7 years and $550K later, officer still on paid vacation

What a great job this person has. He is paid 80k a year to not work as a police officer. Since he started in 1994, I would assume that his 20 years before retirement should be coming up in around three years. While I do not blame the officer for the town paying him, I am curious as to who should be held accountable.

According to the Sun Sentinel:

The Davie Police Department hasn’t let Officer Kevin Kilpatrick report to duty for seven years — but still pays him $80,275 annually.

He has made more than $550,000 for not working.

Kilpatrick, 41, has been investigated on accusations involving a domestic abuse call cover-up as well as a DUI charge. The department fired him twice, and twice he won his job back — once from an arbitrator, once from a federal judge.

“There was nothing wrong with him,” said Romin Currier, Kilpatrick’s attorney. “This guy was completely railroaded by the department.”

Under the settlement in the federal case, Kilpatrick was supposed to return to work and get a job behind a desk.

Kilpatrick, who was hired in February 1994, has said all along that he wanted to come back to work. But his attorney says the town has put “hoops” in Kilpatrick’s way, insisting that he complete a polygraph even though that was not part of the settlement. Town officials have since backed down, but are now requiring him to complete his recertification as a police officer so that he can return to work.


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