Uninvolved man who videotaped scuffle caged & charged with attempted murder

This post/video was submitted by WTF Magazine.

These days cops seem to have their own agendas, anytime a crime is committed. In this case the victims have some tie to the cops and not only do they escape any criminal actions for being an equal part in this scuffle, the person that catches the fight on video is charged.

Civil rights seem to not matter anymore to cops. You must obey them not obey the law. There are many more details that we could not cover in this video and there will be follow up videos to explain other aspects of what occurred. However when the victims say in their own words the camera men just video taped…

How is it they go after three life sentences only to drop the charges for lack of evidence.

We are not condoning the actions of anyone involved in the fight. We think all parties are just as responsible, but the cops had an obvious agenda because not all parties were charged. They would not investigate the perjury charges I attempted to bring. They had family that were cops and gov’t connections.

For more background, including a thorough overview by Jason Fyk, the owner of WTF Magazine and related documents view: Police State: Publisher Charged with Murder for Just Videotaping a Fight (VIDEO) or get in touch with him directly via support@wtfmagazine.com



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  • spirit of 46

    “You must obey them not obey the law.” Now that’s a quote worth repeating over and over again because that’s exactly the problem.

  • Ventura H
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  • Dustin

    Corruption is what you get any time you have a government of itself, by itself, for itself. Stop kidding yourselves, that’s exactly what we’ve got.

    Shoot back.

  • Common Sense

    How’s it said? Nothing good happens after 2am? And they were conspiracy to committ charges..


    And why was Jason on the 5th level of a parking ramp at 2am? It seems Jason was part of the group that fought with the 2 women so thus he was included in being charged.

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  • @Common Sense…”And why was Jason on the 5th level of a parking ramp at 2am?” I know its crazy, and far beyond you level of comprehension, but Jason was in the parking garage because that is where he…wait for it….had Parked his car. Crazy I know. He must have been a low-life. Who else would park their car in a PARKING GARAGE. I mean what kid of world do we live in where people just go ahead and park their cars in parking garages as if they were above the law or something.

    Interesting that you take the stance, “It seems Jason was part of the group that fought with the 2 women so thus he was included in being charged.” So if a cop commits a crime then charges should be filed against all members of his group.

    Now lets all watch as you hop on that bike and begin to back pedal.

  • Sensible Opponent

    I love how a user calling themselves “common sense” is featured on nearly every page of this site spewing biased garbage. For purposes of this website, you can read “common sense” as synonymous with “puppet/agent of the system.”

    Pay attention, Commonly Senseless, this is what an OBJECTIVE and UN BIASED opinion looks like:

    There are 2 sides to every story, of course. I would really like to know what is going on in this scene (why all parties are here, in the first place) and what caused their interaction, in any fashion. I’d also like to know what triggered this woman’s anger, as SOMETHING must have done it. That’s not to say it was necessarily these guys’ fault. I’ve known people who become argumentative and violent over little provocation, even (literally) a glance in their direction, when they’re in a bad mood.

    The fact is we don’t get to see what provoked this woman. We do see that she is argumentative in tone FROM THE START (of the video) and early in the video she is recorded VERBALLY ASSAULTING the parties involved (yes, that constitutes simple assault).

    She is further heard yelling “come on, let’s go” (“let’s go” being a well known euphamism for “let’s fight”), so it is very clear that even if she did not trigger this event, she did much to instigate it and perpetuate it, and little to flee or change the situation. In fact the opposite is true. She is filmed REPEATEDLY ADVANCING toward her alleged attackers.

    When you combine this with the fact that this woman was not faced with criminal charges of assault, and the interviewing detective suspiciously has the SAME SURNAME AS THE ALLEGED VICTIM, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this loudmouth “victim” is the close relative of a police officer (and maybe a judge, from the sound of this case)

    POST-EDIT: The fight broke out because the 2 guys in the vid wanted to use the chick’s car to do a “burn out.” Apparently that was enough to warrant violence on her part? Apparently even the FAMILY of cops think they’re entitled.

