Please Don’t Throw That Bomb At My Grandmother…


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The expectation that our innocent veterans, children, and pets will be murdered by sub-machine gun toting police is common in The Land of The Free. You may simply be guilty of having an address similar to that on a piece of paper which claims to allow government agents to bomb and ransack the home of another.  Your, “Offense” could be as minimal as placing plant matter into a pipe or as egregious as selling raw milk to willing consumers.

According to

Nearly half of home wi-fi networks can be hacked in less than five seconds, according to a new study.

Unfortunately Police in Evansville IN didn’t catch that article or the thousands of others like it. The cops had received threats of bombs against themselves and their families via some obscure website comment section. Instead of exercising due diligence they destroyed the front door, which was reportedly open, and bombed some unsuspecting innocent elderly folks. They did to these people exactly what they feared for their own families. The elderly victims reportedly lived at the home for 30 years without any police incidents.

Here is another article on the incident.

Feel free to contact the Evansville IN PD:

Phone:    (812) 436-7896

Evansville Police Department
15 NW Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD
Evansville, IN 47708





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