A Message from Spokane CopBlock Founder Adam Murray

Spokane, Washington

Hello my name is Adam Murray,

I guess you can call me the founder of Spokane CopBlock, I’m writing this to give you an idea of my motivation to start Spokane CopBlock and maybe to give you some motivation to start one in your city. First off my writing skills are not the best so bare with me…

I myself have had my far share of run-ins with the police – some good, some bad. I also now know that during most of the bad ones I had my rights trampled all over, and if I knew what I do now they could have ended much different.

I have been following CopBlock for about a year or so now and the main story that inspired me was the video of Mike from West High School in Manchester, NH, where Mike’s friend Frank get’s slammed into the table.

[Original post with related videos viewable at: http://www.copblock.org/manchh. Ademo Freeman currently faces three felony wiretapping charges from his follow-up to Darren Murphy’s actions: http://copblock.org/decades-for-accountability]

That story reminded me of my school years and how great it was that they had someone to reach out to like Pete and Ademo for help, and how it would have been nice to have someone like that to help when I was young.

I guess what I’m looking for out of Spokane CopBlock is to show both sides. Not just bad cops but good cops and how they are no different than you or me, as we all know that badges don’t grant extra rights. Also to teach people their rights because there are so many that have no idea of there rights and just let cops push them around like bullies.

Adam Murray



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