    (okay, that last line was heavily biased…but at least I can admit it. )

  • Common Sense

    Yes, everyone named “smith” is related to everyone else named “smith” –

    The question is simple, why was he there at 2am? What he part of the men involed with the fight or wasn’t he? Was he ‘just walking to his car’ or was he part of this group? Association is part of a conspiracy charge.

    Maybe the police never saw the entire cell video, only partals that Jason posted. Jason was certainly implicated in the woman’s statement and thus warrants were sought and issued.

    Like I said, nothing good happens after 2am…

  • Ben F

    @Common nonSense “Nothing good happens after 2 am. Therefore he deserved it.” “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then he must be guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.”

    He had the right to be there. He had the right to film. But, rights are probably a foreign concept to you. Go back to concern trolling the Romper Room forums.

  • @Common Sense…”The question is simple, why was he there at 2am?” I’m sorry. Did I miss the meeting where we all decided this was no longer the United States of America, but rather the USSR circa 1960? Was, “Exercising his right as an adult American Citizen to be where the heck he damn well pleases at 2 a.m. and 2 p.m.?” Not the answer your fascist totalitarian mind was looking for?

    He had just wrapped up a promotional event a nearby tavern to spread the word about his new publication. And, as is the custom in most places in this country, such establishments tend to close right around 2 a.m. Now, rather than just stay at the tavern after closing, he chose to leave.

    While Jason was walking with the two bozos who got in a fight with the owner of the Nova. They were the subject of a piece he was was writing for his Magazine. He was not Associated with them any more than Anderson Cooper is associated with Hosni Mubarak while he reported on the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

    Nothing in the woman’s statement even hints that Jason had entered into an agreement with the two men to murder her, and conspiracy does require an agreement between parties to break the law, nor does the arrest warrant list i single bit of evidence to support the conspiracy charges.

    This is very reminiscent of an incident we had here in Las Vegas back in the late 90’s, where a bunch of cops used their positions to fabricate charges against a couple of tourists they had an altercation with after a night of heavy drinking.

    Both tourists were arrested weeks after the incident in their home states, both had their charges dropped, and both settled for nearly a a million taxpayer dollars. (http://wp.me/P2bnGV-5K)

    The four cops were dealt with swiftly and severely. No, seriously, most of them still work for Metro.

  • tonya

    Your lawyer SUCKED then homie. :(

  • Sensible Opponent

    Common, if you believe that the matching surnames in that video are coincidental, I consider you pointedly naive; and that you expect others to believe it I find insulting.

    You are purposely ignoring some facts and highlighting others so you can cram this event into your existing worldview / propaganda-frame without altering it. (“it” meaning your paradigm, not the facts… those you seem to play fast and loose with.)

    Why was he there at 2 am? He had just finished an interview for a story, in the capacity of a journalist for his website. Nothing good happens at 2 AM… why was MS SHIPLEY THERE? Was she up to no good or looking for trouble? You see, that one can be spun both ways.

    From the facts I’ve gathered, he was, in fact, walking with the men toward his vehicle. They were not “friends,” however. This guy was acting in the capacity of a journalist. The assailants in the video are some kind of stunt guys (hence the interviewing, which took place at a bar, AT WHICH MS SHIPLEY WAS PRESENT, despite denials of alcohol consumption on her part… of course family of a cop would KNOW it’s best to leave booze out of the story, etc, but I digress….)

    … of course the bar thing explains why they were ALL there at 2 am, which they all, of course, had the right to be. The stunt guys asked if they could do a “burnout” in her car, and I guess that pissed her off enough to start a fight. Personally, that seems kind of petty to me, but some people like to run their big mouths after a night of drinking. Especially the kind of guys who do stunts on bikes, and the kind of girls who dress provocatively at bars and drive classic cars.

    And then you have Joe Journalist who was just their to interview some Stunt Dick… maybe he doesn’t know Stuntman Steve from a hole in the wall. Maybe these thrillseeking stuntmen he just met this same night pose a danger to him. I can’t blame him for not getting involved. I wouldn’t have either. If he had, that might have just lead to more ambiguity, and given the local cops a REAL chance to prosecute him.

