Ademo’s Wrongful Caging – Can You Pledge to Help?


Adam Mueller
CCN #49494
445 Willow St.
Manchester, NH 03103

Free Ademo: An Update
gives an overview about Ademo’s legal land situation in Manchester

Happy Birthday, Ademo!
[post] by Kate – instead of spending his 30th birthday with those that love him, Ademo is sitting in a cage at Valley Street Jail

UPDATE (JULY 28TH): tab created
will point to this post ( and [about his wiretapping charges]

House of Corrections; Yeah Right!
[post] written by Ademo from Valley Street Jail and transcribed by Kate

Marc Stevens’ Habeas Petition for Ademo Freeman of
by Marc Stevens originally posted to

The post “Journalist Striving for Accountability Faces Two Decades in Prison” goes live on Cop Block about the 21-years he’s threatened with for asking questions of public officials about the actions of Darren Murphy, employed by Manchester PD, who slammed a students head off a table in October, 2011.

UPDATE (July 18th) via
Ademo update: He is in the jail’s privileged unit and is getting up an hour earlier than other prisoners to clean the dayroom. They screwed him on commissary and he won’t be getting it until 7/25, which means you won’t be getting a letter from him (unless you are Kate) until after that, as he has limited access to stamps.

He does not need anything to prepare for trial. He says the jail is full. Would like some books that are not “heavy” liberty (like academic stuff) and easy to read, like liberty-oriented fiction. (Pirates of Savannah, Moon is a Harsh Mistress, etc) Also fine with easy non fiction like Larken Rose. He wants to be sure other inmates will select the books after he is done.

Would like more articles to be sent that he can leave in the dayroom. Says the inmates liked the article about the jail guard getting busted.

Visitation is very limited. Only Saturdays 8-9p. Visitors must arrive no later than 7:30p and may not be more that two people.

Finally, he has a cell that has a window facing the cemetary. He cannot quite see the intersection to his left.

UPDATE (July 16th):
For the first time since being caged on July 11th Ademo was able to call-out from Valley St. Jail. He noted that he was assigned to the work unit. Since the free call was cut short little else was learned. However, our friend Wes Gilreath noted that Ademo’s visitation will be on Wednesday night (likely sometime between 7-10pm) and Saturday morning (likely sometime between 8-10:30am). We’ll confirm the hours when learned by someone on the ground.

UPDATE (July 15th):
Valley Street Jail (603) 627-5620) personnel noted that it takes 7-10days to process/medical screen/etc. then Ademo would have one day a week he could receive visitors. However, the specific day/time would not be communicated over the phone by jail personnel (the reason cited was so an unwanted visitor wouldn’t show-up at the jail) and must be learned from Ademo (either via mail or when he calls out). When this info is learned it’ll be shared at and on this post in the greater Manch/’shire area are able to stop-by and give him some love.

UPDATE (July 13th):
Ademo Caged, Trial Denied Over Clerical Error by Garret Ean on

UPDATE (July 12th):
Ademo is now processed and an receive mail.

Adam Mueller
CCN #49494
445 Willow St.
Manchester, NH 03103

UPDATE (July 11th):
Ademo is Caged… by Pete Eyre on

UPDATE (July 11th):
Ademo: Caged, Right to a Jury Trial: Denied [post] by Kate on

UPDATE (July 11th):
NH Voluntaryist jailed, faces 21 years for ‘wiretapping’ [post] by Garry Reed on

Cop Block co-founder: Court punishing me for its own fumbles by David Ridley on

By Ademo Freeman, July 8th, 2012

This Wednesday (July 11th) at 1pm I’ll walk into district court in Manchester, New Hampshire so a judge can decide when I’ll go to jail. Why? Well the start of all this was June 4th, 2011 when I used children’s chalk on a police station. Since then I have been found guilty at a trial by judge. Wanting to speak to a jury, I appealed.

My appeal was to be heared infront of a jury (and judge) but after all the pretrial hearings were done, Judge Brown (no not the TV judge) told me the ‘court’ would send me a letter – as well as call me – to inform me of my actual jury selection and trial dates. This never happend and after a little investigating I found out that the state mailed these important documents to the wrong address (see pic below). Thinking this was a common clerical error, I filed two motions – one in Superior court and the other in District – asking for a new trial date to be scheduled. Those motions were denied and that’s why I have the July 11th hearing. You can read my blog post on this matter, with video, by clicking here.

