19-year-old shot 5 times for suspected underage drinking

This is a country whose people self-righteously criticize China for its human rights abuses. This is a country where the public has been aghast at Singaporean laws against chewing gum, and its “harsh” penalties for violations of the law. This is a country whose people have propagated rabid fear-mongering against Muslims, on the grounds Islam supports poor treatment of women and arbitrary and severe punishments (and I have argued in the past that American statism is not so unlike radical Islam).

Despite the outward pretense of civility and denunciation of human rights abuses, this is a country whose police murder disabled old people, the mentally ill, and children – and get away with it. It is a country whose government actually defends the police when they yank little girls out of beds and put guns to their heads during mistaken drug raids. This is a country whose police arrest people for feeding the homeless. This is the country with the highest number of prisoners in the entire world, both in sheer numbers and on a per capita basis, even as it constantly claims to be the “freest” place on the planet.

The list goes on and on – you’d think the United States would be hiding its face in shame, rather than claiming to be a beacon of freedom while pointing the “human rights” finger at every other country but itself. While police apologists repeatedly drone the tire bit about it being “a few bad apples” or “isolated incidents” (never mind the fact that the law actually encourages and permits this type of behavior by police), the truth is, it would take more than a whole team of writers to detail and cover the daily atrocities committed by police.

Aaron Rosas’ story is one such atrocity.

Not so long ago, a few days before April 13, 2012, Aaron Rosas called his mother Alice to ask where she’d stored his camping equipment, as he wanted to camp out with his friends for a night. On April 13, 2012, Ms. Rosas received a call from Sierra Medical, a hospital on the east side of El Paso Texas around midnight. She was told she needed to go to the Del Sol Hospital to meet up with her son, because they were transporting him to Del Sol, a trauma center.

Her son had been shot 5 times, because in this country, some police believe the punishment for underage drinking is death.

Some young folks, many between the ages of 17-19, had gone out into the desert. There was a bonfire and some drinking taking place on private grounds which used to be an old denim factory/warehouse. Aaron and his friends had planned to do a little drinking, then camp there for the night. At one point, Aaron thought better of the situation, and decided to go home. He was in the car with one or two of his friends and another girl.

They were parked in the dark between 2 other vehicles, and he saw a car approach. He observed the vehicle approach the gated property from a distance. He and his friends thought it was someone joining the party, and didn’t think much of it at first. Aaron turned his car on,  but realized the approaching vehicle had turned on a spotlight. At this time, he still couldn’t make out much of the vehicle. As his car was moving forward, he suddenly saw sheriffs running towards another car. He stepped on his brake, turned to get a better look, and was shot 5 times. He was never told to get out of the car. He was given no warning.

At some point, the sheriffs realized that this could look bad. They had essentially gone out looking for trouble. They were on private property and had known underage kids were likely drinking there, so it wasn’t like they stumbled upon some dangerous, surprise situation which would call for such fatal measures. They crept up in the dark, took an unsuspecting 19-year-old by surprise, and unloaded on him. As much as cops know damn well that they can get away with murder, they started to think this might not look so good, and so began the lies.

Ms. Rosas arrived at the hospital and waited in the emergency area for the ambulance to arrive. As her son was brought in, she overheard the ambulance personnel mention gun shot wounds. She approached a sheriff who refused to explain the situation to her. The head ER nurse led Ms. Rosas taken to a conference room, where she waited until 2:00 a.m. Eventually, a sheriff asked her to sign a release so the police could obtain Aaron’s medical records – because Aaron himself was sedated and could not consent. Ms. Rosas (wisely) refused, as she had yet to receive any explanation of any sort from anyone involved.

Again, she waited. When she emerged from the room to inquire as to what was going on, a nurse said the sheriff did not require her signature after all, since her son was 19 years old. She was also advised that her son was now gone. The sheriff had taken him to an undisclosed room in the hospital. The nurse claimed not to know where in the hospital her son had been taken. Ms. Rosas, out of fear and desperation, went floor to floor looking for her son. On the 5th floor, she again asked for her son. The head nurse explained Aaron had been shot by the sheriffs, which was the first time Ms. Rosas was actually apprised of what had occurred that night.

Apparently wary that the nurse might say too much, a detective approached the nursing station, and said he was going to ask Aaron questions. Aaron had been in the hospital for 5-6 hours, and had not gone into surgery for his wounds. From what Ms. Rosas observed, it seemed he was actually removed from the Emergency Department, and transported to the 5th floor so that he could be investigated by the police.

Ms. Rosas immediately represented a lawyer was on the way.  Her son’s attorney, Mike Cervantes advised  everyone at the hospital to tell Aaron not to talk to any police. Ms. Rosas waited for her son to come out of surgery, but discovered Aaron was taken under custody immediately after surgery. The sheriff’s deputy prohibited her from seeing him.

