Ademo Gets Visited by Michael Valentine

Ademo today was visited by Michael Valentine, the individual who, on Monday at Hillsborough County Superior Court will argue that he should spend 21-years caged because he pointed-out the assault of 17-yr-old Frank Harrington by Manchester PD employee Darren Murphy.


A few things Ademo noted:

Valentine plans to submit into evidence Admeo’s radio interview with Girard at Large captured in-studio on December 6th of last year due to this statement from Ademo:

Though I didn’t state to the individuals I was audio and video recording them I did state to them that my name is Ademo Freeman from and I’m seeking comment off of Officer Murphy’s actions in the cafeteria.”

In that same conversation Ademo also pointed-out the fact that:

I’ve highlighted some abuses of the police around here and now I’ve become a target. . . Who are they keeping the community safe from? Me? I’ve never touched a 17-yr old kid and slammed his head on a desk. . . We’re talking about public officials . . . every one of their jobs is public information. If their whole job is on the record how can you wiretap them?

Download this mp3 to hear the full on-air conversation

Valentine noted that if the jury reaches a “guilty” verdict he’s encourage “judge” Kenneth Brown to order Ademo caged for six months at Valley Street Jail to be followed by two years of “good behavior”, which, if violated, would subject Ademo to 1-2-years in the prison in Concord, NH. This is the same scenario as Valentine offered in the first of two plea deals to Ademo, both of which were turned down.

Valentine did note that he was receiving a lot of calls (his number is 603-627-5605) from people encouraging him to drop the threats levied at Ademo. He also noted that some callers had threatened him. Ademo expressed his encouragement that people refrain from such statements, both because it won’t help him in his situation and it may actually put them at risk if Valentine and his colleagues take interest and follow-up. Instead, Ademo encouraged people to demand of Valentine that his charges be dropped and that in the very slight chance that a “guilty” verdict is reached that Valentine request no jail time.

And lastly Ademo noted the importance of clogging the court system – “I can’t do it on my own.” Difficult as it may be, if you are now or in the future told to pay a ransom or threatened with a cage for an action that harmed no one then stand on your principles. Make your case in front of a jury of your peers. Ensure they’re informed about jury nullification. Even if you’ve acted in a way that some scribbles on paper dictate you shan’t, if you’ve not harmed anyone then it’s not you but that text that’s in the wrong. Will it may be easier to slip some FRNs into an envelope and move on, know that such actions only fund the same criminal organization that’s now targeting Ademo and does nothing to deter future harassment of yourself, your family and those in your community.

If you don’t stand-up today and act according to your conscience it’ll only be more difficult to do so tomorrow.

Ademo has court on Monday, August 13th
Jury outreach begins at 8am
Trial begins at 10am

Hillsborough County Superior Court North
300 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Facebook Event

Michael Valentine (603) 627-5605

Resources– is a resource for those charged with victimless crimes and activists wanting to support them. Our focus is our court calendar. If you are charged with a victimless crime, you can fill out a form with your court information so activists in your area can attend court in support.

Don’t Take the Peal Deal tri-fold – print and distribute to those entering county, state, and federal courthouses. Currently over 95% of cases are settled before going to trial. Just think how clogged the criminals justice system (not a typo) would become if even 10% of us took our cases to court.


Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

  • Bantam

    Note – Valentine’s extension is 4331

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  • Jacob

    Pete Eyre knows all about plea deals….Don’t ya pete? I recall pete taking acouple plea deals….One where he and Adam (as I’ve known him for 18 plus years) discussed before being caged not to take…It’s one thing to stand up and take action…But, when you leave on man behind because of your and his actions is another…I hope “Adam” snaps out of this crap…and starts living, instead of taking risks and being an example…there are other ways to make a point other than the ways that are being done…
    Adam is too smart for this bullshit. And thinks its too late to start over… He should be in school getting a degree in law and making lots of money and contributing to funds of his choice that benifit his thoughts…ya’ll just a bunch of free-loading fools, and if I had my way, I’d throw you all in to get “Adam” out!!! Living in a cage isn’t living…Pete knows that and couldn’t take it so he coped out and took a plea…fact!!!

  • Good Luck …

    Hope everything goes good.

    That judge in the one video looked to be a good honest guy(looked) is say. He had a look like he knows your right.

    any way…

    Good luck bro

  • Lady

    The fact that they “Actually” came and told him what they are intending to use against him means they “know” that a jury is not going to convict.

    It’s a “scare tactic”. No different than when an officer lies and says that someone is int he jail right now, telling them all about it….

    This is actually a good thing.

  • Pete Eyre

    Jacob, what peal deal are you referencing? If you could expand I’d be appreciative.

    To my recollection I’ve only been offered one plea deal that stemmed from an arrest in Greenfield, MA.

    I faced felony wiretapping, felony possession of ammo and a few other lesser threats ( but like Ademo is doing in this situation, refused the “deal” and stood on principle. All the charges were either dropped or deemed “not guilty” by a jury.

  • Common Sense

    Unless Michael brought Adam a cake with a file in it, Adam is pretty well fucked.

    No huge media out-pouring, no ‘famous’ celebs rushing to his aid, no bankroll to pay for any attorney of any type…

    “Hello, Monty? This is Adam, yeah, I know, well, I need to talk…”

    A perfect example of someone who thought they knew alot more then what they actually did. I told Adam months ago cut a deal and walk away. The city, the police in that area were done playing his little game.

