Justice Still in the Works for Patricia Cook

Some of you may remember the story of Patricia Cook’s death. She was the middle aged Sunday school teacher who was shot five times in broad daylight by LEO Harmon-Wright. We asked if you thought justice would prevail. Here’s a follow up about her case’s status.

The grand jury that has been investigating the shooting indicted Harmon-Wright in June. According to the Culpeper Star, he has been charged with murder along with three other charges. He was let go from his position in June, shortly after his mother left her position with the police department. While both of them are undergoing prosecution, their crimes are unrelated.

Harmon-Wright argued through council for a change of venue for his trial, which was denied. Trial is expected to begin January 22nd of next year and is expected to last ten days.

As an Iraq war vet, Harmon-Wright’s attorney asked that some personal information of his be sealed and the judge granted the request.

Patricia Cook’s widower has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Harmon-Wright and is considering including the Culpeper police chief and former police chief.

We will keep you informed as trial gets underway.




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