The sheriffs predictably began their propaganda campaign early the next day. The sheriffs made a statement to the media, claiming Aaron’s car had clipped the officer’s car, and the sheriff unloaded on him because he felt he was in danger (even assuming this ridiculous lie is true – can you imagine if everyone started shooting every time someone else clipped their car? And what kind of police officer actually fears for his life because of a minor car accident?).

Later on, the sheriffs changed their story just a bit. They told a KFox reporter that Aaron’s vehicle was driving toward them, and they feared for their lives. Later on that same day, they issued yet another statement claiming an officer was hit. Finally, yet even later in the day, they claimed 2 officers were hit. According to Ms. Rosas, when he finally went to court, he allegedly had hit 3 officers. His bond was set at $1.5 million – $500,000 for each officer.

Aaron was in the infirmary when his bond was set. He panicked, he was horrified, and he did not understand why his bond was so high. Indeed, he probably had no idea what he had even done wrong.

30 witnesses who were present back Aaron Rosas’ version of the events, but the word and testimony of police might as well be the word of god. This the way it works in America. Police beat, maim, and kill innocent people, and then claim to have feared for their lives, thus apparently justifying all kinds of disgusting behavior. Here, the two deputies who “feared for their lives” have minor injuries, while the person who allegedly committed two counts of aggravated assault was shot five times and nearly died. Common sense would lead one to question the police version of events, but of course most of America (fucking idiots) will not.

Aaron is currently at home now. His bond was fortunately reduced to personal recognizance. He is currently unable to walk due to his injuries, although he is expected to improve and eventually be able to walk again. Ms. Rosas is understandably crushed. “These people don’t understand…if they had just pulled him out of the car, even yanked him by the hair – not that it would be ok to do that, but to shoot him like this? I can’t understand why they would do that.”

Aaron’s attorney, Mr. Cervantes, believes a civil suit against the sheriffs will likely be successful, and that forensic evidence will be extremely helpful.

“I don’t believe the sheriffs realize that when they engage in this kind of behavior, they are not just destroying one life, but many. The anxiety that one goes through just because they do what they do. I don’t understand how they can lie about this.  I don’t believe anyone deserves to be shot when they are not fighting.” She believes Aaron requires some emotional attention or help, as he has become depressed.

Aaron had just turned 19, and was no longer under her insurance. The medical bills have been incredibly high, and Ms. Rosas, who works as a fundraiser for various organizations, has struggled financially. The incident has changed her perspective on police. She recalled the Rodney King incident of the distant past. “I read about it, but it was so far away, and didn’t happen here. I started reading a lot of things about how many people had such an unfair shake with the law, and it’s unbelievable. It’s an epidemic, where the officers are taking the law into their own hands, and then they stick together.”


Georgia Sand

Georgia (George) Sand is an attorney located in sunny California. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach, music, and chatting with her cats in her spare time.

  • Jim

    Why the @#!$#!$ the legal drinking age is NOT 18 like it was when I was young is just absolutely assinine to the nth degree. You can get married, buy guns, vote, join the military and kill people with machine guns and explosives but you can’t buy a @!$#!ing DRINK?!?!?

    As far as these LEOs go, what can I say? SOP isn the Land of the ‘Free’. Disgusting.

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  • Cory

    How does “A Houston, Texas police officer is on the other side of prison bars after the results of a DNA test suggest Adan Jimenez Carranza sexually assaulted a woman last month in the back of his patrol car while in uniform and carrying a gun.” get off on a $30,000 bond? I feel, especially since I grew up in Texas, that the bond for a “regular person” in Any state, who hand cuffed a woman in the back of their car while in possession of a fire arm, and rapped her, would have a much hire bond, if any bond at all. Should the Police/Peace Officers not be held to a higher standard? I mean they deal with rude, arrogant and sometime down right criminal people, day in and day out. They deal with shootings, stabbings, rapes, murders. They have to deal with sometimes petty theft and sometimes major theft, stolen cars, high speed chases. They have to deal with suicide, fathers who kill mothers and mothers who kill children. They play witness to the worst side of the American people with little pay, little benefits, not as much vacation as they should probably have. I will admit that they have a rough job, probably one of the roughest. But to say that they are some how above the law, or not be held as equally accountable for their actions as you or I is a flat out lie. They are the people in charge of voicing the citizen opinion when needed, they are the ones in charge of protecting the citizen from others, officers included, who are out to do them harm. The officer is there to help the every day citizen in need, on request. Their is nothing included in being a police officer that should include “Police your fellow American and meet the quota, at any means necessary, and we will give you a free ride so you can lead a lawless occupation.” These people, especially dealing with severe on the job situations, should be held at a much higher integrity, a much higher accountability rate, higher professional stature and a much higher and stricter level of law.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice


    lock, load and fire

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  • Jordan

    Cory you’re fucking ignorant did you not read that paragraph? hopw can you even say that when all the kid was doing was drinking a little and you think he deserved being shot 5 times? maybe you need to go out and have them do that too you and see if you still say the same thing when its all over with >.>

  • spirit of 46

    the story doesn’t mention the boys dad-the dad wasn’t one of the cops was it?

