Detective Edison of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (Lakeland, FL) Is Out Of Control

My brother (who just turned 18 in January and is still attending high school, 3.8 GPA) was arrested for Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana (a seed was found on the back-seat floorboard of a small truck that he borrowed to drive to work: The case was was dismissed last week.) He was later arrested the next month for Reckless Driving (At midnight he drove through a parking lot with 20′ between vehicles and fence (Case was reduced to fines and court costs).

Now here is the current situation…May 23, 2012 @ 2:00 pm, my brother was driving home from school (had phone interview for Good job @ 2:15p and Dr. Appt. @ 2:40pm) when he was pulled over for his brake light being inoperable. When Detective Edison got to his vehicle my brother stated that he ” had to go.” (As written in the police report.)

Det. Edison then asked permission to search the vehicle and my brother gave consent. Det. Edison began searching the vehicle and stated that he found something in his backpack and told the other Det. Wiggins to handcuff him. My brother begged and pleaded to be shown what was found (because the last cops refused to show him the evidence in the Marijuana case). Det Edison refused to show him anything and instead kept him in cuffs and began laughing in my brother’s face. My brother told him that this isnt’ funny and he stated that ” it is fuc**ng hilarious.

In the meantime, I was on the phone with my mother awaiting my brother’s arrival because I was taking him to his Dr. Appt. My mother became concerned when the phone interview called and my brother had still not made it home. My mother got in her vehicle and drove down the road to look for him and to make sure that he was ok. She saw the truck that my brother was driving pulled into a side road and a undercover car behind his but couldn’t see my brother (she thought maybe he had gotten into an accident.) I was still on the phone with my mother when she pulled up and she screamed and hung up on me.

She got out of her vehicle and approached the Detectives. Upon arriving she asked the detectives if my brother was alright. Det. Edison immediantly began yelling at her and proceeded towards her. My brother was then seen in handcuffs and he began telling her what they said that they found but refused to show him. Det. Edison continued to yell and degrade my almost 60 year old mother. He was in her face and screaming so closely that his spit was bouncing off of my mother’s face. Det. Edison was presssed up against my mother so hard that her back was bent over her vehicle. She was so scared that she closed her eyes, He then commanded her to ” open her eyes.” As the spit continued my mother was forced to open her eyes and was asked repeatedly if she wanted to go to jail. Det. Edison told my mother how cracked out my brother was at that moment (Once released from jail he took drug test in Bartow and passed every drug.) My mother was able to retreat to her vehicle where she was looking for her phone, when Det. Wiggins unbuckled her gun holster while glaring at my mother. My mother was then able to leave and that’s when she called me back, My mother advised me of what the Detectives have just done to her and that my brother was in handcuffs.

Upon hearing this, I drove towards the place where my brother was to give the Detectives my brother’s Lawyer’s business card (which was already retained.) I heard how they treated my mother and didn’t want them to harass my brother any further without his lawyer present. I pulled up behind the undercover vehicle and got out of my vehicle with the card in my hand. I approached the Detectives and told them that my brother does have a lawyer and that this card was for them so they were aware of it. Det. Edison snatched the card out of my hand and pushed it less than an inch from my nose and yelled, ” ARE YOU TRYING TO INTIMIDATE ME?!” I told him, ” No Sir, I’m not trying to intimidate you but he has a lawyer and you should know that.”

Det, Edison then placed one hand on his cuffs and lunged at me with the other yelling, “THAT’S IT, YOU’RE UNDER ARREST FOR INTIMIDATION!!!” I jumped back and hurried back to my vehicle saying, ” No, Sir.” I then told my brother, ” Don’t say another word and don’t sign anything.” I left without further conversation with either Detective. Before I drove away I immediately called my lawyer (same as my brother’s) and told him what had just happened. As soon as I hung up with him, I called 911.

I told the operator what Det. Edison had just done to me and that I needed to speak to someone in regards to this. I was told that Sgt. Joyner was his supervisor and he would call me back. Sgt. Joyner returned my call and stated that he will speak to both his Detectives but they were currently doing Surveillance so it may be the next day. I waited almost 3 weeks for his return call.

