Ademo Freeman Remains Resolute: Let the Circus Begin!

This post was written by Ademo Freeman and transcribed by Clyde Voluntaryist of

Yesterday, July 27th, I was transported from my cell at Valley Street jail to my final pre-trial conference regarding my felony wiretapping charges. While there, I took the time to point out that the “state” regularly cuts deals with people who have actually harmed others, yet seems dead set on having a trial for my bogus charges, charges that could land me in prison for 9-21 years. To see the entire hearing from Friday, click here.

While in the court, I asked the judge why I hadn’t been offered a plea deal and Mr. Brown, the “judge,” suggested the state offer one in order to resolve the matter before trial.

Shortly after I left the court room, Michael Valentine, the DA, came to see me in the basement of the courthouse. He brought with him the “state’s” plea deal which was 12 months in Valley Street with 6 months suspended, meaning I wouldn’t have to serve half the time unless I messed up according to their arbitrary rules. He also wanted 1-2 years of prison time, which would be suspended for two years, and no contact with any of the three people I “wiretapped.” I told him there was no way I’d take a plea that involved any amount of time behind bars.

We went back and forth for several minutes on a number of things but the conversation ended with Michael saying he’ll come visit me in Valley Street on Monday, July 30th. Over the weekend, he said he’s check with his “bosses” and the “victims” about a 1-2 year prison sentence, which would be suspended for two years pending good behavior – something I wanted clearly defined.

Here’s how I see the offer: it’s a stellar deal if I actually thought what I had done was wrong. If I were facing 9-21 years for anything else and was offered a 1-2 year suspended sentence, I’d sign it immediately. And it should be noted that having two years of good behavior is no big deal because I have the same terms for the next two years (or I return to Valley Street for ten months) on the resisting/chalking arrest. So, that really doesn’t matter.

Yet, by the time this is published to and other blogs, I’ll have refused Michael’s offer and here’s why. First, I can’t go against my principles and sign a deal that says I acknowledge my actions as wrong or illegal. Second, I’m not a hypocrite. How can I advocate refusing plea deals and sign one myself? I don’t judge anyone who has taken pleas because each case/charge is different. Third, I am confident I can show a jury, with facts and logic, that I shouldn’t be caged for my actions.

So, unless Michael Valentine or the judge decides to drop my charges completely, I say, “let the circus begin!” I know this choice could end up with a guilty verdict and those mentioned above could give me worse than the plea deal, but just like I said in my video blog before being caged: “My mind is free and my conscience is clear. I haven’t harmed anyone and I’ve done what I feel is right.” Let me add, I’ll be an activist of freedom no matter where I live, until the day I die.

I want to thank everyone who has shown and continues to show me support through these recent cases and I hope to see a packed courtroom August 13th for my trial.

Much love,



Call Michael Valentine and Kenneth Brown and encourage them to drop the threats levied at Ademo: (603) 669-7410

To help Ademo & learn more about his situation visit:

Ademo has jury selection on Monday, August 6th. Friends plan to be on the ground to show support and do jury outreach – inform them of their ability to nullify bad laws [Facebook event].

His trial slated to begin the following Monday, August 13th [Facebook event].

Both the outreach and trial will be held at:

Hillsborough County Superior Court North

300 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH 03101


Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

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  • I know the feeling man, I was falsely accused of assult ( becouse of where I work) cost over 5k in lawyer fee’s to defend(I won) but at a cost to my health. Now its payback time…..I will post any and everything I can find/see/hear about cops…the good the bad and the ugly are on NOTICE..

    Badgeabuse Admin…

  • If they attempt to bring a willful charge against you, you have a perfect defense to it.

    You based your decisions on your interpretation of the law, and Appellate Court rulings regarding Recording Public Officials.

    The law must be interpreted in your favor because you are the clearly designated, and expressly intended beneficiary of the Social Compact known as the Constitution for the united States of America.

    That document is invaluable… Save it, print it, copy it, send it to everyone you know.

