Union Leader Coverarge of Ademo’s Legal Land Journey

Ademo’s situation has lately been gathering a lot of attention, which isn’t too surprising per the insane threats levied at him – 21-years in a cage for recording public officials who were on the clock.

Not only did Ademo not act in the wrong, he should be lauded for his actions. He pointed-out that Darren Murphy, who had slammed a 17-year old student onto a table for uttering an explicative, was not held accountable due to the fact that he works the Manchester Police Department. No one has extra rights, especially those with badges who claim to serve and protect.

In this video Clyde Voluntaryist, founder of NeverTakeAPlea.org and CarolinasCopBlock.org, reads two articles from The Union Leader to help bring everyone up to speed on Ademo’s situation.

The first article, CopBlock wiretap case to go to trial, appeared on the front page yesterday. The second article, Protestors hand out leaflets during jury selection in wiretapping case, was published on the fifth page of the front section today.

For more: http://copblock.org/freeademo

Join us next Monday, August 13th outside Hillsborough County Superior Court in Manchester, NH to support Ademo. We’ll be doing jury outreach at 8am and the “circus” is set to begin at 9am.



Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of CopBlock.org. As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

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  • Common Sense

    5th page? Great job!

    And on the 1st page…

    August 07. 2012 9:45AM
    Multi-agency drug sweep nets 23 arrests in NH, Mass.
    Union Leader Correspondent
    RAYMOND – Twenty-three people are in custody between New Hampshire and Massachusetts after a morning-long drug sweep coordinated between multiple agencies.

    Attorney Jim Reams said all of those arrested are being charged with the sale of a variety of drugs, ranging from marijuana to heroin.

    Reams said nine different types of drugs were seized at 16 different locations during the morning’s sweep.

    One suspect, Dixie Bregy, 31, of 77 Myrtle St., Apt. 2, Manchester, is still at large, and Reams said police are hoping she will turn herself in.

    The sweep focused on the towns of Raymond and Epping, where the majority of arrests were made.

    Law-enforcement agencies involved include the Raymond, Epping, Plaistow, Kingston, Salem and Danville police departments, as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

    “We began this investigation in Raymond and it spread from there because the sale of drugs and the use of drugs does not follow town boundaries,” Rockingham County Attorney Jim Reams said during a press conference at Torrent Hall in Raymond Tuesday afternoon.

    Reams said the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department created a drug task force about a year ago at the request of local law-enforcement agencies to try to halt the sale of drugs in the county.

    “And this sweep today put a dent in illegal drug sales in Rockingham County,” Reams said.

    A total of 21 people were arrested in New Hampshire on Tuesday morning, and most were scheduled for arraignment in Rockingham County Superior Court on Tuesday afternoon, Reams said. Two others are being held in Massachusetts.

    Reams said it is the cooperation between all departments, especially in a time of tight budgets, that made the sweep a success.

    “We hope we put a dent in drug sales here and we hope the message is out there that law enforcement in this county and in this state are going to work together to try and make our streets safer for everybody,” Reams said.

    In total, Reams said the 24 suspects face a total of 32 indictments. As of Tuesday afternoon, he did not know the quantity of drugs seized. He said they also had some search warrants for weapons, but he had not received a return on those warrants at the time of the press conference.

    Raymond Police Chief David Salois said although all of the arrests are for drugs, they also represent a cutdown in the number of burglaries and thefts a small town like his has to respond to, as those crimes are “fuel for the fire” for people on drugs.

    He said any drug bust is a high-level drug bust for a small community.

    Reams said he would not characterize the drug sales as an organized ring, but he said many of those arrested were familiar with each other and with law enforcement.

    Reams said over half of the indictments are for the sale of the prescription drug Oxycodone.

    Over 60 law-enforcement officers on 10 teams simultaneously conducted the sweep.

    Following is a list of those arrested:

    Simon Ackerman, 21, of 339 West Road, Hampstead, for sale of Oxandrolone
    Sarah Castine, 18, of 93 Jenness Road, Epping, for sale of Oxycodone, two counts
    James Castine, 19, of 93 Jenness Road, Epping, for sale of Oxycodone
    Mark Farrell, 27, of 14 Epping St., No., 7, Raymond, for sale of Buprenorphine, two counts
    Andrew Howard, 23, of 6 Regina Ave., Raymond, for sale of Oxycodone, four counts
    Keith Kapustin, 37, of 44 Barberry Lane, Raymond, for sale of Oxycodone
    James Levesque, 25, of 10 Donald St., Raymond, for sale of marijuana
    Aliza Kenny, 20, of 56 Judith St., Danville, for sale of marijuana, two counts
    Jonathan Murphy, 23, of 12 Smith Pond Road, Raymond, for sale of Oxycodone, two counts
    Samantha Norton, 27, of 82 Prescott Road, Raymond, for sale of heroin
    Billy-Jo Miller, 19, of 10 Epping St., No. 2, Raymond, for sale of Buprenorphine
    Joshua Marion, 21, of 16 Shattagee Road, Raymond, for sale of marijuana
    Jennifer Morin, 31, of 296 Howe St., Methuen, Mass., for sale of Oxycodone
    Rebecca Norton, 25, of 82A Prescott Road, Raymond, for sale of Buprenorphine
    Gregory Pacheco, 28, of 86 Plaistow Road, Plaistow, for sale of marijuana
    Harvey Page, 58, of 16 Mary Ave., Raymond, for sale of Alprazolam and Oxycodone
    Charlie Philbrick, 28, of 12 Epping St., No. 4, Raymond, for sale of cocaine and Oxycodone
    Frank Powers, 44, of 30 Dyson Drive, Salem, for sale of Oxycodone
    Michael Page, 21, of 16 Mary Ave., Raymond, for sale of heroin
    Tyler Sadler, 18, of 18 Bridle Lane, Epping, for sale of Oxycodone, three counts
    Sharon Norton, of 82 Prescott Road, Raymond, for sale of drug reported to be heroin.
    Thomas Wallace, 23, of 44 Barberry Lane, Raymond, for sale of Hydromorphone
    Jennifer Landry, 40, of 105 Blue Heron Drive, Portsmouth, for sale of heroin.