So now due to some clerk’s incompetence I’ll be spending atleast 60 days in jail. I say atleast because while in jail I’ll be put on trial for “Wiretapping” (as if you could do such to someone with no expectation of privacy) public officials – read more here.

I know my time won’t be lost – sure it might not be the most productive ever – but I’m an activist no matter where I’m held. So now is the time to make lemonade out of lemons and that’s what I’m going to do. Below are a few ways you can help me and/or if you so wish.

  • Donate to Ademo’s Jail Pledge (see widget below) – This will not only help fund ventures but will also help me get paper, pencils, snacks and (if able) a couple bucks in my pocket when I get out. (Donated funds will be broken down accordingly, less than 500 FRN’s = 50% to CopBlock and 50% to Ademo. Over 500 FRN’s and CopBlock will get 75% and Ademo 25%. Pete will use the money for CopBlock as he sees fit, working with the other contributors, so stay tuned to hear from him on the raised funds.
  • Write Ademo – Mail-to-jail is a great feature Shire (aka New Hampshire) activists have. It’s quick, easy and FREE (but totally worth a small donation if you choose). Though I don’t want to spend alot of money on letters and stamps (the state jacks up prices) I do appreciate mail, as it helps to pass the time. I will write back for most and will do blanket letters that will be published here. Also, I think it would be great if someone could get a list of inmates I’m housed with, then we could form pen pal relationships with outside folks. Send them liberty minded stuff, print outs ect. Just a suggestion.
  • Get some Gear – I know there are many great folks here at but getting yourself some gear and sporting it on the streets is a great way to help the cause (or lack of police accountability).
  • Get involved – Visit the Help Wanted tab on, it’s not all about getting arrested and there are many ways to get involved.
  • Keep up with Ademo’s jailing on the Ademo Facebook page, like it here. This is where any and all updates will be posted if needed. Including my wiretapping case.

At the end of the day I understand all to well where I’m headed and if this is the last time I’m able to blog myself. I want to say THANKS! I appreciate all the love and support folks have given me over the years. Hopefully this isn’t the end and I’ll be back in 60 days. So, until then remember…. badges don’t grant extra rights.

***It should be noted that if by some chance I am NOT jailed all donations will be refunded.****

Donate to Ademo’s Jail Pledge


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

If you enjoy my work at, please, consider donating $1/month to the CopBlock Network or purchasing Gear from the store.

Find Ademo at these social networks:

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  • Common Sense

    Adam, you know you have several court appearances coming up, don’t blame a ‘clerical’ error for you not taking care of issues you initated. You wanted your moment in the sun, your time before the bench and now you have it.

    Are you going to play the same “wrong address” game for your multi count felony indictment as well?

  • Ademo Freeman

    Common Sense, I really wish you would add “lack thereof” to the end. Anyways, I’ll feed the troll today.

    What proof do you have that what happened to me wasn’t a clerical error? Can you prove that I got the letter informing me of my hearings? And if you can then why is the letter the state speaks of in my case file? Why does the state agree with me that the letter was mailed to the wrong address? Did you read any of the paper work filed in other post?

    Nope, didn’t think so. Again please add “lack thereof” to your name. Don’t forget to write that check to the man on April 15th too.. you wouldn’t want them letting guys like me out of jail if you don’t.

  • MoT

    The question to be asked is this: Was your supposedly “known” address on record of any sort and how was it possible for these documents to have been sent there by error? Were you not asked before hand to provide the correct address. And I find Uncommon Scents to be simply another online agent provocateur.

  • Ademo Freeman

    MoT – Read this post and watch this video:

    It’s also linked above. Or save yourself the time, as the answer is no. This address doesn’t exist at all. There was no change of address ever during my case.

  • Common Sense


    You KNOW you have court dates pending. One would one think, it being rather important, that you stay on top of it. Perhaps check with the court from time to time, just to make sure all your ducks were in a row.

    Did you, upon your arrest(s) ‘forget’ your address as a way to fool the man?

    Did you just not want the court to know where your house was just in case you got raided? Didn’t you claim you were homeless once since you lived in a RV?

    Is this is just a little game you wanted to play with the court? Seems they won that one.

    You KNOW you have cases pending against you but you want to play dumb?

    Come on, use some common sense.

  • North Philly

    No one actually sends this idiot money, do they?