  • Common Sense

    The question is, if you were innocent, then why would you want a deal?

    I don’t know, you might just be spending a few more birthdays on prison…

  • Tweedro

    Good Karma to you my friend and Good Luck. Your right and You’ll show it.

  • Blither

    Stay strong, man. You’re a hero – don’t ever forget it.

  • spirit of 46

    What the heck? Are they talking wire-tapping because you recorded cops and other public officials? If so write a letter to that judge that already said Americans can do this and ask him to get you the heck out of there.

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  • Steve H.

    I noticed that the prosecutor conveniently left out the “expectation of privacy” exception in the jury instructions. You want to make sure that this becomes one of the primary issues.

    Do government employees have an “expectation of privacy” in any of their conversations with the public. My belief is that they don’t especially when one of the parties to the conversation agrees to the interception of communication. NH has an “expectation of privacy” exception but without a good 1st Amendment attorney, Ademo is going to get caught up in the technicalities of legal argument (s).

    If it was me and I was representing myself, I would demand a continuance so that I could work on this when I was out of jail. Also, I would make a flurry of motions, one to suppress evidence and one to dismiss charges and anything else you can think of like change of venue and changing judges, denial of due process. A suppression of evidence hearing has to proven by the State, that they had probable cause etc. to acquire the evidence. This will all gum up the works and delay the trial until they get tired of you.

  • G. Asher

    As always, CS has an idiotic thing to say. There are reasons that innocent people are frequently convicted via plea deals. It is largely a matter of money and a matter of fear. You go into a criminal court knowing the deck is stacked against you, you go in knowing that juries are often hand selected, and you go in with very limited funds as opposed to the state, which has all the money it wants.

    Ademo, crank up the speakers and dance:

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  • Common Sense

    The larger question is, where is all the support for your freedom fighter?

    No rallies by Ron Paul? No influx of cash for a $300/hr attorney? Several times, Adam asked for money for his ‘defense’ but as of yet, he has no defense; he didn’t get any money, or he spent it on Taco Bell and weed. Non-Attorney Marc wrote a form letter for him, I’m sure that burned him for a $500 bucks, but where the public defender? Oh, that’s right, Adam is going to defend himself? To my knowledge, the state isn’t going to drop the case and the notion of ‘jury nullificaiton’ is a pipe dream.

    Adam is probably rethinking his current position? How long does he really want to spend in a cement box? This 30 year old man-child needs to grow up. If you’re innocent, why would you ‘agree’ to be sent to prison? I wouldn’t. You wouldn’t, you’d fight, just like your Mortal Combat theme, and you’d want your day in court.

    Unless, unless, you know, deep down, your actually fucked and are just looking at getting a reduced sentence, then you call Monty Hall. That’s fine, have at it. But looking at the way Adam now writes, he’s done. Take your football and go home. Sadly, 5 minutes of research into reading what was legal, and illegal could have prevented all this.

    He’ll cut a deal shortly and fade away…

  • jason

    Oh God! Oh God! My ribs hurt from laughing. Hey Enema or Adema or whatever your name is, you better start doing some Keegle exercises because snapping your O-ring back into its original dimensions might be a challenge. Wouldn’t wanna mess your prison blues every time you cough or sneeze. Just kidding. You’ll get used to the forced sex from large strangers in no time at all. Stick to your guns. Defend yourself. Attorneys are for pussies. So far, your legal prowess how guided you well (obviously). If you need money for commissary so you can make Dorito burritos or Ramen noodle pizza with ketchup packets, get ahold of Ron Paul. He’ll dump a fat check in your account, payable in gold bouillion.

  • Yankee Fan

    I have to admit I have laughed as well from blistering, hot Sacramento. I love the Monty Hall reference, Common Sense. There is nothing better than seeing him take back the 600 dollar watch and then count out 15 100 dollar bills only to open the door to see that the poor shmuck won a garbage can for each day of the week. A real american classic game show but putting that aside for a moment. I found this to use as an example about what I have said before about exercising common sense and it is the Florida wiretapping law. Mind you it is just an example but if you check out the link and read you will get to the portion about what it says about recording telephone calls and any in person, I think it speaks volumes.