  • Dirty fucking cops, you all should be thankful I do not own a fucking gun! Even the pigs in my little town are starting to get real dirty. Fuck the police, corrupt little fuckers need your asses beaten into the fucking ground!

  • shawn

    I love how the cops’ story kept changing. As for the fear of people just taking a cop’s word, that isn’t so certain anymore. More and more people know cops lie. If I sat on a jury, I would pretty much ignore what a cop had to say. Even judges are learning better than to listen to them. Remember the judge in the NYC Narc trial.

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  • This story absolutely sickens me. Can you even imagine? If any other person were to shoot a teenager 5 times unprovoked then follow him to the hospital and remove him from the ER to take him to some secret and secluded part of the hospital; the hospital staff would be fired, sued, and probably arrested for negligence but because it’s a cop it’s cool. Everyone involved at that hospital should be fired and never allowed to work in a hospital ever again anywhere! I’ve worked the ER at hospitals; cops try to overstep their authority all the time but you have got to be an advocate for the patient. I’ve had to kick cops out, many rimes I’ve told them that until he’s released he’s my patient and they will not have contact unless I give the ok. Cops are pigs and are going to fuck with people. You just have to expect it but as a health care provider, I don’t care if just 5to minutes earlier he was shooting at you, when he’s in your ER bed you do everything you can to protect and save that individual.

  • Ayelyah

    To betray, one must first befriend; to deceive, one must first create a relationship of trust. No one persuaded Americans to forfeit their freedom. They were induced to freely embrace the forces that, step-by-step, displaced their freedom…thats called Zionism. US has been hijacked, slowly and systematically and US Police and Military serve zionist occupiers, war criminals and imposters…welcome to Palestine ….you have the same occupiers…the criminal zionist cabal network that has spread its tentacles throughout every facet of human existence, the oppressors of all nations…
    The evil that drives the criminal zionist global cabal network and its imposter “state” is not of human origin, it is the very source of evil they invoke, in ritual and human sacrifice. By supporting or working for criminal zionist war profiteers in ANY capacity you align with evil… ZIONIST “israel” IS a counterfeit state, the brainchild of a Zionist criminal cabal syndicate controlled by descendents of the House of Ananus and elite Sadducee Jewish families, the money changers that justifiably enraged Jesus Christ enough to upturn their tables in the temple…the same who had him killed…The vehicle to create a false Messiah is a false Jewish blood group. You support the criminal imposter ‘state’ of israel ( a name they have zero authority to use) you bow your knee to baal. AMERICA AS LONG AS YOU SUPPORT THIS ABOMINATION FRAUDULENTLY NAMED “ISRAEL” YOU EMBRACE YOUR OWN ENSLAVEMENT!!!

  • dave

    Doesn’t everyone have their parents medical insurance until 26 thanks to Obama? And I’m pretty sure that police are only allowed to use their weapons if they’re fired upon or have reasonable cause to substantiate the use of lethal force. A parked car accelerating a bit and even “Clipping” a cop car doesn’t warrant lethal force. It’s basically 25+ year old MAN-BOYS dressed in officers uniforms who decided to use lethal force even though the actions of a young man in no way represented a threat to the lives of the officers. As for it being on private property and the cops knowing it was just kids drinking…I guess that’ll be left to the lawyers. Show restraint and save a life, the ones you’re protecting preferably.

  • Whatever

    This story is so far from the truth! This didn’t happen at all. All I had to do was Google “Aaron Rosas El Paso Tx” to find out that none of this occured.
    You can read the real story here:

  • George Sand

    @Whatever – I interviewed the victim’s mother. I think that’s a bit more reliable than Google, but thanks for the tip. Also, I did include 2 of the local news’ despicable versions of the story as links in my article as well.

  • Josh

    The future victims will be other cops – the more violent police officers are with the public, the more violent real criminals will be with the cops. If good citizens desire the death of these “law enforcement” officers, a criminal won’t think twice about popping off a couple. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means we have to be on our toes. In the state of Indiana, it’s legal to defend your home against unlawful entry by police officers – with deadly force. Even such a simple declaration by the legislative and judicial authorities will produce a drastic reduction on such events. If there’s no deterrent, insecure punks with badges will keep on with this sort of thing. The kid who couldn’t get laid in high school and just wanted to join the Marines and blow up rag heads but couldn’t even get picked up for that job – that’s the guy bullying us around in a badge now.

  • think 4 yourself

    Any dash cam video?

  • Philip Dru


  • Howard T. Lewis III

    kids get murdered like this for knowing which cops are engaged in large scale drug trafficking and making the mistake of telling the wrong person.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Kids get murdered like this for knowing which cops are engaged in large scale drug trafficking and then making the mistake of telling the wrong person.

  • Agorist


    > “Dirty fucking cops, you all should be thankful I do not own a fucking gun!”

