Columbia, MO Police Department Targets Activist With Public Wanted Posters

Mark Flakne tipped us off to this post at, which he is the author of.

The Columbia Police Department seems to have a habit of targeting its critics. Recently a strange and alarming document surfaced from the deepest reaches of the CPD offices. The document, a sort of wanted poster, bears the face of local activist and police watch-dog Matt Akins, founder of Citizens For Justice.

His website and Youtube channel together form an exhaustive database of information on our local police force. Matt and his small army of citizen journalist volunteers answer calls from concerned citizens and, with video camera in hand, keep an eye on the actions of the CPD.

Needless to say, Mr. Akins is not too popular with the local cops.

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Another source says,

This poster was prominently displayed in several locations throughout the Columbia Police Department during the Fall of 2011 while a group of Shepard Boulevard Elementry School students were given a tour of the department. was the original home of Citizens For Justice (now located at


Citizens For Justice is an interactive resource for the people of the Columbia, Missouri area. In addition to containing pertinent information concerning the histories of local police, judges, and incidents involving them, open forums(blogs) are provided. Users are encouraged to present their opinions about members of the Columbia Police Department and controversial cases involving these entities.”





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  • KAZ

    I think the cops did a good job here if the information is true. This person was carrying a weapon illegally and I would be happy to have that information. It is not difficult to get a concealed carry permit. In most states you can even open carry without a permit.
    Criminals don’t obey the laws and use their guns to commit crimes. Law abiding citizens carry weapons legally and use their guns for protection. If there is no story of police harassment here then the information of his arrest is public information and the public has a right to know about it.

  • Sheep Herder

    Kaz, your a moron. Do you buy every piece of information hook line and sinker with no first hand knowledge, or are you one of the cops covering this crap to make it look publicly acceptable?

    I got charged with a concealed weapon once also… It wasnt concealed, and the only reason I got charged was because I was ASSAULTED BY THE SHERIFF IN HIS OFFICE FOR REPORTING 2 OFFICERS INVOLVED IN POSSIBLE FELONIES…

    How can you compare which criminals are “just” between 2 criminals when those police are already operating in an unlawful commercial jurisdiction?
    F those fascist loving swine. They are no better than hitlers SS, regardless the details of this situation. Cops are scum and nothing but a bunch of psychopathic walking contradictions that undermine they very need of their existence.

  • One response and Its a boot licker.What knowledge this person has Is just the tip of the proverbial ice berg, there Is more information behind the scenes than this person knows, Uninformed opinions don’t count.

  • Mallek

    It doesn’t say that he’s wanted for carrying a concealed weapon. It says that’s what he has been arrested for. What the police are doing is slandering his name. It’s a common technique used to make the people of the area aware that he is not a law abiding citizen, and to portrait him as a bad person that is not to be trusted. The truth is that we really don’t know the specifics of his arrests, and we shouldn’t judge his character based on that poster. However, people will judge him, and he will be looked down on in the public eye. Diminishing his character in the public eye is the only thing the police can legally do to retaliate agaisnt his organization. The best thing he can do is set up cameras in and around his house, because he may be paid a visit from someone who doesn’t like him. Police officers have the capacity to be the best criminals after all. That being said, I am unfamiliar with the police of that area, so there’s no way for me to know whether or not they are good cops or dirty cops, but what is known is that there is a sense of brotherhood among police officers, and they will protect each other if one does decide to commit a crime.

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  • Anonymous

    Keep in mind that the poster lists “arrests”, not convictions. He could have arrests in the system for carrying a concealed weapon even if he wasn’t breaking the law. The fact that the poster lists arrests without convictions is a possible indicator that they were wrongful arrests in the first place. Just my $0.02.