Finally I called Sgt. Joyner back to check the status of my complaint. He began the phone call yelling at me as well asking, “Why did I wait so long to call back?!” I told him that our last conversation he said that he was going to investigate and I didn’t want to be breathing down his neck while the investigation was going on so I figured I’d give him time but when he never called back I decided to call him. He then stated, ” Ok, I can respect that.” Sgt Joyner then began to tell me that Det. Edison was right the way he acted because I was being belligerent (which, read later that is what Det. Edison put in his report.)

I told Sgt. Joyner that in fact this is not what happened and asked if I could have a meeting face to face with Det. Edison and Sgt Joyner said that I can not. I told him again that this isn’t what happened but he refused to listen. I then asked him if I could get witnesses (this incident happened in front of houses) could I have him speak to them so they could tell him what happened. He told me that I could have them call him and ” HE WILL ENTERTAIN THEM.”

At this point, I became frustrated at our system and hung up. Since the incident we have received the police report, it states that they found a baggy with cocaine residue in my brother’s backpack. When we picked the truck up from impound the backpack was still in good condition…It was unzipped but his school books with homework still between the pages was undisturbed, calculator was still neatly placed in the front pocket and inside zippers were still zipped. The middle console and glove box were completely torn apart and gone through.

I have seen police search vehicles before and this is not how a backpack would look post search especially when supposed baggy was found inside it. I also don’t know what kind of Surveillance these Detectives have been on to act in such a violent and deranged manner. Det. Edison named my mother and I personally in the police report which makes me know that he didn’t write the report until after he received the complaint that I had made against him.

It’s not fair or right how DETECTIVE EDISON can treat a citizen and how the POLK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE will protect him. I’ve been told by another officer that ” Cops don’t lie because if they got caught they would lose their job.” MY RESPONSE WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE, “THEY CAN LIE ALL THEY WANT BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER GET CAUGHT BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS STICK UP FOR EACH OTHER!” My mother called the Sheriff’s Office that day and asked to press charges on Detective Edison but was told she was not allowed. Is this justice? Det. Edison and other Cops with the POLK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE can mistreat, threaten, abuse, lie and falsely accuse their citizens?

I’ve asked about our rights but noone wants to let you have them. I want Det. Edison drug tested because he appeared to be on some type of drug to act as he did. Please let me know if you have had problems with the PCSO, we are only one voice alone but together we might be heard. Thank you for listening and GOD BLESS!



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  • Steff

    Just listening to the news out of Polk County, it is abundantly obvious that they are a bunch of megalomaniacs bent on beating some sort of faith based ideology into the mindset of the general public. They have been on a huge anti-drug and anti-porn kick for some time. God help you if you happen to have a picture of your own four year old daughter swimming topless in your pool in the backyard on your cellphone when they stop you for a minor traffic infringement. It will undoubtedly be searched, and you will be forcibly incarcerated, and have to deal with being falsely labeled a “sexual predator” for the rest of your life. Don’t get me wrong, any sort of abuse to a child is reprehensible, but those Statists in Polk county seem to really enjoy focusing on victim-less crimes, most likely to implement their agenda and avoid the risks associated with pursuing violent criminals. I have, for quite some time, had very little respect for the operations of Polk county. I hate driving through it.

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  • Common Sense

    …sounds like your brother has an issue with drugs. I notice your brother has not indicated he did not have cocaine/crack in his backpack – oh, wait, he borrowed the backpack from a friend, who’s name he can’t remember…

  • Lynn Stanford

    Alicia, I am so sorry that this happened to you and your family. I know how traumatic injustice and brutality can be. My family is going through something similar with Grady’s minions. I’m not at liberty to divulge the circumstances due to an ongoing lawsuit. PCSO is on a mission to violate as many people’s constitutional rights as they can. Every head that is brought through the Polk county jail has a dollar sign with Judd’s name on it.
    Please consider contacting the ACLU. Do not speak with the sheriff’s office directly because you won’t get any satisfaction. Many a day passes that I wish Polk county were not my home.

  • mobooz

    Your brother’s an adult. He should know by now that you never let a stranger into your car, even if they’re wearing a badge. He should also know from his previous police encounters that they promise to use anything you say against you–never for you–in a court of law. If you say anything other than “I would like to speak to my attorney,” then you’re doing yourself an injustice.