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  • Speezo

    Good luck Ademo. By watching your guys work as activists I recently had charges finally dismissed after 9 months of being treated as if I was already convicted via “pre-trial services.” I thank you and really looked up to you guys for inspiration as I refused to let the state convict me with the garbage case they had and I don’t regret it at all.

  • JasonCB

    I hope things work out, Ademo – some of the things I’ve learned on this site have been very useful.

    As for trolls, such as Common, I usually ignore them completely – if you don’t they just keep coming back. If everyone just skipped the posts of known trolls, it wouldn’t even matter if they were here or not. I’ll just say this, though – most people have “common” sense, I prefer “good” sense.

  • Common Sense


    I am right more then I am wrong. Adam knew this was coming. I know if I were facing charges in different jurisdictions, I wouild make sure they had my correct address, especially for the felonies.

    Again, Adam knew this was coming. He picked the fight. He wanted to play activist and now you have to accept the outcome.

  • Pete Malloy

    Activist? Ha, don’t kid yourself. I can draw stick figures, but it doesn’t make me an artist. You are an over grown man child who cries every time he shits himself and needs a diaper change. Your videos are a walking stereotype of everything that makes an activist look like a total juvenile jackass. The jig is up. You played your hand and lost. You wanted a fight and you got it. Now, try, for once in your pathetic quest, to behave like a man and accept the consequence of your actions. As for asking for money, how pathetic. I feel bad for anyone stupid enough to throw away money on your cause. Maybe you should’ve actually done something with your life, then you wouldn’t have to beg strangers to bail you out of your own fuck up. I could go on for what constitutes a small novel, but at this point it is over kill. You fucked up and you lost. Do your time and pretend like your a semi responsible memeber of society.

  • Justin’s voice.

    Why even place your presence on this site/link if you are that against it/or him? If you don’t want to contribute a few bucks to someone who has contributed greater in comparison to (a few $) in time and efforts… then just don’t. Why all the negativity? Chalk??? I mean, We use chalk at our protests to occupy our children. The thought has crossed that we could be harassed for this,but, IT’S CHALK!!! So it wouldn’t hurt to help out copblock anyways, why not let a percentage go to bringing its message inside the walls. Who knows? Might even start up an entirely new type of incustody awareness and education program for inmates.

  • assface

    Common sense and Pete Malloy are obviously pigs.

    For those not old enough to know, Pete Malloy was one of the pigs on the TV Show “Adam 12”.

  • North Philly

    @ Common Sense, you are awesome!!

  • Shoot the tyrants

    @common sense. Cops with attitudes like yours get shot in the face on routine traffic stops. I hope someone shoots you in that big fucking clown mouth of yours, eat shit and die you fucking piece of scum tyrant.

  • Shoot the tyrants

    @pete malloy. Cops like you make me smile everytime I hear “officer down” Hopefully you will run your mouth like that to the wrong person one day and they will make you eat a bullet. Those people are out there that dont give a fuck about your little tin badge and over sized head, and they won’t think twice about shooting some smart ass pig like you and common sense. You idiots just don’t get it. You work for us bitch. We are your masters, don’t ever forget it, trick.

  • Carlos

    Shoot the tyrants says:
    July 9, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    “@common sense. Cops with attitudes like yours get shot in the face on routine traffic stops.”


    That’s very, very true.

  • erik

    Bahahahahahahahbahahah……Ademo dont drop the soap….Bawhahahha

  • John Sabot

    I just sent a donation. Fight these bastards.

  • Michele

    To all the haters,

    I totally get it. I’ve known “Ademo” for three years now and some of what you say is valid, if what you are doing is expressing preference. After all, he and I don’t really hang out either. Age difference, lifestyle choices, and differing beliefs are the reasons however, NOT because I don’t respect or trust him.

    So whether you like what he is doing is rather inconsequential, if you are a principled person, because none of his choices in behavior cause you a loss of any kind. You cannot say the same for the State. Try focusing on the real enemy because it’s not him.

    We live in a society where it is illegal to sell raw milk, which has been feeding people for thousands of years and is chalk full (did you see what I did there?) of nutrients, but legal to see soda, a leading cause of obesity, cavities, and diabetes. We live in a society where a couple can be arrested for dancing on a subway platform, but people are given medals for killing people who have done them no injury.

    Ademo may be an arrogant, punk-ass, but that arrogant punk-ass works every day to seize back liberties for people, risking his own well-being, and with little thanks, and nearly no financial benefit. What have you done today to do that for yourself, your family, or anyone else?

