with victims) and that all of the listed examples above bare no victims. Other than those assaulted by police for nothing more than contempt of cop.

And when actions like this are what police are doing on a daily basis you most certainly live in a police state. Sorry to break it to you. Hopefully people, the masses, realize this and see options to end the monopoly on force. Until then, living in a police state is a danger to us all.



Ademo Freeman

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