    I still do not believe he needs to get the book tosses at him but lets knock off this victimless shit and start acting like adults. Even the most primative of peoples living in the deepest, remotest parts of the Amazonian rain forest will adopt rules to live by. Fail at them and good bye. 5th graders organizing kickball games will have rules even though it is a game, break them and they will send you packing. He made a call to someone, recorded it and did not do what he should have done and that is exercise common sense if he called someone in a place they do have an expectation of privacy and if he is not 100% sure then get permission as at a minium they do have a right to say…..”I do not wish to be recorded” and by him recording the conversation he showed no respect for the rights of that person he recorded and if he is in an office he has a right to some level of privacy. If this was a case of him recording with an Iphone then no way does he get convicted but this quasi anarchist, lets abolish all rules mentaluity needs tos top because all civilized societies have them and without them no society has a chance of survival.

  • certain

    Hey Yank, proper use of grammar and punctuation is a rule of this site. So get out.

  • Bob

    Proper use of grammar and punctuation? I have seen some of the worse grammar and punctuation from the copblock people posting on here. What really bothers him is that “Yank” tells the truth. I have seen a LOT of the opposite of that on here from the copblock people. Just go back and read about the police in SF executing a handcuffed man. That was a lie. How about kicking that author off here? He is still at it and so is Wes Freeman who also lied on here. Oops – I just told a truth. Am I allowed to do that on here?

  • Joe

    This is funny. Trying to make a point instead of getting a job like normal people and now you are stuck behind bars. You know…maybe if you just obeyed the law and kept your mouth shut like normal people you wouldn’t be in this situation.

  • Yankee Fan

    Way to win your arguement certain. As I have stated before you are the name calling type that has the total inability to formulate a well reasoned take. You call people stupid heads then promptly fold your arms across your chest and try to act as if you just dropped the burn of a lifetime. I have learned the easiest way to deal with persons such as yourself is to ask simple questions such as:

    1. Did he or did he not make a phone call and record it without receiving permission to do so? If yes then he made a mistake and now has to answer for it and if no then my arguement is moot.

    See how easy that is to try and engage someone in an open and honest debate. If you have bothered to read, I am no cop and do not know cops at all but I do despise those that wish for disbandment of all civil authority and the government behind it because of their anarchist/quasi anarchist ways. In all my years on gods green earth, I have never felt oppressed by the man or felt stepped on by the local heat. I despise the politicians that run the Asylum as they suck but I keep voting and moving on.

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  • The sad thing is your Ademo your going to be Convicted in a Kangaroo Court, the Dirty Court hand picks the Jury and the instructions given to the Jury will be ones that will surely convict you. I appreciate what your doing, but no one want’s to step up for other citizen’s. They pick us off one by one because we arfe so divided in America. Good Luck in Kangaroo Court. If I would you I would Demand the Fluoride to be removed from the drinking water they are supplying you. It is cruel and Unuasual Punishment to add drugs to an Inmates water suppley

  • Hypocrite Police

    Since Ian is so enthusiastic about their friends breaking laws that he and his friends seem are invalid, I challenge him to challenge the FCC and allow people curse on the air.

    bet he wont.

    Yet, he’s all behind you Ademo! He’s perfectly willing to sacrafice YOUR freedom to stand up against the oppressive government …

    … when he refuses to do it himself, at the expense of his radio program.

    you dont want to be a hypocrite? I say, join the club.

  • t.

    Y.F.: Just so you know, @certain is the spelling police. He never has anything useful, inciteful or provocative to add, so he goes on and on about spelling on a blog site. Quite sad actually.

    What’s er happens to Ademo happens. He made his choices..and now it’s pay up time. Take the deal or don’t. Use your day in court. Spend / waste other peoples tax money (since you don’t pay into the system).

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