FBI Visits Activist in Keene, Hits Activist with Vehicle

Guest post from Ethan Lee Vita of Liberty on Tour:

Account from Kurt Hoffman and Michael Garcia, with editing by Ethan Lee Vita (original accounts on Ethan Lee Vita’s Facebook wall) and further details confirmed in discussion with participants.

It was a chilly, winter morning, estimated at about 5 degrees, at 9:45am in Keene, New Hampshire when an individual described as crass, loud, and rude with a military haircut, accompanied by another large man, characterized as nicer and friendlier, knocked on a local activist’s door. It is believed the second individual was a member of the Keene Police Department, but was wearing no uniform at the time. He didn’t speak, but stood back while the first man spoke. These activists have a policy of not answering the door if you’re not expecting anyone or for unknown individuals, especially the criminals with perceived legitimacy. The first individual was described as acting belligerent and rude, as he continually got louder with both the knocking and shouting. Michael Garcia and his sick wife were in the back room, heard the knocking, and informed Kurt there was an unidentified man outside, then returning to his room.

Kurt had been up until 4am working and was sleeping in. He and Aubern approached the door, asking if he could help the man. He said he was looking for Kurt Hoffman, followed by, “Hi Kurt.” Kurt asked for his name, the man calling himself Phil, with Kurt informing Phil he didn’t know who he was, to which the man identified as FBI. Kurt explained he didn’t talk to or answer the door for police or allow them in the house. When Kurt mentioned he didn’t answer the door for police, Phil tried to force the door open with his hand. The man insisted he just wanted to talk, which Kurt retorted that that’s what they always say. Kurt informed the man he had no interest in talking to him and had nothing to say. As is usual, there was some repetitive conversation. Kurt told Aubern that he wanted to go back to bed and all started walking away from the closed door. Kurt tapped on the front window when he noticed they were looking in their truck cab and told them to get out of here, its private property.

Michael asked who was at the door and when he was informed it was FBI, went outside to film them. Both FBI and KPD were hiding their faces, so he moved in front of the vehicle and kneeled down to get the plate on camera. The driver, the alleged KPD officer, put the vehicle into drive and started revving the engine in order to intimidate Michael. With that action indicating that they wished to leave, Michael moved away and as the driver turned the wheel very closely to him, resulting in the mirror hitting him.

No one is completely sure why the FBI would be interested, but its Kurt’s suspicion he, ”defected the awful slave and federally subsidized land called ‘The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’”. On the way to pick Kurt’s dad up to take him to the hospital, Aubern and Kurt were previously harassed by a Yarmouth, Mass. traffic cop, who wasn’t paying attention and nearly caused an accident due to being distracted by talking to a construction worker. FBI also visited Kurt’s father, who has a brain tumor and is mentally handicapped, intimidating their way into the house. His father remains shaken by the incident. Due to his condition he’s having difficulty retelling the story, but what has been learned so far is that a meeting between the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Yarmouth police station at a town hall resulting in asking if there were any local individuals to be concerned about. At this point, the Yarmouth cop mentioned Kurt’s name. When the FBI visited Kurt’s dad, they mentioned Keene, inquired as to his vehicle, and other identifying information. His father finally admitted, after years of Kurt telling him not to talk to cops, “yeah, I know” and agreed to never talk with them.

Tonight, Kurt plans to call into Free Talk Live to discuss this story. Phil called Kurt twice, from the number (603) 365-8098. Kurt answered as “Liberty”, but couldn’t get any more details on the agent beyond Phil. It was later learned that this was a personal cell number.

Phil: (603) 365-8098

Boston Field Office of FBI
Phone: (617) 742-5533
Fax: (617) 223-6327
E-mail: Boston@ic.fbi.gov

Bedford Satellite Office of Boston Field Office of FBI (covers Cheshire County)
Phone: (603) 472-2224
Fax: (603) 472-9419


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