    You don’t own a fucking gun? Are you fucking insane? The cops get away with this kind of shit BECAUSE you and your neighbors don’t own guns, and won’t join together for mutual defense. Cops won’t stop committing crimes until every cop is afraid of getting shot for it.

  • I enjoy reading cop block.. However at the top it is racist to have only a white cop… C’mon get a life…

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  • Common Sense

    I’m not sure how Sands would have interviewed the mother, but that’s beside the point. The monther, who was not present, can offer no information other then hersay. She was not a witness therefore her opinion as to the events are just that, opninons.

    He fled to avoid being caught, caught because he was doing something he knew to be prohibited. He fled and in so doing, carelessly and recklessly hit and injuried not one, but two officers. He was shot and released from the hospital that two days later, thus his injury(ies) were not critical and he’s currently still lodged in jail.

    Sorry, the police didn’t find a kegger and come in with guns blazing. A vehicle can be used as a weapon just as much as a knife, a bat, or a rifle.

    I find it odd, that this was 3 months ago and little if anything could have sturred the emotions of El Paso to rise up and revolt against the police state as the ‘gunning down’ of a 19 year old ‘child’ —

    —so maybe it really happened more along with what the police report.

  • Ducksfeet

    If it was my son and the cops took him to a private room to interogate him while removing him from the trauma unit without being monitored of his vital signs is a violation of Doctor patient protection is a lawsuit in the making and I would sue them for every penny then I would sue the cops for doing so. How can a hospital allow such actions and where is the protection of the patient in hospital policy.Those working at the hospital should be fired for there actions by allowing the police to remove him before entering into surjury.If the cops said he posed a danger then handcuff him to the bed but remove him, I can’t believe the hospital staff would allow this.

  • voxleo

    @whatever – re: your link to the “real story”

    You have GOT to be kidding me. I am guessing that you read that and thought that meant the kid had a gun, right? That “Assault with a deadly weapon” = “driving the car in their direction.” Technically, if you drive at someone in a threatening manner even if you don’t hurt them that is “Assault with a deadly weapon” (i.e.- your car.)

    Notice there is no mention of what the weapon is – as they think people will assume that it is a gun and not the car. And no mention of shots fired, or even that he officers saw anything that would have caused them to shoot? What kind of story is this? It’s useless as a journalistic piece as it tells absolutely nothing at all about anything. Please, the reporter is either the worst one in the world, an idiot, or part of the cover up.

    He would necessarily had to have been driving the car in order to be charged with “assault with a deadly weapon” in this situation. Lacking a gun in evidence – I don’t see how that weapon could be anything but the vehicle itself, and if you’re the passenger, how the F*** can you be the assailant? That is a very poor “real story.”

    Whatever, Whatever…

  • f8te

    Police in amurika: To Protect our corrupt asses and Serve the psychopathic jew bankers.

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  • Attaboyslim

    I agree with the author but I think he was being a little too kind. The simple truth is that the people in Law Enforcement today are pure Professional Criminals, a legal street gang. The reality is that cops are far more dangerous than 90% of all street criminals because they can legally carry high powered weapons and can control most any situation from start to finish.
    The numbers are nearly unlimited and there first weapon against the public is intimidation.

    Their torture tactics include belittlement, threats and coercion plus; even though they demand you tell them the truth, absolutely nothing they tell you must have any truth. They routinely make promises they have no intention of keeping and use it as a means of getting confessions to Any crime. If it looks like they won’t have a case on the current arrest, they’ll use one that came out in the investigation.

    In addition to their threatening attitudes, Lies, sheer numbers and an unlimited supply of deadly weapons, they also stick together like pack wolves. They will fabricate, alter and often invent scenarios that make them look good and will carry the lie right into court. We end up in prison for lying in court but they routinely do so and without any fear of repercussions. Cops callously plant weapons or drugs on suspects that they wish to incarcerate and if a death occurs, never give it a second thought.

    They are actually congratulated and sometimes promoted for the arrests they make and to suggest that most are viable arrests would be insanity. First time offenders given ten year sentences and after an entire childhood as an ideal individual yet two cops can shoot and kill a man who was on fire after an accident and never worry? Yes, a kid has a traffic accident and flipped his car which caught on fire and the responding cops opened fire, killing the injured man and there are still people like Cory.

    To the commenter, Cory, dude… you are an absolute bonehead. Well, tool, ass kisser, moron, idiot, dumb ass … pick your poison because you are way off base. This ain’t Mayberry boy and you should get off your couch and stop watching so much television because if you had ever dealt with the police, you’d know how ridiculous you sounded with the notion that we should hold them in higher esteem? Get off your knees Cory … and while you’re at it … wipe your chin, dumbass!

  • Look guys, this story is just not true. Look up Aaron Rosas on Google and you geta few news stations that reported the story. He was just lit up with bullets after they saw him drinking. He was in the desert and got in his car after he saw police, he then tried to flee the scene and clipped two officers with his car, they then opened fire.

