Dancing by the subway? Go to jail!

Caroline Stern and her boyfriend George Hess were arrested for dancing by the Columbus Circle Station in New York.The couple regularly goes out for nights on the town. Two NYPD officers approached and asked why they were dancing. After being told that dancing was not allowed on the platform, they were asked for their ID’s. Though Caroline had a credit-card WITH her photo I.D. they were told that it wasn’t enough and that they were being arrested. At this point, George  attempted to film the encounter.

That’s when the stuff hit the fan. The officers called for back-up. Eight uniformed NYPD officers showed up and arrested the couple for “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest”. George was tackled and arrested on the floor. They then spent almost an entire day behind prison bars, though all the charges were dropped after their release.

The couple is suing the city in federal court.

“I’m a dentist, and I’m 55, and I got arrested for dancing,” Stern told The New York Post. “It was absolutely ridiculous that this happened.”

One more reason to avoid New York and all contact with the police, that is, unless you enjoy being treated like the enemy in your own country. I’ll try to follow this story and keep people updated. Oh, BTW, Shame on you NYPD…but what’s new, right? Apparently, if the police are around, we all need to be quiet and look busy, otherwise we might end up in jail. Yet another citizen abused for trying to get proof of the abuse occurring.



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