Unlawful Search

I was driving my car and was pulled over. The officer came to me and stated that she didn’t believe I had my seat belt on – but I did! She then asked to search me, but I said no. She asked if she could search my vehicle, which I also declined. She then told me she was going to call for a K-9 unit; I said, “okay, that’s fine.”

She went to her squad car and put on gloves. I told my passenger to give me his phone to record, but she took the phone out of his hands and said “You can have it back when I’m finished.” She then went to look in the windows of my car and proceeded to open my door. At that point I stated, “I told you, you may not search my vehicle. It’s against the law, I did not consent.” She stated that she smelled marijuana coming from the car, and then found me in possession. What should I do?

Submitted by Jeffery


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