    I thought this was a little weird: The detective said “That’s it, you’re under arrest…” and then didn’t arrest you. I’ve never, ever seen that happen.

  • Pigs.

  • Dustin

    I’ve had a run-in with this Edison douche-bag myself. He’s a traitor to the core. Nothing gets his rocks off like a legislated excuse to wreck someone. He never uses common-sense because that isn’t what he wants. He’s a complete piece of shit.

  • Dustin

    Ego-tripping cops threaten to arrest and then don’t all the time. They love the thrill of of that tipping point where they get to throw a human in a cage and treat them like they aren’t human anymore. But, they’re also cowards, and want to cover their ass. They jump the gun in their excitement. But, if he said you were under arrest, I’d ask where the Maranda went… I like to Marandize myself in such situations.

    “I have the Right to remain silent. Anything I say can and will be used against me. I have the Right to an attorney. If I cannot afford one, one will be appointed for me. Yes, I understand these Rights.”

    It really takes the wind out of their sails… Of course, followed by “Oh, so you’ve done this before?” lols. Tiny penis ego problems are so predictable…

    Remember that you have these Rights ALL THE TIME, not just when you’re being falsely arrested by traitors.

    Saying this out loud to yourself will give you perspective on how out of control the Police State already is. Anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you. Not just when you’re being arrested; anytime, anywhere. The State has declared open war on you, is it getting through your head yet? When good men do nothing, they cease to be good men.

  • Ed

    NEVER give consent to a cop to search your car!

  • Guy

    Common scents smells like shit!! Cs…you’ve got something dripping from your chin…

    Cops are cunts!!! Fuck’em in the neck!!!!

  • Centurion

    Common is a cop that works in a Town that maybe gets 25 calls a year and he finds excuses to violate your rights like this Florida cop did to this persons brother.Cops like common whipe there ass with Miranda and scrub there balls with a list of defense lawyers, and suck other cops shit stains off the constitution pay NO attention to him or any of the sketchball lowlife trailer trash cops who open there uneducated mouth and talk abot shit they know nothing about . Fight these charges bring an insane amount of reasonable doubt and NEVER TAKE A PLEA.

  • Citizen

    Hey Dick Lips, I mean Common Sense. Why don’t you stick to something you know about and eat a donut?

  • G. Asher

    Citizen, CS is NOT a cop. He is just a badge bunny. He doesn’t have the balls to serve in any way, military or LE.

  • Common Sense

    Just leave the decisions to the adults boys and girls, move along citizen…move along…

  • Citizen

    Mind your own common sense…mind your own…

  • 123

    I don’t think your brother is the angel you think he is.

  • CSD

    Being a member of the ACLU in a neighboring county of Polk (I believe I am the ONLY member here in this county), I urge you to contact the regional office. It will do no good for me to bring it up, as I did not personally witness it. You, on the other hand, are a first-account eyewitness. Do not let this go. Polk County has a screwed up justice system. Also, do not go 2-3 miles over the speed limit in or around Fort Meade. The police there (town and Polk Sheriff’s) will find ways to rack up a ticket….especially around the end of the month.

  • Sensible Opponent

    I think the fact that “common sense” (misnomer) is willing to BLINDLY DEFEND every single cop he hears of, often insulting their victims in the process, shows that he refuses to believe that there is ONE SINGLE bad cop out there, or ONE LEGITIMATE case of police abuse. I think those of us with true common sense and reason can see that this idea is ludicrous.

    OP, thank you so much for taking the time to detail your case. I know this kind of thing can be scary and life-altering in a way that thugs like common will never understand. Keep up the good work.

  • Sensible Opponent

    “Citizen, CS is NOT a cop. He is just a badge bunny. He doesn’t have the balls to serve in any way, military or LE.”

    This sounds about right. At first I thought– only a fellow cop could so blindly defend a wrong party in the case of such reports. But come to think about it, someone who DESPERATELY WANTED to be a cop but was not good enough, might just do that.

    Real cops probably have much better things to do than post here.

    No offense to the 1 or 2 real cops who I think might actually post here. Pete sounds more like a cop. *shrug*

  • s

    I was arrested by him. He is crooked. Im going to be sentenced tomarrow. I think he gets mad when he pulls someone and cant find anything. maybe he is on drugs.