  • FTP308

    Dear Kaz. Its obvious you work for the fascists. Your argument does not hold water at all. Had this person been violent, a list of his offenses would be included. If Mr. Akins needs to carry a gun to protect himself, only a Nazi would condemn him for it. You would be happy to have what information? That he carries a gun? Who cares and what in the world would you do with that information, if not to either run like a little bitch when you see him,l for no reason, or call the cops, for no reason. He isnt out waving guns around, so you “knowing” that information, is of no capable consequence. Has it ever occurred to you, that gun laws are unconstitutional? I know, the Supreme Court disagrees, but for you to not see throw this pathetic charade of domination by the government, really just means your mind is too small to comprehend true freedom. Some states are open carry? Again. what does this have to do with anything?
    As well, it is obvious to me, that you have missed the entire point of the article, which is to prove that the police department is using its feeble powers to run around harassing the populace that does not condone its violent behavior. Mr. Akins is doing his duty to report and condemn violent behavior by our so called protectors, and it would seem he has far more intelligence, honor, and reverence for this country and its freedom principles than you do.
    Perhaps when you get off your knees and grow a spine, youll see what this is all about.

  • t.

    This guy is the perfect example of why the police want you to stand back while they are working. He dislikes / hates the police, he has weapon “offense” which implies more than 1. This guy is dangerous and a bad thing for your cause. Cop Block should be denouncing guys like him. He is bad for your cause. The existence of the filer is just good common sense. Nothis guy who hates you and carries illegally concealed weapons is the ione sneaking up in you.

  • DKSuddeth

    maybe i’m missing something here. does this guy have anything other than city council meetins recorded? i’m not seeing any ‘copblock’ videos.

  • Here is the statement I released through Facebook:

    “This poster was prominently displayed in several location throughout the Columbia Police Department during the Fall of 2011 while a group of Shepard Boulevard Elementry School students were given a tour of the department. was the original home of Citizens For Justice (now located at This site was never public, but had been being tracked by the CPD/CPOA(Columbia Police Officers’ Association) as they sent emails letting us know this (Scare tactic? Maybe).

    The arrest being referred to occurred in May of 2010 and was one of the primary reasons I started Citizens For Justice.

    I was LEGALLY carrying a concealed weapon on my person within the confines of my vehicle (as defined under Missouri’s Peaceable Journey Statute), but the arresting officer didn’t agree with me and went so far as to supplant evidence against me by loading a round into the chamber and reporting he had recovered it from me this way.

    My car was impounded, I was booked for unlawful use of a weapon, and had to hire an attorney for the 6 month legal battle that would ensue.

    After repeatedly asking for the footage of the arrest to show the officer engaging in misconduct, I was told that it either had been deleted, disappeared, or never existed AND MY CASE WAS DROPPED.

    I believe that makes this a closed record(and therefore a HUGE violation of my civil rights), but I’m not an attorney so I could be wrong.

    Either way, the poster was used to make me look like a wanted criminal to a bunch a elementry school kids and I couldn’t even get an answer as to who created it or put it up.

    Thanks a lot CPD!”

    Links you should check out about us:

    Database of CPD Officers:

    “How to handle a Questionable Encounter with the Columbia Police Department”

    “Boone County Sheriff’s Department vs. Columbia Police Department: Is There a Difference?”

    “The CFJ Report: Snitchin'”

    Matthew Akins (
    Citizens For Justice

  • If he had been CONVICTED on those weapons charges, you can be sure the cops would have mentioned that.

  • Mallek

    @Mathew Steven Akens

    If you are telling the truth, then you should be able to sue the state. They arrested you without proper evidence, and they attempted to procicute you without proper evidence. The fact that they wasted your time and money on law suits, and then began to slander your name after the case was dismissed is enough to at least get a settlement if you decide to not take it too far.

  • jcalton
  • kman

    No one listens to you T. they had no right to slander his name, because of an arrest not a conviction. Besides one could argue that gun control in general is wrong, area’s with harsh gun control have more crime. go back to an LEO forum and bump elbows with your Gestapo buddies.