Officer Eads #6090 Meets Peaceful Streets in Austin, TX (VIDEO)


Yet another officer who is nearly unable to contain himself. “Officer” Eads is clearly angered, illustrated by his rocking back and fourth, by not only Antonio’s mere presence, but also by the other officer’s directive that Antonio is fine where he’s standing. I feel this individual, officer Eads, is a dangerous person. It seems he’s more interested in giving unreasonable orders than keeping the peace. I give “officer” Eads an F.

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  • Ventura H

    ha ha ha ha

  • Ventura H

    thats one stupid cop should of kicked him in the head

  • dick

    blatant disrespect for the people that pay his salary.

  • spirit of 46

    Gee that eads seems unstable-what’s the word on him getting the “Raub” treatment?

  • Dan

    K that was stupid. Your a poser, I usualy side with cop blockers but you werre just being a ignorant PEST. What was the point of that video dude it was completly useless and I think that you have a sense of gratification from it thinking “oh I got a encounter and Im gonna go show all my copblock buddies”. That was a non event. You think that because the cop was being rude that makes you a victim? Your a fool! You got what you deserved and you were just being a idiot and bothering him….I totaly understand why that officer was acting that way. FOOL! Get a life you bum.

  • BobN

    Alright, it is one thing to film the police in action; it is a whole nother thing to be a total douchebag while doing it. You don’t have the right to get an officer’s name and badge number just because you are filming him; you get that right if you are the one being ticketed or rested. The filmer was being a dick. The officer stayed very calm for a very long time. I agree with Dan, this is very lame

  • KAZ

    This is an example of a service that I wouldn’t want to pay for by officer Eads. Antonio did a good job at not letting the officers’ scare tactics intimidate him into giving up his 1st amendment right to film. Officer Eads even had to be instructed by his partners to stop his threats and let him film. What a great outcome too! No one got hurt officer or citizen, and the brief disagreement ended peacefully becase some of the good cops actually knew the law about filming police.
    Antonio I would file a complaint against the officer for attempted police misconduct so this officer has something on his record for his actions.

  • 1605

    Poor form, Eads. I hope you’re nicer as a greeter at Wal Mart.

  • shawn

    I imagine he chose not to interact because he knew there was no purpose to talking with the guy with the camera. The guy was obviously looking to start something. The officer, while not Andy Taylor in friendliness, was reasonably polite. Didn’t shine a light into the camera or anything.

    I mean seriously, unless they’re trying to block your view, how close do you need to be? The camera has a ZOOM feature. Mics can be bought that are directional and can pickup what is said from a good distance. There is no need to be right on top of them. If the cop doesn’t choose to answer questions, no law says he has to interact with you.

    I support filming, but some of this is silly. I couldn’t bother to watch more than a few minutes that I’d like to have back.

    By the way, maybe he was bouncing back and forth because standing still like a statue is very uncomfortable. I’m security, and I’ve been there.

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