    This guy made the smart move, did nothing wrong in my eyes (and the eyes of many, believe me) whereas both the bikers and Ms. Shipley were all clearly antagonistic and argumentative. Both parties took steps to escalate the situation. This is clear. It is just as clear that the journalist took steps to remain uninvolved.

    I think the fact that Ms. Shipley was not charged with anything (combined with the convenient hand-holding of her detective relative) is enough to convince any sensible person that this is a case involving BIAS, and likely FAMILIAL RELATION to local police. I think the fact that there is an FBI INVESTIGATION regarding this case is even more telling.

    Cops like this really do ruin the image of the badge. You are not above the laws you enforce. You cannot use your position to play favorites. Maybe you will get away with it for a while… but keep doing it, and you will pay, just like you think everyone else should….

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  • t money

    this happens because America is dead and Replaced with Nazi America. there is no difference between the Gestapo and cops. Cops soul purpose on earth is to ruin the lives of innocent people. what they did to you is exactly what there plan for anyone innocent is. and if your a piece of shit rapist killer criminal. then you meet every requirement to be a cop. they would love to hire you on there hit squads. this is a perfect example of how there is no such thing as the American constitution anymore. if you are innocent until proven guilty. why did they lock you up and take thousands of dollars from you? it is because in the New Nazi America you are guilty until proven guilty. if a dumb ass cop that barely made it out of high school says your guilty. then your are. Welcome to Nazi America.

  • t money

    its funny how these blind sheep are hating on the victim here. there just as bad as the cops they support. i cant wait for one of the people who are bashing on you to have a run in with the Gestapo. they wont be talking shit on you for long. they’ll be crying like a bitch. anyone hating on this video is just a gestapo sympathizer and definitely not American in any way shape or form.

  • t money

    not to mention people stupid enough to call them selves “sensible opponent” have proven to have no common sense at all. this blind sheep named “sensible opponent” is so ignorant he is missing the entire point of the whole video. doesn’t matter what the idiots in the video are doing the whole point is they arrested him for attempted murder for no reason. if your gonna sit there and write 10 paragraphs at least have them be relevant to the subject. you should change your name to “dumb ass opponent” as a matter of fact your so naive and retarded i bet your a cop aren’t you. if you had half a brain you would realize it doesn’t matter at all why anyone was there. for all you know one of em just got off work. there fore your whole argument is even dumber then the cops argument. it amazing me how blind people are. doesn’t matter what this guy is highlighting or not highlighting. if you had even a fraction of a brain you would realize that the only thing that matters here is cops are arresting innocent people and charging them with murder charges for no reason other then to ruin there live and steal money from them. way to go “dumb ass opponent”

  • t money

    “sensible opponent” aka “dumb ass opponent” is a piggie for sure!!!!

  • Sensible Opponent

    t-money: hey, you ghetto dipshit. if you read my posts, i was DEFENDING the guy who arrested.

    That’s right. I believe the cops were WRONG.

    Now re-read my posts, to figure out where you messed up, and GO THE FUCK BACK TO SCHOOL.

  • Sensible Opponent

    See folks? That’s how much “The System” is winning. They have dumbed down America SO MUCH that even when we are IN AGREEMENT, some of us are too under-educated to read the whole page, and so we fight amongst ourselves….

    …or maybe “t money” is really a disinformation agent.

    T, if you plan on denying that claim, please look up the term so you don’t sound foolish.

  • Sensible Opponent

    Also, people like you (who speak as though you’re from the gutter) give people like me (who speak as though they’re educated) a bad name. Cops and their buddies look at sites like this, and see comments from people like you, and they get to say “look, we HAVE TO act this way, to control these savages.”

    And then they seem legit.

    Stop legitimizing the police and the system the fight against you by spreading your ignorance. Read a book or ten before opening your mouth so much.

    Or don’t listen to me, and keep giving “people like us” a bad name. (This is why I called you a disinfo agent. Have you looked it up yet?)