    A teachable moment.

  • I think the jury is going to side with him, and the judge for that matter.

  • 2minutes

    “A teachable moment.” Yes, but what is the lesson? Is it that when a police officer commits a crime that they are afforded qualified immunity; aka. “I know you just committed a crime/violated someone’s civil rights/lied to a jury, etc., but it’s OK you poor policeman” while when the public commits a crime, they are severely punished for

  • Hey

    @ Jacob, just saying it is obvious you are trolling. ;)

    Back on topic:

    I think there is a good probable chance that the jury will side with Ademo.

    Prosecutors and Judges should be held accountable in a very transparent system which will only help build a better free society.

  • Tommy

    “…. will argue that he should spend 21-years caged because he pointed-out the assault of 17-yr-old Frank Harrington by Manchester PD employee Darren Murphy.”

    Peter, this is entirely incorrect and you know it. You have ruined any reputation that you wish to uphold when you deceive the legal nature of this matter. You or I might not agree with the law, but Ademo broke a law(s). This is indisputable by Ademo’s own admission on radio: “Though I didn’t state to the individuals I was audio and video recording them…” The law is that both parties (or more if applicable) must be aware of the recording, video and/or audio. THIS is why he is facing 21 years. Not because “he pointed out” something.

    I do not think that Ademo should serve 21 years, but at this point, I have very little sympathy for him when witnessing his belligerent and cocky attitude. Also let me point out when you are caught misinforming people on the nature of this ordeal, you are not helping you cause. You look (and am) dishonest, and also give the impression that you are hiding something, i dont know, lets say facts that are not helpful to your cause?

    This is not journalism.

  • certain

    Good old common sure will look like a moron if the verdict comes in as “innocent”. I mean, more than he normally does.

  • KAZ

    Pete and Ademo-
    Please check out this case I’m sure you have seen it before but it could be helpful in Ademo’s case on monday.
    The woman is acquitted of eavesdropping charges a lot like the wiretapping charges you are being charged with. Unlike police officers we are not allowed to get warrants to secretly record people. Without a warrant it is illegal for us to record without first notifying someone they are being recorded. Any idiot can see if you tell a public official you are recording them you will hear no comment or something to that affect. However if you don’t tell them they are being recorded you can catch them admitting to a crime, or trying to cover up a crime. (also known as official misconduct and attempting to commit the crime of obstruction of justice)
    You need to get the jury to believe what the cop did was wrong and illegal. You must show that the behavior of officer murphy goes against school and police policy and there was nothing being done about it.
    It usually helps when you cite previous cases to the judge and jury and I hope this helps. Good luck on monday Ademo.

  • Recording City Officials is the public’s right. Who cares about recording these people, were they harmed? No victim no crime, I wish you the best Ademo. If you think it’s ok to Jail Ademo then you will be next, as the Gun Grabing Police State takes control of all of our rights. Divided we all fall, Stand up for your America. Help Ademo

  • Common Sense

    I’ll hedge a bet, Adam will take a plea before any trial. The longer he sits, the longer he could sit, but in a state prison, not a county jail.

    Should he opt for trial, he’s clearly violated the statute(s). Jury nullification, since it hasn’t been used in about 150 years is sorta of long-shot.

    Perhaps, just perhaps he can sway a member of the jury. But even as ‘live free or die’ as it might be, they still respect the rule of law.

    Adam will take a plea…

  • Not Guilty

    Pete tell Jacob to fuck off,….actually I forgot Pete, you and your great buddies are non violent in all that you do so let me do it for you. JACOB GO FUCK OFF,…………TROLL !

    As for Ademo,…..he will be just fine. I wish I were on the jury thats for sure.


  • Kirsten (in MT)

    Misinformed (not Common Sense) wrote: “Jury nullification, since it hasn’t been used in about 150 years is sorta of long-shot.”

    You are clearly not up on your current events. Cases that have been won in the last couple of years include Occupy freedom of speech issues, a man who was caught illegally carrying a firearm in Manhattan, a man who assaulted a priest who he alleges molested him as a child, a medical marijuana patient whose jury was hung rather than convicting him, and more.

  • jason

    Won’t you be my Valentine? (And resurrect Johnny Cochran to create some smoke-and-mirrors defense that some retarded jury will believe)

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  • Kevin

    What’s with all this hate on the way this was reported? He IS facing time for pointing it out..And how are you going to sit here and downtalk the guy for doing what he believes in? He’s RIGHT! It doesn’t matter WHAT the law says, public officials are public and the fact that they are in schools beating kids up is disgusting..There were and still are a lot of laws that are illegal that violate people’s rights and OF COURSE the state will deem such actions illegal…You all who are coming at him are spineless and you don’t stand for shit.

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  • Centurion

    common is a cmmon dush monkey. @ cop block and the free state project stop letting your rights be trampled on . Peaceful things is bullshit your constitution is written in blood for liberty and freedom. Fight these ass wipes then and only then will you be heard.

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  • gary

    This Valentine is an outlier. I think that he feels that he is protecting the ‘system’. Actually Valentine should be in jail. He has violated all civilized norms by his unconstitutional persecution of this young man. He is a disgrace. Judicial repudiation, disbarment and censure are not enough. This would-be Stalinist must go to jail.. for a long time, as a message to him and his ilk.

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