  • Concerned

    Just needed to give an update to this case. “Cocaine” residue came back from FDLE…NO DRUGS!!! Charges have since been dropped by state attorney’s office just weeks prior to jury selection. Good thing the plea offer wasn’t taken. Our system is outrageous! You can be falsely arrested, your life ruined and you don’t even get an “I’m sorry for ruining your reputation or life.” Another update, one of the arresting detectives resigned prior to her termination after defrauding the Polk County School Board, charges have been filed. Another thing that’s disturbing, If a complaint is made to the PCSO it will not be documented in the file of the accused. Nothing will happen because it is ALWAYS their word against yours and we ALL know who they believe and ALWAYS will.

  • Concerned

    Please let me know who has had a run in with Detective Michael Edison. Together we might be able to get this beast off the streets.

  • Lisa

    This same detective Edison broke a lease at my friends house and left without notification.,brought unauthorized animals on their property and left girlfriend with no visible means of support at said property. Tried to intimidate all the neighbors on their streets. This should be addressed by Grady Judd. Oops his kids are criminals.

  • Concerned

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for the great information. Is it possible to get the address? Edison’s superiors only praise him for his “good” work and say that he has NO complaints against him. His neighbors(he lived on a ranch on 5 acres) were questioned before he was hired to get their opinion of him, the two they spoke to gave him good remarks because they don’t really know him. It would be so helpful to really get his neighbor’s comments on the type of intimidating person he is. Thanks for everyone’s input, it’s much appreciated.

  • I am writing about my recent encounter with a very arrogant and violent prone Polk County Sheriff officer. an young officer 1/2 my age, old enough to be my Son! I am now living in fear for my future. Here is the rough draft ….


    DAY 1 – Easter Sabbath

    I worked in the Disney area and a Quality Control man for Vacation Homes.
    I love this job very much, but because of religious beliefs, as a 7th Day Ethiopian Orthodox Christian (Rastafarian Sect), the only thing I ever deplored about it was having to work on the Sabbath.

    Four years ago when I first started the job, I was told if I wanted to keep the job, I had to work on Saturdays,
    and every holiday, understandably, it’s a busy day & times for tourism. I therefore sacrificed the Sabbath day to work the job and kept that feeling of conviction, mostly to myself.

    On the Sabbath before Easter, Saturday April 30, 2013, I awoke with a severe backache, which was painful from the night before, and could not call in sick because it was Easter weekend and was told by management none could be off on Easter weekend. I came to work walking at an angle and not straight upright due to the mysterious back-pain.

    I had four homes in the Hampton Lakes sub-division off Highway 27 in Polk County Florida. This was he next to last community on my list of checks to do for the day. At 3:35 PM, As I entered the development I noticed the officer in an unmarked car parked reverse in a precarious position in the middle of the entrance to Hampton Lakes development. I had an idea what he was up to. I was profiled when coming into the development.

    As I was Quality checking the 2nd home in Hampton Lakes I was called by the office wanting me to be sure to return a Key because a customer came in a bit early to check-in and the key was needed, usually we collect 2 keys to avoid such a scenarios. That day, this was not done, probably because of the high Easter volume, 2 keys – one for QC and the other for the customer.

    Therefore, by the end of checking the last house in Hampton Lakes, I had less than 15 mins to
    Check another house across the street (Highway 27) in Westridge, and then return the key to the office at 192 and 1-4.

    As I was about to leave the Hampton Lakes development, going 25 miles per hour or possibly a little above A very young Polk county Sheriff officer, named Officer Node, Node was less than 1/2 my age, flashed his lights to pull me over. I immediately stopped in surprise as to why. I knew he was there when I entered the development a few minutes prior, and was NOT going that fast to warrant a pull over, furthermore, there was a stop sign and Highway 27 less than 1/2 block away,.