    I’m all for stopping corrupt cops and police brutality, but there is none of that present in this story. These cops lives were endangered so they only did what they felt was necessary. And don’t act like you wouldn’t have done the same

    As for Sands interviewing his mother, that is totally useless. As Common Sense said, she wasn’t there, she has no idea. Plus, in a report online it said that she is not allowed to talk to him since he is being held in custody. Also note that NO ONE else was taken into custody that night, which means that the cops decided to let 29 underage kids go after they were drinking in the desert. I think that’s pretty nice of them.

  • Rheta

    It is good to have these facts. I must point out, however, that they will not be taken seriously by many people, if the writer cannot write without obscenity and undocumented (in the story) rants. This is the first time I have seen this page. I would love to see more good reporting by the people, fewer rants and less obscenity. Those elements play well with the opposition, making it much easier to not take the site seriously.

  • t.

    @Common: Dang it, you beat me to the comment. Sands again is writing / acting out of emotion. That’s OK, kinda. Everyone has those emotions (even us cops who fear for our lives when people point weapons at us, or when they drive cars at us and hit us).

    @common has it exactly right. Interviewing “mom” is useless. She wasnt’ there, she is of course going to believe her son. Probably the only “reliable” in dependant witnesses might be the 3 other people in the car with Rosa.

    The evidence will tell the tale. What damage was on Rosa’s car? What injury is there to the officers? Ballistics? Those things are “evidence”. The victim’s mommy telling Ms. Sands all about it, and then Sands presenting it as absolute fact…isn’t evidence of anything other than Sands continuing bias.

  • George Sand

    Right, right. The mother’s version is CLEARLY biased, but the people who put 5 bullet holes in the guy, then delayed his medical treatment for the sole purpose of interrogating him are clearly unbiased and their account definitely should be trusted. Makes sense.

  • This country is full of cop haters. Hm. I wonder why?

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  • t.

    @Sands: Evidence to back up any of your statements? Oh, none. There certainly appears to be some evidence to the contrary about he not receiving medical attention though…home slice lived!!!

    We get it…you don’t like the police. OK. But you chose to write this article as if it were from a first hand witness source (someone else inside the car) or even from the defendant himself. To find that all you did was talk to mommy , not even Rosas himself, again weakens your stance.

    You are a talented writer, but always seem to pick horrible subjects to use as examples. You may want to lock for a some “low hanging fruit”, such as incidents were there is truly police misconduct, rather than trying to sculpt a story without foundation.

    I’ve only every comments back to you on this and one other story. Both times you have chosen weak stories that aren’t supportable when the evidence is looked at. Now on this story, you may turn out to ultimately have been right about what happened. But you are presenting as fact hearsay about a serious incident from a very biased secondhand source.

  • Common Sense


    and Sands has a JD…maybe that’s why she can’t get a bar card, she keeps forgetting what ‘heresay’ is..

  • Smith

    Despicable… but completely believable. A huge chunk of “law enforcement” is full of crooks.

    Would Sheriff Andy Taylor do something like this? Would he act like 90% of cops these days? I think not.

    Adults should carry personal guns. Then cops would understand that they are not above the law and if they open fire on someone who has done nothing wrong, they’re going to have to fight for their lives. We need fewer police officers and more responsible and mature people.

  • Jason

    This is truly a tragic story. How can a parent be so incredibly irresponsible? Letting a 19-year-old go out partying when he should have been home reading Psalms or watching Wheel of Fortune. Mom may have well just shot him herself or put the pistol in his hands. Shame on you, mom. Your lack of parenting is irreprehensible. Had this young man been given proper guidance and strong role models maybe he wouldn’t be loading his adult diaper while Moe-Moe his Helping Hands monkey spoons him Coco-Wheats. It’s unfortunate those poor officers had to riddle a future thug with led. Think of the paperwork involved. My God….I bet mom couldn’t wait to get her hands on a fat settlement check so she could finally buy the ’78 Monte Carlo with 20″ rims that she and her boy toy of the month have had their eye on. Your supposed articles are a joke. So the cops just pulled up and smoked junior for no reason, huh? Talk around the squadroom must’ve been “So, Dave, what’s on the agenda?” “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we’ll go shoot an unarmed kid for no reason. You guys up for some trigger time?” At least be fair and impartial. State facts rather your usual one-sided, rumor-based crap. I realize you were probably molested by Smokey The Bear or something as a kid and therefore have a lifelong hatred of men in uniform, but whatever your hang-up may be, get over it.

  • Jason

    Common Sense and t, you’re spot on as usual. Attaboytard is just another helpless victim. Why is it criminals are always the ones targetted and harassed by the cops? Wait a minute…. I know this one. Why doesn’t Joe Citizen get harassed and tortured by the Gestapo? I think I know this one too. Cops are supposed to pursue criminals. If I speed and drive recklessly, I expect to get pulled over. Why? Because I have chosen to drive like an idiot and endanger others. Am I being harassed or is my circumstance of my own doing?

