Miami Police Sergeant indicted on nine felony counts

Police are certain things, universally. They are liars and thieves, and they have the power to ruin lives. Until the system is changed by the people in this country, incidents like this will continue to happen on a daily basis.


-From the Huffington Post

Raul Iglesias, 40, a City of Miami police sergeant, has been indicted on nine felony counts, including civil rights violations, conspiracy to posses with intent to distribute crack cocaine, obstruction of justice, and making false statements.

According to the indictment, posted below, on January 27, 2010, Iglesias asked fellow officers if they had any “throw-down dope” when no contraband was found in a suspect’s possession. A bag of cocaine was then planted on the suspect, leading to his arrest.

Iglesias also reportedly stole money and drugs from crime scenes, and lied to federal investigators — all while serving as supervisor of an anti-narcotics unit targeted on crime suppression in the Miami neighborhood of Allapattah.

The 18-year police veteran faces 20 years in prison if convicted, according to CBS Miami.

The Miami Herald reports that Iglesias has been suspended without pay since 2010, when one of his detectives, Roberto Asanza, was arrested and struck a plea deal with feds in exchange for ratting out his rogue sergeant.

City of Miami’s Major Delrish L. Moss released the follow statement:

“Anytime a member of law enforcement stands accused of running afoul of the law that he or she has sworn to uphold, it is both disappointing and disheartening. The situation involving Sergeant Raul Iglesias is no exception.

This profession is filled with dedicated, honest, and hard-working men and women, who day in and day out, commit themselves to protecting and serving with integrity, and it is important to convey that this 2010 case is in no way a reflection of the rest of the law enforcement community.”

The Miami Police Department has worked hand-in-hand with the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office since the beginning of this investigation that dates back to 2010. Let me make it clear, we take these allegations seriously. At the same time, we recognize that these are only accusations currently, and that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.The Miami New Times reports that he is the fifth Miami cop to face drug charges since 2010.


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