    He came charging to the car like a Spanish Bull, shouting in a very disrespectful and unprofessional manner ordering me to show Driving info. As I was getting out the wallet, I then asked, what did I do wrong officer? He then yelled I was going 35 in a 25 mile zone, which I knew I was NOT! I started becoming very nervous due to the shouting and profane words hurdling at me.
    He then yelled I was not moving fast enough and ordered me out of the car. With my heart beating nearly thru my throat, and with the car in neutral, engine still running, I proceeded to place the car’s Gear Shift in the Parking position prior to opening the door. The officer then pulled me out of the car shouting profane curse words, untruthful statements that I was not listening fast enough, By this time I was scared as hell! He then slammed me against the car
    And said “put my arms behind my back”, I then ask “which was Up or down” and “why are you acting this way officer“ Still shouting without even listening or responding to what I was asking:
    He rammed his knee in my aching back. Pushed me on the pavement of the open street ramming his knee again in my aching back and beaten on the ground into submission and HAND-CUFFED TIGHTLY, stating “Youre going down today buddy!” Thus bruising the left cheek of my face, my right elbows, both my knees and my left hip-bone now hurt like hell.

    I was then hurriedly forced into his unmarked squad car and locked in there of at least an hour.
    It was intensely hot and stuffy – windows shut tight NO AIR, except in his side fron side of the squad car. I felt tormented and tortured by this CRUEL experience of which I’ve only ever seen in the media, never in a wild nightmare thought it was happening to me.

    My Drivers license was ran and there was a Suspension on there, I thought was already taken of, because the driving class ordered by the the court/Tallassee was completed over 2 weeks ago, Even after emailing the completion certificate, the completion was NOT entered into the system, not realizing I had to physically appear at the DMV to pay another FEE and show more proof of the class for reinstatement.

    I was profiled and excessively dragged out of the car I was Driving, beaten and arrested by Officer Node, the young Sheriff officer of Polk County, Florida, old enough to be my son
    He was large and quite heavy. I grew up very non-confrontational and throughout my 54 years of life I tend to avoid confrontations at all costs! I was therefore very scared and embarrassed
    By the undue aggressive use of force seemed to have been caused by some pent up frustrations the officer had prior to the event.

    While handcuffed, the car driven was searched and all my private belongings completely combed through by assistant officers whom arrived on the scene. My home in Daytona Beach had out of state visitors for a week, so I took all my sensitive paperwork and very private belongings out of the home and into the car’s truck and cars rear. I was surprised by the search
    of my privacy.

    After the search I was confronted about the driver’s license issue and the unopened beer in beer
    Grocery bags in the car, and because my auxiliary wallet found in the cars trunk, I was questioned as to “why is FL license suspended, why I had Old California expired license, an extra copy of Florida license in the wallet, Jamaican and other International currency in the auxiliary wallet” and also questioned as to “If I had a Jamaican driver’s license also”?

    I then answered that I had NO Jamaican license, I learned to drive in the USA when I was a college kid. I travel to other many other countries on 3 continents plus the Caribbean, and that a class was completed so I was surprised by the remaining suspension, thinking it was all cleared up. He then stated they found contraband, of which i did not recall any was there in my private belongings, and for all I know, may have been planted. then after read Maranda rights, etc.

    The hot squad car and extremely tight hand was unbearable torture, I felt dizzy and very faint.
    After asking to speak to another older officer. I begged for air or to stretch my legs.

    I was the last day of LENT season and I was fasting so the experience with hunger, no air, heat, and no water for so long in the squad car, made me very lethargic.

    He then threatened to tow the car. I STILL HAD THE KEY THE CUSTOMER WAS WAITING ON, I explained this to them, and after an hour or so of plea and begging them to call the office, they did using the number saved in my private Cell phone.

    Matt Collins my immediate supervisor took his time out from the busy office with another co-worker to come get the car.

    After Matt was gone with the car I began plea and begging again for air to loosen the cuffs to a more comfortable setting and to stretch my legs in the cramped squad car with virtually no leg room. By this time MY WRISTS WAS IN SEVERE PAIN and the skin ruptured in the cuffs.

    I was questioned by another curious officer about my Ethio-Jamaican Orthodox Christian beliefs (Rastafarian) and their usage of Marijuana as a religious ritual by a sizable population of Jamaicans. I told him because the first plant was found on King Solomon’s grave and it’s the weed of wisdom spoken of in Genesis 1:12) “He gave hemp for people to use with our free will. … yielding her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” Rastafarians believe the HUMAN BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF THE LORD, not just a Physical Temple such as a Church building. In preparation for worship or deep reasoning, The Rastafarians burn it in the Holy Bodily Temple, much the same as the Catholics burn Frankinscence & Myrrh in the Physical Temple of God or Chirch Building.

