Contributors Attend Greenfield, MA Safety Commission Meeting

On Fed 24th (2011) Pete Eyre and myself attended a Public Safety Commission’s meeting at the Greenfield (MA) police station. The exact same police station we spent the night in last July, charged with felony wiretapping for filming ‘public’ officials conducting their ‘public’ duties — meta post here. The commission meets once a month to discuss (or control) a wide variety of public safety issues including the police department’s policy and procedures.

Below is the video we took at the Public Safety meeting.

Do you know how frustrating it is to be charged with a ‘crime’ for filming police officers that force (via taxation) millions of people (including me) to pay their salary? To spend a night in a jail that taxpayers are forced to pay for? To be dragged, wearing shackles and handcuffs, into a building that wouldn’t exist if people weren’t forced (again, via taxation) to pay for. To be prosecuted by a district attorney that’s paid for by the same means? To plead my innocents, because we all know you’re guilty until YOU prove otherwise, in front of a judge that is paid for by the same organization (the government) as everything else within the system. To add to the frustration, the ‘justice system’ of Greenfield tried to charge Emily Peyton with the exact same charges back in 2007 for filming a protest. It’s an identical case that the city ran from, dropping the charges, after the ACLU decided to represent Emily. Do you, seriously, know how frustrating this is for us?

The police, district attorney, judge(s), mayor and all associated positions (clerks, secretaries, ect) will not be troubled in the least by these proceedings. In fact it’s business as usual for them and their wallets won’t know the difference. Their bills will remain paid, leisure time unaffected and they’ll never have to tell their family “no” due to unexpected court expenses.  The only people who lose are the taxpayers and us because the system is against us from the start. You’re charged, tried and judged by people who share the same employer. An employer that threatens you with jail time, or loss of possessions, if you refuse to pay for their ‘services.’ How long will you allow police officers, district attorneys, judges and politicians to get way with such abuse?

Though this is frustrating for us, it’s going to be our (myself and Pete’s) main focus for the next couple of weeks because we have no choice. Our refusal to partake in their system will only land us in a cage, where it’s nearly impossible to represent yourself. We’ll be filling motions, interviewing other victims of the Greenfield Police department, doing outreach and talking to as many ‘public’ officials as possible. Just like we did in the above video. Our goal will be to highlight every last minute of this ridiculous process with our cameras, as we always do. If we’re going to go to jail we want as many people as possible to know the truth, the cost (both financial and personal), and how wrong it is to charge people for filming others in a public space.

If you have a story about the Greenfield Police Department and you want others to hear it (we can keep your identity hidden), contact us here.

*Note: All post relating to Ademo and Pete’s MA Wiretapping Charges can be found here*


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • Rob

    Nice work Adam And Pete

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  • Tanya

    Love it, guys! You did a great job! If they are really concerned about public safety, they should consider your suggestions to use their authority to create a policy regarding police interaction with videographers.

  • Becky

    I just stumbled across your website. I applaud your efforts in the battle for freedom and liberty. I would like to offer some constructive criticism. I am an old woman. I was a teen during the 60s Hippie days. I know firsthand that people are judged by their appearance. I believe you would be less likely to be hassled if you changed your appearnce just a bit. I am not suggesting a suit and tie, but a button front shirt with a clean pair of denims or Dockers could change the way others perceive you and your intentions. If you would lose the caps/headgear, cover any tatooes and wear leather shoes rather than sneakers people will not feel as threatened. Yes, people actually feel you are up to no good if you exhibit a certain appearance. People have less fear and more respect for young people who look more conventional. So when you are handing out leaflets or appearing before a panel or, God forbid, a judge, your appearance will make a huge difference in your success or failure to convey your message.
    I know from personal experience it is difficult to ‘comply’ with societal norms, but many times it is beneficial to do so. And wearing a more conventional style of clothing while peddling freedom is a small compromise that is worth the return.
    Just my 2 cents. Our future depends on our youth to understand their rights and to do whatever is necessary to defend those rights. When you are victorious we older citizens win too. Good luck

  • Guy Fawkes


    Are you suggesting that the Judge might take offense if Ademo and Pete showed up dressed in a Kangaroo costume and a train engineer uniform?

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  • Cid

    Nice work!

  • Becky


    HaHa. I am suggesting all persons who are working to regain our lost freedoms might want to ‘put up a good front’ and wear their Sunday best when presenting a case for liberty whether appearing in front of a judge or just distributing materials at a sports event.
    It is possible people will question another’s credibility based on physical appearance.
    Just trying to be helpful by giving you the perspective of an older person. Younger folks sometimes don’t consider their appearance an issue, but older folks…like judges do consider appearances.
    Just advice…take it or leave it.