Carmel PD’s Most Corrupt Sued for Causing Catastrophic Injuries to the Person That Exposed Them

Nancy Zellers, Jennifer Holt, Eric J Massey
3 civic square, Carmel, IN 46032 / 317-571-2500

The family of Carmel PD’s victim has made the decision to move forward with federal lawsuits against the Carmel Police Department, Detective Nancy Zellers and Indiana State Trooper Jennifer Holt, for the catastrophic injuries they caused to the victim that exposed their corruption. This will be the second lawsuit that has been filed against both Nancy Zellers and Holt in less than a year’s time. We first came in contact with the family after we heard the story of how a victim of crime was targeted by an entire police department after being harassed by one of their own. Trooper Jennifer Holt of the Indiana State Police harassed her victim repeatedly and hid behind the Thin Blue Lie of the Carmel Police Department when the victim came forward and asked for police assistance. We have information that shows the caliber of harassment that took place and the perjury that these officers committed in order to cover up the crimes they committed and the lies that they told. They literally bullied Holt’s victim to death, causing catastrophic injuries and leaving the victim clinically incapacitated.

The Carmel Police Department and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office have made every attempt to silence the family from speaking out. They have made threats, targeted their personal and banking accounts. The victim’s wife couldn’t even gain access to her own money because of the unconstitutional probes that they were conducting. Detective Nancy Zellers has continued to target not only the victim, but her entire family trying to gain information as to where she is being treated. The victim’s medical care has been disrupted and they have threatened to take someone who is incapacitated to jail for crimes that this detective created and knew were a lie. Detective Nancy Zellers committed perjury on her affidavits and the sworn statements she gave to the court. This Detective and this entire police department is so corrupt, they are trying to take a person who is comatose to jail and to trial. They will not allow for anyone in the family to speak for the victim or to even allow an attorney to represent their loved one. Prosecutor Eric Massey of the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office has complaints pending with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission for his role in all of this. He has malicously pursued this victim due to what he put in his own emails; he has protected these officers and pursued an innocent person over the hurt feelings and chapped asses of these corrupt officers. We have his emails and would like to release them to the public and for everyone to see. We will be providing the affidavits that Nancy Zellers committed perjury on and the additional lies that they told just so that they could silence a victim of crime, when one of their own was the suspect.

Prosecutor Eric Massey refuses to dismiss charges on a crime that even he knows the victim didn’t commit and is trying to take a comatose patient to trial. This is by far the most corrupt county/agency we have ever encountered and this story needs to go viral. We have every last one of this prosecutor’s emails and in them he says precisely why he targeted this victim and allowed for her to literally be bullied to death. We want for the public to see the fake documents that these corrupt officers submitted to the court. We want for everyone to know these criminals with badges by their names and their pictures. They deserve the shame they get for what they have done. They destroyed a family and will not even allow for this victim to be buried without even more harassment. They have refused to allow a grieving widow time to grieve without being harassed, threatened and to have her accounts probed through with illegal searches and forfeitures.

They don’t want this story told, but the wife of the victim does. The lawsuits against the Carmel Police Department, Nancy Zellers and ISP Trooper Jennifer Holt have been initiated and will proceed into federal court. Any documents that the media would like and wishes to post them, we have been granted permission to provide them all to you. They are so corrupt that they are willing to take someone that has been deemed as clinically incapacitated to jail and then they’re going to try and take this person to trial even. You have to wonder if after this victim is laid to rest, will they be at the cemetery that same day with a warrant for the widow or even for the victim that they murdered just to cover up more lies? We already anticipate and know they have conducted investigations on our channel, but we’ve encouraged them to contact us and like the cowards they are, they have hid behind their badges. They refuse to talk to us, so it’s time to let as many people know as possible who these people are and what they have done. When you use a badge as an excuse to commit crimes and hurt people, you deserve to be shamed by the public you were suppose to be protecting. We encourage the public to contact the Carmel Police Department, ask for Nancy Zellers and ask her why she lied, why she committed perjury on her court documents and why a corrupt officer’s lies were more important than a victim’s life. We want to know!

J. Sipes


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