    (seems even the Union Leader knows what’s really important…)

  • Mr. Bawkbagawk

    i get it! Common Sense’s alias is IRONIC! GJ dude you slipped that one right by me.

  • NJ Cop Robert Melia Taped Having Sex with Cows

    To paraphrase the late Hunter Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird go to New Jersey.” That’s the only way to explain the case of Moorestown policeman Robert Melia. Last year, he and his former girlfriend, Heather Lewis, were arrested for sexual assaulting three young girls over a five-year period.

    While this may be depraved enough, detectives found what a true degenerate Melia is after they searched his home. On his computer they found a video of a girl being sexually assaulted. They also found video of Melia — get this — having sex with cows.

    Since beastiality is not technically a crime in New Jersey, investigators charged Melia with animal cruelty. And this, believe it or not, is where our story gets even weirder. Under state law, a prosecutor must prove the animal was tormented to in cruelty cases. Which led to a rather unusual argument in the court room…

    Police say Heather Lewis also molested the three girls
    ​Burlington County assistant prosecutor Kevin Morgan was left to assert that forcing a cow to give you a blowjob — especially a young, innocent calve, which is what Melia fancied — fit the definition of cruelty. “I think any reasonable juror could infer that a man’s penis in the mouth of a calf is torment,” he told the judge. “It’s a crime against nature.”

    But that’s when Judge James J. Morley went a little weird on his own. He waxed philosophically about the mental powers of cows, noting that they couldn’t actually talk — a breakthrough observation — and thus had no way of expressing whether they liked giving degenerate cops blowjobs or not. And given that the jury had no way of reading the five cows’ minds — yes, Melia is a serial cow rapist — there’s no way the prosecution could prove the cows were tormented.

    Melia walked.

    He’s still facing charges for molesting the three girls, but he’s likely beat his biggest legal hurdle. It’s bad enough to be sent to the pen as a child rapist. But being a cow rapist would certainly preclude membership invites from the finest Aryan gangs. They do have their tandards.


  • MValentine@hcao.net

    Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Michael G. Valentine’s email–


    – OR –


    Give him a shout out!

    (Don’t forget to ask him if he’s a franklin pierce law center grad. Most of these local crooks are. One of the worst law schools in the country. He doesn’t sound like no rocket scientist in the Youtubes I’ve seen, that’s for sure.)

    Found this — http://mih4u.org/green/?page_id=79 — via googling! Yes kids, it’s ethics time! Pay attention children to this important presentation on being a good boy from your local bailed out foreclosing mortgage fraudster-in’ Wells Fargo bankster plus selfish overpaid shyster bureaucrat Mike Valentine of the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office! Super ethical lessons in good behavior to include a case studies in securitizing never-to-be-paid, worthless ghetto mortgages and dumping them on the US taxpayer for face value and bringing felony charges totaling 27 years in prison for the heinous crime of posting a few snippets of harmless phone calls with town employees on Youtube, and then sticking you with the court bill!

    What would you do kids?!!! (Hopefully fall asleep or something, while the local lying lawyer drones on about being good when everyone knows his whole life is corrupt and pointless.)

  • Centurion

    What the fuck do these people have anything to do with Ademo Common Moron. I can come up with the same amount of cops caught with drugs too and write a Novel about it that makes NOSENSE . Your a dickhead Cop with hatred toward everyone your a 110 percent sketchball wife beater.

  • jason

    Hey Enema, Ray-Ray in cell block “D” thinks you’re kind of cute. He says to meet him the jail laundry so you can discuss your future as manpanions. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!! Just kidding. You’ll get used to the touch of another man in no time. It’s an acquired taste that only those ignorant enough to get caught wiretapping know. Good luck on your sentence though. Maybe when you get out, your manpanion and you can settle down and adopt a boy or two, possibly open an art gallery. All the best, Jason.

  • Common Sense

    Maybe prison will give him more time to ‘network’ and be an activist…