    I then proceeded to summarily explained it about the Rastafarian faith and Bibical story about meeting of the famous Hebrew King Solomon and his affairs with the famous Ethiopian-African Queen Makeda of Sheba, how their son, the 1st Son of Solomon and heir to the throne of Ancient Israel, took the Israelite faith and the Ark of the Covenant the God gave to Moses to safety in the Ethiopian highlands., and the 3000 year reign of Isrealite-Ethiopian Kings from King Menelik I, the son of Solomon & Sheba to Emperor Haile Selassie. The direct Holy grail blood connection between Jesus Christ, and the Ethiopian Royal family, via King David and his son King Solomon of Israel. King David the father of Soloman was the grandfather of Mary (Maryam) the mother of Christ, thus making the blood connection of cousins between the Ethiopian royals and Christ.

    After another hour of sitting in the car while he writes his report I was taken to another nearby location, and held in the car for at least another hour, He continued his report for another hour.
    By this time the Officer Node calmed way down and began speaking to me like a normal human. He then allowed me to stretch my leg and offered me a feed of his personal water drink, I was relived somewhat, We began talking like men about family, kids, After at least 3 hours of wearing tight handcuffs and waiting another hour for the PADDY VAN, when the van arrived I was turned over to a transportation officer. Officer NODE then said to the other transportation officer: “this is a nice guy, and has been very cooperative” I then wondered silently in my mind: “If I was such a nice Guy, then why was I treated this way with such undue brutality and use of force”

    TIGHT HANDCUFFS WERE THAN REMOVED and the transportation officer placed much more comfortable and looser cuffs to my hands. I was relieved.

    We traveled to another facility and the processing was very slow, After a change of clothing. We were placed in very cold cells, I was trembling and shaken the whole entire time, We stayed there in dirty cold concrete cells until about 4:am., then transported to another location with bunk beds and finally a thin bed sheets and a thin blanket

    DAY 2 – Easter Sunday – Resurrection Day

    I was awaken to eat breakfast just before sunrise (possibly 6:30am) I due to cold and nervousness, could not eat nor drink so I skipped the meal. It was cold and I’m tropical so it was better under the sheet & blanket, and with toilets in the open it was better not to eat to prevent a bowel movement, and prevent using those disgusting toilets in the open.

    I tried for hours to call out, NO FREE PHONE CALLS WERE GIVEN. All numbers stored in my private cell phone went with the confiscated cell phone and could not remember no local numbers in Florida except for one person. I then could not get thru because CELL PHONES DO NOT ALLOW FOR COLLECT CALLS. There was a very big muscular Angelic jail mate
    Whom God had to have sent for this occasion in my cell, He was on weekend jail time.
    He stated to every one: ANYONE WHO WANT TO CALL OUT I WILL HELP YOU TO REACH YOU GOAL via a bonds lady he knew on the outside, He then make the miracle call
    And I was saved and finally bailed out at 3PM. Strangely and mystically he got out the same time as I did and thanked him and the almighty God fir the Angelic form of help because I was told I could not leave until someone comes and bail us out, cant be done ourselves unless we had over $1000 in confiscated cash. How many average people travels around the streets with that much cash? So self-bailing was not a viable option for the average person imprisoned.

    I was finally bailed and Processed Out which took another 2 hours or so. When I received my wallet, ALL the cash was missing WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTIFICATION, The Florida Drivers License card was also missing, It was SHOCKING that they would go into my private wallet and steal all the cash, of which I did not notice until after leaving the building. As soon as I could I called the Booking Department to find out that the money was taken as a Jail Accommodation charge and I was over $16 in a deficit!

    By this time my friend whom came to Bail and get me became overly hungry and sickened by the process. On the long 1.5 hour long drive from Bartow, Fl to Orlando, HE VOMITED IN THE CAR due to sympathetic stress and duress form experience I went through.