    The assertion that the troops should be supported because they are diligently working to protect our freedoms is a bunch of bullshit and everyone knows it. Now if we can just get people to judge principles and not personalities.

  • Centurion

    @ North Philly , your an uneducated trailor trash dink who lives in one of the poorest cities in this country nothing you say makes any sense on any reply you make , its all insults and bullying people who have done more for freedom in 1 week than you have done your whole life. Common you too , your a dickhead sketchball sex offender who likes beating your wife and bullying people to make yourself feel better. Sorry dude this blog cannot help you insecurities or your battering woman problem Bedford COP. You better hope I never get a chance to meet you for real because I will love to get an assault charge for wooping your face with a huge Pork loin from North Phillies Jewish Deli . I say Jewish because there Loins are honey and bacon cured with cedar smoked spices so After you get your ass knocked out like the pussy ass sketchball you are you can smell nice. @ Ademo good luck and I will be more than happy to hook you up while your locked down, tell Kate I said Hi.

  • james

    That is funny you are getting what you deserve why did you write on property that does not belong to you. You initiated it and lost deal with it

  • Dan

    There is many different ways to keep a current address on file at the court house, YOU knew the court needed to correspond with you about these court dates , It baffles me that you can stand there and do the “poor me” routine about your incoming mail. I thought you were smarter than that, for this you get NO money from me!

    Although , might I borrow Kate while you are in the hooky?

  • Common Sense

    Its quite simply. You yearn for accountability but dodge it when it comes to yourself. I, as have others, commented when cops do bad, and when cops do good. A higher percentage of the time, the police get it right. Adam chose his fight but now want money to fight it. Sorry, I will not donate but that doesnt’ mean I disagree entirely. Thought and action are two different things.

    He made the choice to ‘take on the man’ is rather simplistic ways and now faces two separate criminal charges. Will he be sent to prison for wiretapping? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.

    Adam chose to do these things, free mind and will, and now, as it seems to me, is trying to duck the fight he picked, and get you to pay for it…

  • Common Sense


    Ah Centy, out from that 72 hr hold again are we? Take your pill, lie down and the tinfoil will stop cutting into your head.

    …and yes, since you are a highly trained killer, having fought for nearly a decade, having had to use only a bayonet to cut through a wall of Taliban flesh, along side the IDF and other special forces in dozens of super secret missions, I am literally shaking in fear of your approach…ya looney fucker

  • Tom


    You’re in over your head for a pro se defendant. Donating money will do you no good unless you use it to hire an attorney who knows what they’re doing.

    When a case gets this convoluted its best to have an attorney. It seems like you’re not even sure what kind of hearing this is. Are they trying to revoke your bond? Or is this a hearing to determine if you’re guilty of contempt? If it’s the later, the prosecutor and the Judge are witnesses and can be subpenaed. Also, if you face jail time you have a right to a jury and counsel.

    @The Idiots that Think Courts Don’t Mess Up:

    They do so regularly. Prisoners are lost in the jail, because their names are entered incorrectly. Court clerks can easily lose or misfile paperwork or even intentionally destroy or hide important documents from the defense (like the warrant affidavit). Unfortunately, when these things happen the defendant often has to prove his own innocence before anyone will believe him.

  • Kudos. Having contemplated moving our company HQ to Manchester, –I have decided AGAINST doing so after seeing your video & case. One thing a business needs to be able to depend on is fair & lawful administration of justice. Since it seems that Manchester suffers under the “Good ‘ol Boy” system, –we will deprive them of the increased revenue & job base our HQ relocation would bring.

  • Dan

    “Prisoners are lost in the jail, because their names are entered incorrectly.”

    Highly doubt this statement!

  • Tom


    They are not actually lost. But when the family/attorney comes to visit or bond the person out the response from the jail is “Sorry we don’t have that person.”

    It’s happened to my clients. I have to pour through the list of persons held to locate my client. They may end up unnecessarily spending an extra 1 or 2 days without seeing they’re lawyer or getting bonded out. But hey it’s no sweat off anyone’s back because they probably deserved it. That’s the attitude of the clerks and deputies.

  • spirit of 46

    Hey copblock how come there is no longer a submission tab to submit guest articles? And…yeah check your inbox I’m sure I’m not the only one unhappy about the OTHER development with submissions.

  • Josh

    No bitcoin address for donations?