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  • anon

    “I don’t believe the sheriffs realize that when they engage in this kind of behavior, they are not just destroying one life, but many. ”

    They have no right to even attempt to destroy a life for any reason.

  • George Sand

    Ok, assholes, what do you consider evidence? A police report? How is that any different, or any better than interviewing the victim’s mother? How the FUCK is a stupid report written by the very people who committed this despicable act of violence any better form of evidence? Are you people goddamn brain dead?

  • Roberta

    Just because somebody runs (THEY ARE SCARED!), and even if they do hurt you on accident – is no reason to shoot off your gun! They were doing nothing that required that sort of violence: which in case you forgot would be: murder only! Not even robbers deserve to be shot!

  • hmmmm

    What I do not understand is why hasn’t anyone looked at the camera in the sheriffs car? I know every cop car has one. That would be the proof that they need to see who is telling the truth. I am just saying it’s not fair to point fingers at one side or the other until you know ALL of the facts.

  • JasonCB

    @George Sand: First, don’t confuse me with the other Jason. I have to say that I’ve found your articles to be some of the most interesting, though I have to agree with some that you’d open yourself to a wider audience without the language, but I understand the outrage behind it. I agree that a police report is, at least, every bit as biased (often very hard to make sense of b/c of the mistakes and grammar, too) as a mother’s statement.

    According to your article, even the cops claimed that the boy clipped a car and was fired on. The “deed” was already done, yet the cops feared for their lives enough to start shooting *after* the fact that a *minor* accident happened. Also, the mother may not have been a witness to the actual shooting, but she was a witness to the goings on in the hospital.

    Anyway, I just thought you might appreciate a friendly and, hopefully, intelligent word. Take it easy and let the trolls feed themselves.

  • t.

    @Sand: I really hope someone was just impersonating you…just using your moniker.

    But to answer your question: Evidence could be “first hand” testimony / statements (directly involved parties such as suspects, officers, direct witnesses), physical evidence such as (in this incident) injuries to the officers, damage to the car(s), ballistic evidence, blood evidence, tire marks and video / audio evidence.
    My reason for questioning the story YOU presented starts with the simply preposterous nature of it. You openly suggest the these officers went there to execute some teenage drinkers.. That simple suggestion is, pardon the vulgarity, simply retarded in thought. Could there have been an over-reaction by the police? Maybe. Don’t you can’t even see that. To you it was for some reason, premeditated.
    Then I looked the ridiculous nature of the “mother’s” story of what happened at the hospital. What sounds more plausible: that the police and hospital staff of nurses and surgeons collaborated to hide this injured kid (who by the way…was shot 5 times and yet survived, without any care from the hospital according to mom) from his mom OR that mom was confused by the news and truamatic nature of what happened to her son?
    You, as a supposed “journalist” need to keep your emotions out of it. You can and will still have whatever bias (everyone does), but the emotional component is clouding your judgement and very clearly, your accuracy.

  • George Sand

    @JasonCB – thank you for the feedback. I appreciate your readership. I go back and forth on the language…some people love it, some people hate it. At any rate, I take all such suggestions into consideration. Thanks.

    @ Everyone else – I have not for one second to pretend to be anything other than what I am. I have never claimed to be a mouthpiece of of the police. I have never claimed that I give the police the benefit of the doubt, and I have never claimed that I will always represent all parties. I am a voice for the victims. They are constantly ignored, derided, and indeed, maligned by the mainstream media. I interview the victims because the mainstream media doesn’t seem to give a shit about them. The mainstream media claims to be fair and objective, but they never do an ounce of investigation beyond vomiting back up every damn word the police feed them. If that’s what you want, please don’t bother to read my articles any more. I am not writing for people who want another outlet to repeat what the police say verbatim. And please don’t pretend the mainstream media is some flawless, objective source of information, and claim that I am somehow deficient in comparison. That is just ridiculous.

  • justice

    Ok so.. whomever murdered this kid is going to be burned at the stake… correct? i’m not speaking metaphorically either.. That’s justice.. Tie the fucko to a telephone poll and light him the fuck up! No JUSTICE! Burnt Feet! No justice.!. burnt feet!

  • justice

    Ok so.. whomever murdered this kid is going to be burned at the stake… correct? i’m not speaking metaphorically either.. That’s justice.. Tie the fucko to a telephone poll and light him the fuck up! No JUSTICE! Burnt Feet! No justice.!. burnt feet!!

  • George Ruiz

    I see now people are starting to understand what has been happening in the poor community for years.
    Fucking police harass they shoot they beat poor people every day.
    These sons of bitches think they can do what ever they want because they have a badge and a gun, NWA said it in a popular song back in 1990 and the government tried to shut hem down.
    This has been going on since the 50s the biggest target for police is blacks and ,Because they stay silent and never have a voice for the media.
    Then when a cop gets shot it’s all over the news.
    That’s why the people rebelled over the Rodney King incident . They were tired of Police bull shit for years.
    Fuck The Police!