    We got to Orlando, FL and he photographed the injuries I endured. That night it was difficult to sleep, I had a fever and alternating feelings of being TOO HOT and then TOO COLD, After finally sleeping for 2 or so hours, I WAS AWAKEN BY MY OWN CLOTHING COMPLETELY DRENCHED IN MY OWN WET PERSPIRATION FROM A FEVER and had to change to new clothes to sleep in. I had flue symptoms and was spitting green gooo because of the cold Jail cells the night before.

    There was an Arthritic NUMBNESS in my wrists and painful fingers, back and left hip bone.
    A serious headache which I have not had a headache in years. Shaken and trembling.

    DAY 3: Easter Monday
    Increased pain in my fingers and Arthritic numbness in my wrists, headache, It took 2 days to eat
    1/2 of a Subway Tuna sandwich due to stomach nervousness and lack of appetite.
    The bruise on my hip and cheekbone from the overuse and abuse of force, hurt even more.

    Florida DRIVERS License Bureau.
    It took two trips to the FL License Bureau to clear the unforeseen problems.
    Due to the pressures of the driving Job, It took a while to get proper help, By this time I already racked up too many tickets and points. The CLASS TAKEN WAS AN 8-HOURS course and
    Should have been a 12-HOUR course, which was what caused the continued cancellation without knowledge. The Florida DMV discovered the error and granted me the new Drivers License at 5:15pm after an all day ordeal at the DMV. I was forced to carry NON OWNERS INSURANCE because of the points.

    I then started wondering about all the Conflicting Statements made by the young abusive and disrespectful officer, 1/2 my age, old enough to be my son:

    “If I was charged with Resisting Arrest – Non Violently, then why was I a 54 year old man who woke up with Back Pain, so excessively Brutalized? Then who was doing the excessive beating, torture and bodily damages to my body, a Temple of Christ?

    We all know from life experiences that some one is lying or stretching un-truths when
    Statements conflict themselves or when statements are mathematically illogical.

    In the beginning of the arrest he told his buddy officers “I was trying to get away.”
    If I was trying to get away, then, why did I stop in the first place?”
    When I place the car in park, did he mistakenly think I was trying to put it in 1st gear?

    When he handed me over to the humane and respectful Transport officer, he then explained to him that I was a nice guy and VERY COOPERATIVE. Well if so, then, WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY

    Please someone one help me answer these questions about the statements he made that are defying logic?

    Court Thomas

  • confused

    I am informing like others are trying to do about PCSO as well. January 4, 2015 I called 863-298-6200 and asked for a deputy to come to my house. Due to my 55 year old brother in law going after my 2 children. This is not the first time my brother in law has done this. He wanted my 2 children to follow him down the road. My brother in law was yelling, curing and threatening my sons. There is an injunction in place that another family member has on myself, (falsely) and all’s they keep doing is for me to respond so I get violated. That’s not happening captain.

    When the 2 officers show up at my residence I explained again along with my 2 children explained what had been going on all day. Well there’s nothing we can do about it. They can flick you off, they can curse at you, they can threaten to fight you and it’s not illegal. Even though they know they have been tormenting my family because of the situation.

    The 2 officers boss showed up. Boy I honestly was never scared shaking when he came up to me and started screaming in my face telling me “this is a waist of his time, they could be at another emergency call, don’t you call 911 for this bs again, you should just move and not somewhere else in Polk county”. I was a paled. I never called 911, I have phone records and told him that. I explained I had spoken to the officer earlier and asked what to do about them tormenting us. He advised me to try and ignore him, get a hold of the judge on Monday, try and get back into court and any more issues just call us back. I only did what was instructed by PCSO to do. I WILL NEVER CALL THE FOR NOTHING AGAIN.

    The person whom got the injunction on me has falsified written statements of me violating. I have proof I didn’t do what she filed. The cop knew it and nothing had been done to this person. She has falsified 3 times and getting away with it. I have proof of everything, the cops know it and do nothing. One of the fillings this person did, I wasn’t even in the USA, I was in Grand Turk on a cruise.

    I was told yesterday before all 5 cops left “do not call us again on this matter what so ever”. Who do I turn to for help? I need help and if anyone has any suggestions I would be more than happy to listen. I am in fear of the in laws and now the law as well.