San Jose PD Employees Attempt to Raid Garage Sale But Get Copblocked

Yesterday Shannon sent a message via with a link to this video. I wrote back and asked if she had the time and interest to do a short write-up about the incident, which is shared below. This is an excellent example of just how much of a game-changer is having and using a camera and knowing and standing up for your rights when confronted by someone wearing a badge. Great job Shannon and fam! -Pete

Sunday afternoon, we were minding our business having a garage sale. It was about 3pm, things had slowed down a bit, we left the children outside and we moved to the garage and house to start preparing to shut down. When all of a sudden, my son comes in the house and says, “The cops just pulled up.”

At the same time, my 11-yo daughter grabs her camera and begins recording. I am in the house and grab mine and run out just in time to see Officer Tom Tiphayachan, Badge 3458 begin to fondle one of our expensive Airsoft guns. We ask him to leave our property and he insists he needs to ‘check’ them because ‘someone’ reported we were selling real guns.

Now on that note, we SHOULD be able to sell ANYTHING we want but in California, you must do a transfer / 10 day wait at a government approved gun dealer. Now, it is NOT a crime to have all your REAL guns laid out for sale and allow people to look at them and commit to buying them and follow up at a gun store later. So either way, he had NO right to come on our property and check our guns. So probable cause goes out the window.

We do not call the police, we do not talk to the police, we only film the police. Many years ago I used to think that most cops were good. After all, I was brainwashed to believe that they were here to protect you. It started in kindergarten with a visit, it ended when I was held at gun point by these thugs for open carrying my gun without a permit (which was legal until the beginning of this year). Since then, I found Copblock and Copwatch and began taking ‘Know Your Rights Classes’ and got really pissed off that I actually believed the lie.

I began filming EVERY encounter with the police. Even if I was driving by and saw them out with a citizen, I would film them. The more I did this, the more my eyes were open to just how corrupt and vile they really are. I have been threatened, harassed, our property taken and on one occasion, almost set up for a felony by one of San Jose’s finest. All while LEGALLY exercising my rights.This is WHY I record EVERY encounter. It has been what saved my ass.

Protect yourself from these thugs. Don’t call them. Don’t let them on your property. NEVER consent to searches. Record any encounter you have with them, learn your rights, exercise your rights and don’t let these thugs rape you of your personhood. You are more powerful than you know.

Other officers involved:
Alvarez, 3509 (female)
Mank, 3478 (male)

-Shannon, San Jose, California

San Jose Police Department
201 W. Mission Street
San Jose, CA 95110


Pete Eyre

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