  • t.

    @Sand: You speak for the victim? What victim? The attempted murderer that got shot? Hardly a victim. You might be able to see that if you take out the emotion and put in some logic. The “story” you got from mommy ISN’T EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING !!! A big part of it doesn’t even make any sense….the part where the critically injured suspect was hidden in the hospital and denied care while he was interrogated. that is so incredible stupid that I can’t even believe you wrote it. He was shot 5 times, in critical condition,denied any care (so that he could be interrogated about under age drinking?) and yet he lives on. That means either he wasn’t so critically injured OR mommy got the story wrong…and you bought it all. Following your logic I’m gonna claim that the officers were assaulted with a deadly weapon (causing injury, the suspect also attempted to murder not only the officers but also the other 30 kids that were in the parking area as he drove at them at high speed. I will again follow your logic and say that the fearless officers should all receive Medals of Valor for saving the lives of those 30 other kids from this murderous assault by the suspect. Now my story may sound preposterous…. but from the story YOU wrote, there is way more reason to believe, and “facts” to support my hypothesis than there is your idea that the officers just showed up and shot a kid for underage drinking like “mommy” says happened. I guess I’ll give you some credit for taking on difficult stories, but lady you just make baseless statements…stories with no evidence at all. There are certainly instances of police abuse and misconduct. But the ones that you pick to write about ain’t them.

    @Ducks feet: You are buying into a false premise. Logic should tell you that none of this happened the way Sand wrote it. The story doesn’t even make sense. Think about it, don’t just buy what you are being sold.

  • horton

    curious as to what the officer’s injuries were. Were they treated in hospital? That should be easy to track

  • Common Sense

    I have always wondered why Sands does not offer her legal skills to Adam and his cohorts, free of charge of course.

    Then I read her articles and opinions and know why…

  • t.

    @Horton: That is a really good question…that kind of information would actually be evidence. Wonder why “mommy” didn’t tell Sand about it. Hmm.

  • Bhawna Koul

    Disgusting and shameless act of police!! I thought we had these special “law handling” personnel in India only.

  • TruthFinder…

    ACTUALLY PEOPLE… this kid hit COPS with is car while attempting to FLEE, he did not hit their cars. HE TRIED TO RUN PEOPLE OVER. Now I’m not a fan of a lot of cops, most are corrupt assholes, HOWEVER… I REFUSE to go spreading lies to prove a point. That’s no better, and I’d argue it’s worse, than corruption you say you’re fighting against.

    Do some fucking research before coming to your conclusions that the cops didn’t have a right to defend themselves.

    My god is this what humanity has come to?

    I know most people are IDIOTS, don’t care about the TRUTH and only want to react like pissy little children… but to say “execute the cops” and the shit that I see on here, without having done one iota of research…

    WOW, that’s just mind-boggling.

    I would only HOPE that if not for the truth’s sake, at the very least out of a sense of self-preservation, that you’d have higher expectations for yourselves.

    You people sit here and criticize corruption, lies and greed, yet you’re buying one big sack of lies in this story, my god the sheer irony of that.

    UGH, humanity is doomed.

  • Attaboyslim

    First, a note to Jason. You are a clown and need not be counted.

    This is the bottom line. Anytime there is a situation where the cops are involved, “they” are the only ones who have a say in the matter. It is always their word against the accused. There have been a multitude of instances (documented) where thew evidence was tampered with by those who are supposed to uphold the law. A cops word is always taken over the citizens and whether a crime was committed or not, it happened the way, “they” say it happened … period. I am certainly not saying every cop is a criminal but there are many and this is the one factor that ought to be considered … the kid was shot multiple times – the cops got a bruise. Who went to jail?

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  • Justin

    many cops are paranoid delusional and think that people are out to get them. I have had a gun drawn on me by a cop for stopping at a stop sign beside him. And another time for getting out of my car to ask a question during a traffic stop while they were questioning my friend about littering when i was 16 years old. Just my two cents.

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  • Unknown

    I know this was made a long time ago and that yall probably dont care but I was there… I was lied to along with the the victums mother and I can testify that everything george sand says is true. I was in that emergency room waiting for hours until we found out they moved him to another room. The nurse was the first one to tell us what happened the cops changed there story several times and to shoot the kid was very inhumane. I dont see how he is a threat I’m 5’3 150 pounds and I for sure can beat the kid up and I’m a female. So I don’t understand how they felt him to be dangerous for the need to shoot him.

  • Unknown

    you can’t believe everything you read in the paper, of course the paper is going to say HE hit the cops trying to “FLEE” why? because that is what the cops said at least in one of their versions. They have several witnesses saying the cops were over stepping their authority. If rosas “HIT” them why didn’t they chase him down, why did they just shoot him? He wasn’t shooting at them for them to feel threatened. I don’t understand why someone would be shot 5 times for leaving an underage party when cops get there uh hello kids run from cops at underage parties. Cops know this it’s happened for years now. You would think theyd be properly trained for any situation but instead they just said fuck it ill just shoot him till he stops.