  • Anyone who is dissing Ademo on here is just not understanding facts. Pretty simple. &&&
    Yes, he deserves money. Do I need to call you a pinhead?? He changes lives every single day.
    Many people do not sacrifice as many hours as Ademo does. He is an inspiration, and those who care about him understand the strength/good example he exudes. The others… Just stop judging peaceful people when it comes to subjective subjects and live your life. Please. Go make something, or better yet; spend some time with loved ones… Wonder how often you get to do that. –We are getting crushed by a system that abhors true unity. We are thrown into indoctrination camps, and slave-away jobs, and told that those we do not meet within those institutions are “strangers”. The only thing that should determine such a judgment is your own gut.
    …Wow, this heat is eating me alive. OK bye now.. I could go on and on and on… and on… but I’m not going to, for once.

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  • Pete Malloy

    The facts are he doesn’t change lives. He is an obnoxious over grown child throwing tantrums because he can’t get his way all the time. He played games with the court and he lost. Instead of being a man about it he has the nerve to ask people to give him money for his childish antics. Lazy irresponsible people such as that are not making a positive difference in the world. Ten years from now when everyone has grown out of their teenage self centered mindset they’ll look at these videos and be ashamed at how they acted. The real videos of abuse, such as Rodney King, don’t involve screaming name/badge at a cop or constantly pestering them with added commentary later. The video should speak for itself. With this jack wagon in jail maybe some credibility can come back to those who want government reform.

  • Northern Boy

    Ok so your on a staycation in lock up use the time to educate your fellow prisoners as to their rights and how to fuck the system around piss them off if you represented yourself some one had to have signed the order to lock you up find out who did it and prepare a lien to apply once you get out fuck em they had their fun you have yours when you get out

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  • Bob

    Boy – how would you like to diagram that sentence? I will give Northern Boy the benefit of the doubt and assume his period key on his computer doesn’t work as there isn’t a period at the end of the sentence either.


    I can’t help but notice this contrast!

    Extra rights for a badge!

    A Rhode Island cop who was convicted of a felony after he was caught on video kicking a handcuffed woman to the head is still employed as a police officer.

    Lincoln police officer Edward Krawetz kicked the woman in the head in 2009 claiming self-defense because apparently he was in fear for his life. He didn’t go to trial until March of this year.

    He was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison but because he is a cop, the judge suspended the sentence, meaning he didn’t serve a day in jail, even though he already had a prior conviction for assaulting a jogger.

    He will also collect his pension once he reaches retirement age.

    And now a panel consisting of three cops will determine if he gets to keep his job. And it will take them at least two months to come to that decision in which Krawetz will continue receiving cop benefits,

    Rights denied to Ademo,

    This Wednesday at 1pm I’ll walk into district court in Manchester, New Hampshire so a judge can decide when I’ll go to jail. Why? Well the start of all this was June 4th, 2011 when I used children’s chalk on a police station. Since then I have been found guilty at a trial by judge. Wanting to speak to a jury, I appealed.

    My appeal was to be heared infront of a jury (and judge) but after all the pretrial hearings were done, Judge Brown (no not the TV judge) told me the ‘court’ would send me a letter – as well as call me – to inform me of my actual jury selection and trial dates. This never happend and after a little investigating I found out that the state mailed these important documents to the wrong address (see pic below). Thinking this was a common clerical error, I filed two motions – one in Superior court and the other in District – asking for a new trial date to be scheduled. Those motions were denied and that’s why I have the July 11th hearing. You can read my blog post on this matter, with video, by clicking here.

  • I found Adam an inspiration, a breath of fresh air, now that he is actually in jail it makes your city/town look as corrupt as he said it was. Good luck with that. We’ll be watching – from Iowa

  • I must say that Chalking the Building was not the smartest thing to do. The fact is it’s vandalisim and you recorded yourself committing the crime. I do support your cause since I run Dirty Cops Must Register. But going out to the Bees nest and kicking it will get ya stung. Good luck with the chalking incident. Remember Video cameras don’t grant ya extra rights. You chalked the police station, you committed a crime in the eyes of the law. Sorry but it’s true and yes I hate the cops.

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  • All complete! Thankfully for the comment – very considered, and pushing me too to think about all of this more. For many me, I come from it from having known violent young men, and what that means. A job like Lorna Rhodes on Super Max most important ones how different elements – violence, mental illness, suffering, institutional life, interpersonal forms – come together. However in the media, I do think there is the tendency to try to find the simple storyline, and that however serves to explain away too much, both with physical violence and mental health.

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