Copblock Interviews Captain Hopkins

On Monday, Aug. 13th, 2012 Ademo was said to be guilty of three felony counts of wiretapping for recording and posting online his Oct. 4th, 2011 conversations with three public officials – John Hopkins, MaryEllen McGorry and Denise Michael.

Ademo had been following-up on an incident that had happened the day prior at Manchester’s West High School in which Darren Murphy – the school liaison officer and employee of the Manchester Police Department – slammed onto a cafeteria table 17-year-old student Frank Harrington.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14th, 2012 William from Cop Block called John Hopkins and had a conversation with him, much as Ademo had done. In both cases, John was informed that the caller was from Cop Block and was seeking comment.


We’ll see where this goes. It shouldn’t be a big deal right? Don’t you have the right to document your interactions with public officials? If they feel confident communicating something to you when on the job, they should have no qualms if 10 or 10,000,000 people hear it as well. As Ademo often tells those with badges, “I’ll give you the option on whether I’ll record you when you give me the option of if I have to pay your salary.”


Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability. Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation. In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.