Cop Block’s Video Contest Now $200

Carlos Miller, of Photography is Not a Crime, posted this blog in reference to Cop Block’s $100 video contest.  Due to that post Rusty Carr contacted Cop Block and offered to double the prize pool for the contest.   So now Cop Block is in a position to shell out $200 for the contest.

Here are the details of the contest  from the post last Friday:

The basics of the contest are simple:

  • Film police conducting their duties
  • Submit to Cop Block; I’ll discuss how below
  • Do not post your video on line before contacting Cop Block

The submissions will be judged on content (what’s actually going on in the video), how the videographer handles themselves (as we’d like this to be educational) and quality of video (though the CB team is willing to assist in editing).

How to get Cop Block your video

There are two options for sending us videos.  One being to email us (see below) and we’ll give you access to our YouTube channel where you can upload the video as private.  If your video needs editing then email us and we’ll provide you with an address, so you can mail us a CD, we’ll then edit it for you and post it on our YouTube channel.

Deadline and other info

I think it goes without saying that engaging (not monitoring), harassing and yelling/swearing at police will be frowned upon.  You might make the pages of Cop Block for such video but you will not win any prizes and we’ll post your video as a what not to do.  Again, it’s important that the video is recent and not posted on line already.  By par taking in this contest you’re giving Cop Block the exclusivity of your footage, to use as we please.

Be creative,  call a police department about a local issue, follow a cop for a day, film cops in court or simply film a traffic stop of someone you don’t know.

Here are some good examples of what we’re looking for;  New Mexico Police Confront Man for Open Carry, Columbia, MO SWAT or Miami Police.  All these are good examples of what we’re looking for.

The deadline for submitting videos is June 7th.  Then, depending on the number of videos, Cop Block will post the top 3 -5 videos for viewers to vote on.

Due to the generous donation from Rusty Carr, Cop Block is considering paying the top three videos, again depending on submissions.  If we get enough we’ll pay the top three; $30 for 3rd, $70 for 2nd and $100 for first.  So have those cameras ready and don’t wait til the last minute to send them in.

Some have contacted Cop Block about the vagueness of this contest and that is intentional to inspire creativity.  Also some have asked if filming police is legal, as some states have laws against capturing audio.  We at Cop Block encourage everyone to look into the legality before doing so.  Though to for me, Adam, personally I could care less about what lawmakers say about filming police.  I’ll always respect a person (who doesn’t have a badge on) and ask for permission to do so.  But for those with badges, I feel they’re fair game.  They’re paid for by tax dollars, something I’m forced to pay, and most times police have microphones on their persons for their dash cams.  SO if they can do it why can’t you?

If you have anymore questions please let us know.  If any other kind souls, businesses or organizations want to get involved please contact us.

Phone: 206.279.1258
email: CopBlock[at]gmail[dot]com
Connect with Cop Block here: FacebookTwitterYoutubeTumblr

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