  • That Guy…

    @Sensible Opponent: You nailed it in your response.
    It is a shame people don’t see the magnitude of what happened here. I am going to lay this out in simple terms for those that did not follow like an outline.
    I was there to do an interview. The interview got cut short so Steve offered to finish at their place. I did not know the city well and the taxi he was taking would not take them the short distance. So they asked for a ride. I was SOBER so I said sure. HE invited the others to go. I had only known STEVE for about 6 hours while working at the club. The “victims” were also at the club (both girls drinking under age) I went to my car which was parked in the parking garage (genius) and Ricky said to the others do a burnout for the camera THEY had. It was said in excitement and the Brunette was the FIRST to be ignorant. Steve approached and said “dude we’re not trying to be assholes” and the Brunette kept spewing stuff. The Blonde got out of the car and started yelling (visibly drunk and angry) Brunette was the first to push Steve. Blonde was the first to punch anyone including the camera (held by one of the other guys) I heard the noise and spun around from my car (uninvolved) and started documenting the situation…as I typically would (The cop even made a comment that I document everything…no duh this is why) This was a simple issue of I was doing a job that the characters in this job started fighting with other characters. The others got in no trouble because they had family that were cops and the police even said to me “the laws apply differently to men then women” That’s all this is. It is a Gender issue. Most everyone that disagrees and says I was wrong also brings up that they are women. Gender has NOTHING to do with breaking the law! I didn’t hit anyone. I didn’t want to be part of it. I was thrust into a situation that I could not avoid and the cops smashed me. In fact I HELPED the victims try and stop the fight once my video ended. Now even if you question my motives, my ethics or anything…do you think taking a cell video, saying on tape you don’t want to be involved, saying you have too much to lose, trying to stop the fight, putting the evidence out on the web, not hiding anything when the victim only had a black eye and the only weapon was wielded by the victim constitutes me losing my freedom for LIFE??? This was a mutaul scuffle that the cops were obviously biased and went after me just because I was there. Oh and Smith is more common then Shipley but a white cop named Shipley in a 90% black police force in the same interview as Brandy Shipley…common really?

  • Fyk

    @clarkcountycriminalcops. Thank God, someone actually gets it. Simplified the story is this: I was there to do an interview (a state away) I did not know anyone, and the person I came to meet I only met 4 hours earlier. While at the club I got photos of everything, we promoted the magazine’s launch (as any new company would) then when it ended I wanted to get the interview still (since at the time they were the biggest celebs that wanted to talk to me). When they couldn’t get a ride via Taxi (and since I was going with them to finish the interview) I offered them a ride side I had NOT even been drinking (AT 2 AM). Then when we entered the parking lot the other assailants entered opposite us. (Yes I was walking with them but it does not mean I was planning a murder) Then when booze and misunderstandings flared a fight broke out, Shipley knowing she has family cops acted like as A-hole. While this was going on, my only instinct was pull my cell phone out (I was there to do a story after all). I caught the fight on my cell and then the video ends… guess why? Because I thought to myself this is getting out of hand, I should do something to stop it. What you don’t see is the part where I am trying to stop them. Then when everyone stopped fighting they got in their car and we got in mine BUT being this is not at all my lifestyle instead of staying to do the story I LEFT the state of MD that night. I wanted nothing to do with them. I posted the video because I had it, and after my life and my family were threatened (by the “victims” father) I pulled it down. I made no money from the video, I gained NOTHING. Then I find out shipley lied and tried to ADD charges of Robbery to the charges. How ludicrous is it that I stole her purse opened it, pulled the wallet out, then she got it back and I fled in my $35 BMW M3 Convertible? In fact I proved she lied about the purse. And last I checked it is not against the law to take a video? If it is most journalists would be in jail. Ohh and if you want to go down the road that I was a hack journalist and likely responsible, well now I have nearly 2 million fans and run a global magazine, and would STILL video tape something like that falling back on our Constitution. The conspiracy theorists that think somehow the cops were right here… do you know the boy got a black eye and “possible” broken nose, and the girl has a black eye and bruised rips. Pullman the “assailant” had 4 lacerations to his head from the only weapon involved in the fight, wielded by the “victim”. And Goodman “the victim” ran in and sucker punched Pullman first? All that and I was 20 feet from it and I got charged with 3 life sentences and spent 2 months in jail on no bail. So again I’m glad to see someone understands that the cops do what they want, how they want, when they want, and unless that information reaches the masses we have no power to stop it.