  • Unknown

    @t. says
    I understand that non of this makes sense thats why it is hard to defend this kid. Thats just the thing though it doesn’t make sense because the cops have so many differnt versions of the “truth” I can tell you that george sand story might not make sense but it the truth I wasn’t at the party I, I know the witness who were and their claims of aarons version seem to be true I can only speak for my self and everything about the hospital was in fact correct. I lived it I was there when they refused to disclose the where about of Aaron I was there when they kept ms. rosas waiting in the emergency room for hours until she finally went to ask what happened to her son only to find out he was somewhere else in the hospital. I see how critically injured he was/is. I saw the cops they were in mint condition Nothing happened to the cops yet I drove this kid to therapy pushed him in a wheelchair all because he was underage drinking. How many kids underage drink? Should they all be shot?

  • Unknown

    You are an iggnorant son of a bitch claiming this is bad parenting asking where was the mother in all this first of all aaron didnt live with his mother second he’s 19 third of all you asked where shes was well you know where she was you dumb shit she was already in the hospital because her mother had just had a stroke. So no she wasn’t just asleep at home not caring you Stupid piece of shit you don’t know her don’t judge her she is a hard working single parent. You sir should be ashamed of yourself did you mother teach you to judge a person my the actions of their children.Did she teaach you to talk shit about of people you don’t know? If so I guess your mother was a lousy mother.

  • Attaboyslim

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; despite the erroneous claim by a previous comment that I am somehow a criminal, that this is just another case of Police brutality … period. Any Bozo, who takes the time to research the instances of the Cops using excessive force would understand this point. For those too lazy to do so, I suggest they simply look at their own Police force today. The military hardware, the tactical maneuvers, the use of a, “Riot Force”, complete with LRAD weapons, pepper spray … etc. If they are still too lazy to do that then perhaps they’ll think about the fact that we are supposed to be living in the United States of America.

    In this country, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and I’m pretty sure that this includes underage drinkers. We are supposed to have the right to assemble and protest but we are now designated to, “Free Speech Zones”. A free speech zone and our protection under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, covers every square inch of this country and law enforcement is not supposed to simply be a title. It is a responsibility. The responsibility is to, “Uphold the Law”.

    When the Police violate the rights of citizens and even underage drinkers and enforce these supposed Free Speech Zones then it is, ‘they’, who are the guilty ones. As we stand now, the self interests of our Political leaders and the blatant criminality of the Police; acting as a military unit, is two of our biggest threats. The single biggest variable here is the fact that the Police can legally use deadly force and considered justifiable. The fact that they also control the crime scene and the reports on them are solely at their discretion, despite evidence to the contrary should be reason for concern.

    And finally, the well known fact that they are human beings and thus, capable of lying which they have been proven to do which results in innocent people being convicted cannot be overlooked. For the people who are still too lazy to try any of my other suggestions, I offer you a challenge … at your own risk. (Use a BB or pellet gun please), reenact this scenario with a neighbor, shoot them five times and claim they tried to hit you with an automobile and send us a letter from Prison. That is when you’ll finally understand the severity of an unfair practice of law enforcement.

  • eileen

    He’s actually my neighbor I would see I’m around since he was eleven or so. Always a quiet young man. I remember his mom actually had a neighborhood watch. when I heard about this I was like wow someone tried to be run over a police officer. I eventually hear it was hint and I couldn’t believe it he did not seem the type at alllll. A couple of days after I saw him he said his leg was shattered and had rods inside his leg. I’m glad he was able to get out and I hope the truth comes out. I saw him today actually and u can tell his leg is stiff. :-\

  • eileen

    I meant him not hint :-(

  • Chris K.

    If you want trouble, call the cops– If you want justice, call the Hells Angels. Its sad to see the late great United States become the United States of Zionist Isreal.

  • Great post.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    time to execute thugs with badges

  • Mavest147

    Are you seriously that mentally fucking deranged mate? You’re probably one of the fucking cops who shot him you retarded fuck there is no evidence whatsoever of this poor defenseless kid doing ANYTHING AT ALL to harm the fucking police officers. The police officers made some bullshit claim that he did. What makes the claim bullshit? The fact that they changed their claim to something else almost immediately after, then they made up another story, and then they fucking changed it again. That makes it blindingly obvious that they’re talking shit to cover their fucking asses, because that’s what happens when you lie while telling a story, IT FUCKING CHANGES.
    “You people sit here and criticize corruption, lies and greed, yet you’re buying one big sack of lies”
    The only thing we’re buying is the witness testimonies from everyone at the fucking crime scene who don’t actually have anything to hide when they tell their stories. Grow the fuck up.