Uninvolved man who videotaped scuffle caged & charged with attempted murder

This post/video was submitted by WTF Magazine.

These days cops seem to have their own agendas, anytime a crime is committed. In this case the victims have some tie to the cops and not only do they escape any criminal actions for being an equal part in this scuffle, the person that catches the fight on video is charged.

Civil rights seem to not matter anymore to cops. You must obey them not obey the law. There are many more details that we could not cover in this video and there will be follow up videos to explain other aspects of what occurred. However when the victims say in their own words the camera men just video taped…

How is it they go after three life sentences only to drop the charges for lack of evidence.

We are not condoning the actions of anyone involved in the fight. We think all parties are just as responsible, but the cops had an obvious agenda because not all parties were charged. They would not investigate the perjury charges I attempted to bring. They had family that were cops and gov’t connections.

For more background, including a thorough overview by Jason Fyk, the owner of WTF Magazine and related documents view: Police State: Publisher Charged with Murder for Just Videotaping a Fight (VIDEO) or get in touch with him directly via support@wtfmagazine.com



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