Columbia, MO Police Department Targets Activist With Public Wanted Posters

Mark Flakne tipped us off to this post at, which he is the author of.

The Columbia Police Department seems to have a habit of targeting its critics. Recently a strange and alarming document surfaced from the deepest reaches of the CPD offices. The document, a sort of wanted poster, bears the face of local activist and police watch-dog Matt Akins, founder of Citizens For Justice.

His website and Youtube channel together form an exhaustive database of information on our local police force. Matt and his small army of citizen journalist volunteers answer calls from concerned citizens and, with video camera in hand, keep an eye on the actions of the CPD.

Needless to say, Mr. Akins is not too popular with the local cops.

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Another source says,

This poster was prominently displayed in several locations throughout the Columbia Police Department during the Fall of 2011 while a group of Shepard Boulevard Elementry School students were given a tour of the department. was the original home of Citizens For Justice (now located at


Citizens For Justice is an interactive resource for the people of the Columbia, Missouri area. In addition to containing pertinent information concerning the histories of local police, judges, and incidents involving them, open forums(blogs) are provided. Users are encouraged to present their opinions about members of the Columbia Police Department and controversial cases involving these entities.”





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