The Biggest NYPD Scandal in Decades

The cover-up of the death of an anti-corruption whistleblower by numerous agencies and the mainstream media.

A post at says:

Mainstream media venues have dedicated thousands of hours and countless pages to every conceivable angle of the story of Trayvon Martin – including baseless speculation about unverified facts and even the imagined motivations of the victim and killer.

Why has this story generated such intense attention and passion?

While a racially charged debate continues among people speculating about the as-yet-unknown circumstances of the killing, the substantive story here is one of national importance: the fact that an American police department utterly failed to investigate a killing and released the killer solely on the basis of his own word.

The ramification of this case is that an American citizen can be killed and that law enforcement can simply neglect their responsibility to investigate the killing, thus failing both to serve justice and to deter future incidents.

What would the public’s reaction be if the police department in question was the largest and most powerful in the nation, the New York Police Department? What if the murder was not an impulsive act by an unstable misfit, but apparently a premeditated assassination? What if the police not only failed to investigate, but were directly implicated in the crime and proven to have covered it up in collusion with the FBI, the New York State judiciary, and others? What if the victim had made a video weeks before his death, exposing the corruption he had uncovered, predicting his death and naming the people he believed would kill him? What if the medical examiner (ME) officially ruled the cause of death “blunt force trauma to the head with skull fractures and brain injuries” and the NYPD continued to maintain that the victim died of “natural causes” with “no head trauma“?

In other words, what if the entire structure of governmental institutions, which exist to ensure our security, colluded to protect the killer through negligence and outright criminality?

That is precisely what appears to have happened in the case of Sun Ming “Sunny” Sheu, an anti-corruption whistleblower who was bludgeoned to death on July 26, 2010.

The Sheu story exposes criminal complicity and betrayal by all of the institutions we depend on for our security: local and federal law enforcement; the courts; politicians; health care providers; and, most chilling of all, our refuge of last resort, the media.

The description of the following YouTube video states, in part:

Two months ago, Sunny made this video, stating that if any harm came to him, Golia should be the main suspect.

Sunny Sheu has been fighting judicial corruption since his home was stolen by mortgage fraud allegedly aided and abetted by Judge Joseph Golia of Queens.

Sunny was kidnapped, intimidated and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau. He was told by the detectives that if he took his case to the media or filed a complaint against Golia he would be killed.

Sunny was told by the Captain of the 109th pct that the cops detained him because he had put a letter in Golia’s mailbox, proving it was Golia that ordered the illegal detention.

Later, Sunny uncovered evidence of misrepresentations on Golia’s financial disclosure statements and on Thursday, June 24, 2010 he announced that he had evidence sufficient to have Golia arrested.

Two days later Sunny was found dead with trauma to the head, according to the Medical examiner that performed the autopsy.


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