Cop Shoves Loaded Gun in Subdued Man’s Back


The Drug War strikes again. This suspect allegedly had some pot on him, likely for sale.  This article describes what allegedly occurred.  In other news, the liquor store down the street sold hundreds or thousands of  gallons of intoxicating beverages described as the most dangerous drug on earth.



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  • t

    Thanks for the great video of yet another cop….DOING IT RIGHT !!!

    Great job officer. Glad the woman in the bachground helped you by appealing to all to obey those commands.

  • certain

    Yes T, possession of a bit of plant material by some young kids is absolutely a reason for the use of deadly force.

    Reasoning like that is why people call you mentally defective.

  • dick

    well i feel safer now. so what was the crime. i saw no property damage, theft or violence. oops. i guess i forgot about the cop aggression.

  • Maurice Clemmons Devil Slayer

    Connecticut? Let me see? Yep, that’s the right state. Officer Roger Newton, New London, Conn. Planting drugs on a man after a traffic stop. Here’s the video:

  • t.

    Weapons & illegal drugs (of any kind) go together. This officer had 2 suspects. One physically resisting (btw love the false use of the word “subdued” in the articles title…nice). One failing to obey commands. I crowd around him that may very well be associates of the suspects or at least friendly to him. Judging just on the video, the officers use of both physical force and the pointing of his firearm was both justified and wise.

    @certain: if you or anyone wants to run the risk of arrest to do whatever it is that is illegal, go ahead. Resistance at the time of your arrest is also your choice. Don’t blame the police for YOUR choices.

  • jpcfourth


    Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

    You are one timid guy, t.

  • t.

    Ah, quote the slave owner on freedom. Good call.

    But you have me very, very wrong. If you look at my history of comments on this site, I consistently call for calm, from all parties. I don’t want “street justice”. Why? One big reason is you can’t fix dead. Things can be worked out in court. I don’t want ANYONE to get hurt. But having said that, your choice to fight/run/resist is exactly that, your choice. Blaming the police for your resistance is dumb at best.

  • Hey

    t. your babble and dribble is getting the best of you. ;)

  • certain

    I just love the “because he’s a cop, doing a cop’s job, he is totally correct in all actions” reasoning. Cops decide which laws to enforce and who to enforce them against all day long. So he decided to hassle the kids because of some weed. Something that isn’t even really viewed as criminal most places. And rather than let them run off and find them later, or just forget about it, he will escalate things to deadly force.
    Over weed. And moron wal-mart guards like T will say, “ooh, ooh, resisting, resisting, you’re allowed to kill them now”. LOL freaking defectives.

  • Common Sense

    Again, another video showing proper action. Before too long Copblock will have more posters that are for the police than against at this rate.

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    so he decided to make the arrest without proper back up or even handcuffs? how hard is it to keep the guy in sight and call for properly equipped back up? ill bet it never even came to mind. he saw someone who was in contempt of cop and decided that person was going to get a lesson. if the cam hadnt been there ive a feeling at least one of those kids would be in the hospital or dead.


    Subdued??????….. All I see is a cop giving SEVERAL orders which we very slow to be followed…. in a video we know NOTHING about…again.

  • Chris Mallory

    t, I just hope when the time of justice comes that you and all your buddies remember that “you made your choices” line. “Just following orders” won’t save the lot of you from the noose.

  • t.

    @certain: Dude do you try to sound stupid? Nobody has ever said anything like that. This is a short video, and there is noway of knowing if it has been edited. YOU forget where you are watching this video, on this site, there is a VERY good chance that it has been edited. YOU can not speak intelligently concerning why this officer took this action (truth be told, I’ve honestly don’t remember you speaking very intelligently about any topic other than maybe spelling or grammar). You are tainted by your hatred of the police. And honestly I am probably bias by my experiences. And he didn’t “escalate things to deadly force.”. There wasn’t any use of deadly force. And…guess what there goofball…no one got killed. Idiot.

    @Mr.B.: Where did you get “contempt of cop?”. Your buying into other someone else misdirection. And yes, in a nice perfect world you wait for back up. And you get a uniformed guy (costumed for you cop blockers) in a marked car, to make that arrest. But you are laboring under the same problem as @certain…you only have a little bit of information. YOU have no idea what happened prior to the video starting. Of course that wouldn’t stop either of you from condemning ANY police action.

    @Chris: What?? You are the perfect example of why there are calls for more and more police. Your complete lack of any personal accountability, your belief in “the most important rights are my rights” and your complete lack of any respect for your fellow man, your total selfishness aren’t going to be respected by anyone. Mr. and Mrs. America don’t want you victimizing them. They want me there, keeping you away. I hope your fantasy is comforting to you though.

  • Common Sense


    nice one.

  • Justin

    Great cop work. It’s nice to see the public supporting him.

    I dont understand why you are keying on the “loaded gun in the back of the subdued perp” though? Neither of the perps is “subdued”.

  • Anti Cop

    Well, as we all know… “Common Sense” and Mr. “T” will never admit to any cop doing anything wrong! Don’t forget what their daily motto is…

    “Cops Can Do NO Wrong!”

    What else can you expect from a couple of “Badge Bully” cops like them. I have NO doubt in my mind that both of them have broken the law in one way, shape, form or manner… and then they come here and post with their “Holier than Thou” attitude.

    Anti Cop

  • t.

    @A.C.: Think what you will but that isn’t an accurate statement. I openly admit that there is police misconduct and occasional abuses. My point is that in nearly every post on this site…what is being shown isn’t misconduct by the police. In this video we only see the END of this situation. We have no idea about what lead up to is point. You want to act like this officerhad his gun screwed into this guys ear, threatening to blow his head off. Nothing like that happened. Yeah, he had his gun out (a pretty good call from what we are seeing here), and it did end up pointed at this guys back (no law broken in that), but only when the officer was shifting around to insure that the suspect stayed down while he dealt with the other resistant suspect.

    You are very falsely accusing me. I want and demand police accountability. My time as an investigator included investigations into officer and former officers who did it wrong. The results are a stack of certifications that got yanked….they will never be officers again. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put them in jail, but that happens with citizens everyday to.

    Dude, I want accountability for and from ALL. Many on this site believe only that the police do wrong…and that is flat out stupid.

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