Thank You & Why I was Released from Jail

Three weeks ago today Pete Eyre was assaulted, handcuffed and dragged from a public building, then put in a cage because he wore a hat inside ‘the’ courtroom. The following day, at Pete’s arraignment, I spoke out against Edward Burke’s (the judge) decision to keep him locked up. The judge ordered Pete to remain in jail because he refused to ID himself and shortly after sentenced me to 60 days in jail for my outburst.

So how did I get released early? Well, with so many great activists doing so many different things to free me, it’s impossible to say exactly what it was and a mix of everything is likely the answer. People were calling the jail, writing letters to Burke, protesting, making videos, filing motions, contacting media and much much more. A big thanks is in order for JJ, Andrew “280”, Aubern, Tayna, Carolyn, George, Smeg, Ian, my family  and of course my boy — Pete. These guys are one kick ass team (not to undermine those who helped them — everyone did a great job and I’m so grateful to have support from so many) and I really value the support we show one another.

The last straw of the whole ordeal came on day 16 when a motion to reconsider my sentence was heard in Keene District court. See video:

After the hearing, I spent another 4 hours in jail and was released; no reason was given, just a signed piece of paper that said ‘time served’ and out I went. Again, I want to thank EVERYONE who showed support for me while caged. I’m trying to get back to everyone who sent me letters, books and/or money, it may take time but I’ll do my best. If I miss anyone I’m sorry.

I don’t get much time off from judges and courtrooms because Pete and I have court in Massachusetts this Friday. So, hopefully that goes smoothly and we can get back to focusing on and work, we have some great ideas and are eager to complete them.  I also wrote some blogs and kept a diary while in jail so I’ll be publishing something from that next week, stay tuned and keep fighting the good fight. Much love — Ademo

Ademo Freeman

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