NYPD Detective Suspended After Man Found Tied Up in His Garage

Ondre Johnson, a 17 year veteran of the New York’s Brooklyn North Gang Unit, was suspended from the police force after a 25-year-old man was found restrained in his basement. The man was being held for $75,000 ransom according to The New York Daily News.

When officers received a tip about the kidnapping, they were able to “ping” the cell phone being used by the captors to demand the ransom money. This led them to Johnson’s home. They searched the home and found the bound man, four suspects in Johnson’s basement and safes containing materials used to make bogus credit cards.

Johnson, himself a detective, claimed to know nothing about the activity going on under his house. The four additional adults downstairs who were holding the prisoner captive were identified as Johnson’s cousin, Hakeem Clark, and three accomplices. All four were taken into custody and charged with kidnapping, attempting to collect ransom and possession of a weapon.

Johnson himself has avoided charges… strangely.


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