Illegally Detained While Open Carrying in Rockland, Maine

It was ten-thirty at night and I decided to go for a walk to ease some stomach issues I had been dealing with. As always, I strapped my handgun to my hip and proceeded to make my way down Rt. 1 Main Street. I had gone all the way to the end and turned around to head back when a Rockland officer asked what I was up to and what I had on my hip. I replied “I am going for a walk, that’s my handgun, and I do not consent to any search or seizure of my persons or property.”

The officer at that time began to tell me how it was unusual to see a person open carrying and that they needed to check me out. I again told him I do not consent and asked if I was free to go on my way, at which time he told me to hold on a second. Two more officers arrived, one walking behind me and the other on my strong side. One of the two asked me if it was loaded. I replied yes, then he asked for ID. I again replied, “I do not consent.”

With that, they placed me in handcuffs and an officer reached into my pocket and took out my ID. I again told them they have no reason to detain me, to which the officer with my wallet replied, “We had complaints about a guy walking around with a gun.” I said, “In the state of Maine, it is totally legal to open carry.”  The officer replied they also had reports it was concealed.I informed the officers I have my CCW and asked how anyone reported it if it was concealed.

This is the part that really gets me. After they illegally ran my ID, I asked for the title in which it gives a police officer the right to ask for ID when there’s no probable cause to do so. He replied that he was not going to look it up and that if he sees a woman walking down the street, he can ask her for ID for no reason. At this point, I realized these police officers where not educated on how to do their job under the law, so I asked for business cards and or badge numbers at which time one officer said, “Screw you.” I proceeded to ask for a supervisor and one of the officers pointed to the officer who originally stopped me and told me good luck.

After the officers left, I walked for another two hours with no other interaction with police. I am filing a complaint and am in the process of getting a permit to have an open carry BBQ in the park in Rockland, ME.
This story was submitted by Joshua Wallace.



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