Ademo’s Jury Selection Done, Trial In One Week

MANCHESTER, NH – Today Ademo Freeman was shackled and transported from Valley Street Jail, where he’s been since July 11th, to Hillsborough County Superior Court, where he participated in his jury selection process per the three counts of wiretapping prosecutor Michael Valentine (603-627-5605) has levied against him for the dastardly act of being a journalist and following-up on misdeeds done by public official Darren Murphy.

Though Ademo, donning his blue jail jumpsuit, wasn’t able to speak with those present, he did turn and give a big smile. He’s in good spirits.

After less than an hour, 15 individuals had been screened as jurors or alternates. Ademo’s trial is slated to begin next Monday, August 13th. Supporters will be outside at 8am and the “circus”, as Ademo’s called it, will begin at 9am.

Hillsborough County Superior Court North
300 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Prior to the activity inside the courtroom, a couple dozen friends of Ademo friends gathered outside both as a show of support and to hand information about jury nullification to potential jurors. While some coldly passed without acknowledging the presence of a friendly human being, many were receptive. Or at least they knew they might have a lot of down-time and realized that having some literature to read wouldn’t be all-bad.

For complete background on this situation, contact info, and ways YOU can help Ademo, visit:

Here are a couple of videos from the day:



As reported by, Ademo’s situation has thus far gotten picked-up in the front page of NH’s most-circulated newspaper, the Union Leader as well as Huffington Post’s front page,, the front page of, and is the most viewed story of all time on CNN iReport. Solid.

Pete Eyre

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